NYC Pink Summons Lawyers

NYC Pink Summons Lawyers

Pink summons are tickets given for a variety of criminal offenses, and they require you to appear in court in order to answer for the violation. Known as summons, the ticket gets its name from pink color of the summons. The pink summons is much more serious, and if ignored – will result in a bench warrant for your arrest. Unlike Desk Appearance Tickets, a pink summon doesn’t actually indicate you’re being arrested – although it cites the specific charge being made against you. It’s a serious matter, and if you/a loved one has been issued a pink summon, you’d be wise to work with an NYC summons lawyer. The Spodek Law Group is highly qualified in dealing with NYC summons lawyers, and negotiating the most effective resolution. Our loyalty and diligence ensures that any charges against you result in a positive outcome.

Many people think that a pink summons will be dismissed on their own, and they can pay a fine, or mail it in – and assume the ticket will go away. Ignoring a pink summon means you’ll automatically generate a warrant for your arrest. If you’re stopped anywhere, for any violation, you’ll be arrested and taken to jail. As a result, you need an attorney like Todd Spodek on your team. You need someone ready to help you.

NYC Pink Summons can be for any offenses such as:

  • Public Urination
  • Disobeying signs posted in a park
  • Being in a park after dark
  • Riding a bike on a sidewalk
  • Riding a bike on the wrong way on a 1 way street
  • Carrying open container of alcohol
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Littering
  • Using cell phone while driving
  • Violation safe driving rules
  • Trespassing
  • Unlawful possession of marijuana/drugs
  • Ilegally driving
  • Peddling goods without a license
  • Driving with a suspended license

Our NYC Pink Summons Lawyers Go To Court

When you hire our firm, we go to court for your nyc summons case. We appear in court on your behalf so you don’t have to go. You don’t need to worry about waiting in line for court, enduring the security checkpoints, going to the court clerk, or waiting for hours to have your case called in. Not everyone can take off from work, or school, in order to go to the summons court. We have experience handling thousands of these types of cases, and we handle high value felony cases. We understand how to get these NYC summons dismissed – contact us for a risk free consultation.

We can answer any questions you have regarding immigration, job related concerns, concerns about a criminal record, or any other legal issues you have. You will get a peace of mind when speaking to our experienced NYC pink summons lawyers.





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