DUI And Attorney Licenses

DUI charges are among the most feared of all traffic penalties. They carry with them hefty fines, driving school, a botched driving record, and sometimes serious criminal charges if there is injury or death involved. To complicate things further, when a licensed attorney is accused of a DUI viola.. Read More

New York Penal Law 405.18: Aggravated unpermitted use of indoor pyrotechnics in the first degree

Many New York laws help keep people safe. They're intended to stop people from doing dangerous things. If lawmakers believe that activities pose an unreasonable risk of harm to society, they can prohibit the activity.PyrotechnicsOne of the things that New York regulates w.. Read More

New York Penal Law 275.33: Unauthorized operation of a recording device in a motion picture or live theater in the second degree

The performing arts industry has been struggling for years, partly because illegal recordings of movies and live performances are cutting into their sales. Law enforcement agencies and the court system all across the country take this type of crime very seriously. If you go to a movie or a live p.. Read More

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law 511(2): Aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the second degree

Traffic offenses are highly common in the state of New York. One of the most common is driving without a license. However, if you drive when your license has been suspended or revoked, you have not committed a simple traffic violation as it is considered a crime. There are three different crimina.. Read More

New York Penal Law 470.23: Money laundering in support of terrorism in the second degree

Both the federal and state governments work toward preventing acts of terrorism. In New York or any other state, if you are suspected of assisting or supporting a terrorist organization in any manner, you will be arrested and aggressively prosecuted. There are a number of crimes associated with t.. Read More

New York Penal Law 470.22: Money laundering in support of terrorism in the third degree

Hiding proceeds from criminal activities such as gambling or drug dealing requires some ingenuity by criminals in efforts to avoid getting caught. One thing some attempt to do is convert illegally gained money into legitimate sources.This is also a criminal act known as money laundering. Some.. Read More

New York Penal Law 470.21: Money laundering in support of terrorism in the fourth degree

The New York Penal Code classifies money laundering as a serious criminal offense. Money laundering involves taking the financial proceeds of criminal activity to make it appear the money was obtained through lawful means.Historically, money laundering was associated with a number of differen.. Read More

New York Penal Law 470.15: Money laundering in the second degree

One who is being charged with money laundering in the second degree should know the specifics of these charges, and should contact legal representation right away. Hiding money from illegal operations and trying to falsify the profit as legitimate earnings through other sources, or conspiring or .. Read More

New York Penal Law 470.10: Money laundering in the third degree

Pursuant to the New York Penal Code, money laundering is a crime that involves hiding the financial proceeds from other criminal activity. Money laundering involves taking specific steps that convert funds received from an illegal activity into what appears to be a legitimate source of that money.. Read More

New York Penal Law 470.05: Money laundering in the fourth degree

One of the more serious white collar crimes in the New York Penal Code today is money laundering. Money laundering is essentially the process of turning money that is received from illegal activity into money that appears to be from a legal activity. Due to the severity of the crime, there are ac.. Read More

New York Penal Law 460.22: Aggravated enterprise corruption

One of the most concerning ask in new York is organized crime. While most people think of mobsters when it comes to organized crime, there are actually a lot of different types of organized crime to be concerned of. To help control and prevent different types of organized crime, the New York pena.. Read More

New York Penal Law 405.16: Aggravated unpermitted use of indoor pyrotechnics in the second degree

Pyrotechnics are chemicals designed to put on brilliant visible and audible displays. Commonly used in the entertainment industry, these chemicals are put in a pyrotechnic device and can be very dangerous if safety precautions are not followed properly. To minimize serious damage to people and pr.. Read More

New York Penal Law 405.14: Unpermitted use of indoor pyrotechnics in the first degree

One of the most contentious cases in the United States is the child custody cases. In the end, the judge will determine what to do. The judge will make the decision as to visitation and custody. However, one of the parents will disagree with what the judge decides. For this reason, he will take t.. Read More

New York Penal Law 405.12: Unpermitted use of indoor pyrotechnics in the second degree

In the state of New York, the use of indoor pyrotechnics is carefully controlled by law. This is necessary because the risk of fire is very high when pyrotechnics are used improperly. For the safety of the public, you must have a permit to use pyrotechnics indoors. You can be charged with unpermi.. Read More

New York Penal Law 275.40: Failure to disclose the origin of a recording in the first degree

For those that are employed in the music or entertainment industry, one of the most significant issues that is faced is the issue of piracy. Piracy generally refers to either stealing and selling recorded music, or selling music without properly notating the origin of the music.The New York P.. Read More