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Faced 5+ Years in Prison

People Vs Joseph Amico

The case was covered by NYDaily News. Las Vegas client was accused of threatening a prominent attorney.

Faced 10+ Years in Prison

People Vs. Anna Sorokin

The case was covered by the New York Times, and many major media outlets. Our client was accused of conning the city's wealthy, and had a Netflix special made about her.

Faced 3+ Years in Prison

People Vs. Genevieve Sabourin

Our client was accused of stalking Alec Baldwin. The case gained attention nationwide, with USAToday, NYPost, and other major media outlets watching it closely.

Faced Potential Charges

Ghislaine Maxwell Juror

Our client was a juror in the Ghislane Maxwell trial. Our juror was accused of not disclosing relevant information, which could have been grounds for overturning the trial.

Top NYC Criminal Lawyers and Criminal Attorneys

The Spodek Law Group is one of the most elite, and prestigious criminal defense law firms based out of New York. We are focused on providing the highest level of service, and results, for our clients. Our criminal defense attorneys service a very hand-picked, and curated, clientele – that expects high class service, and exceptional mastery of the law. Our firm has experience handling tough legal situations – which require experience, and excellence, in order to get the best outcome possible. We have over 50 years of combined experience, handling national and international criminal defense cases. When you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney on the internet, the Spodek Law Group is a premier brand you’re inevitably going to run into. We are a reputable, nationwide criminal defense law firm.

Service Is Key

Our firm gives you the highest possible level of service. We treat you like family - and make sure you're always in the loop about what's going on with your case. This is crucial to helping you get the outcomes and results you're looking for.

Direct Interactions

When you hire our NYC criminal lawyers, you're working directly with one of our senior attorneys. This means better success, and outcomes. Unlike other law firms, we take pride in providing a higher level of service and quality of legal help.

Top Rated

Our New York criminal attorneys have 100's of 5 star reviews. We've been featured in the media, and have won many accolades by lawyer rating websites.

Free Consultation

Our NYC criminal attorneys offer a risk free consultation so you can ask any questions you have, and so we can together come up with a plan that will get you the best outcome.

Why Spodek

We're a completely cloud based law firm. Use our online portal to make payments, track your case, and more.

We help clients nationwide, with a wide array of legal issues and federal agencies. We can help you regardless of the crime.

Many of our cases have been followed closely by the media. Todd is a trusted figure in the legal community by the media for his knowledge.

At Spodek Law Group, P.C.,
our NYC Criminal Attorneys believe that experience
and service creates results.



I was searching for a law firm with some power to help me deal with a warrant in New York . After 6 days I decided to go with Spodek Law Group. It helped that This law firm is well respected by not only the top law firms in New York , but the DA , Judge as well. I...

Fonder Brandon
5 Stars

It was my good fortune to retain Spodek Law Group for representation for my legal needs. From the beginning, communication was prompt and thorough. Todd, Kenneth and Alex were the first people I worked with and they all made me, and my company Qumana skincare feel comfortable and confident that the team was going to work hard for me. Everything...

5 Stars

After meeting with several law firms, I chose the Spodek Law Group not only for their professionalism and experience, but for the personal attention given to me right from the initial consultation. It is important to recognize how crucial having the right legal team is when faced with potentially life altering events that impact families and the lives of loved...

George Cherubini

NY Post

The juror at the center of Ghislaine Maxwell’s bid for a mistrial has lawyered up with the attorney who represented “fake heiress” Anna Sorokin, new court documents show.

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BBC News

Spodek Law Group's representation of client Anna Delvey is set to become a Netflix series, directed by Shonda Rhimes. Click to read the story.

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Meet Todd Spodek


The Spodek Law Group has a reputation for handling high-profile cases. We have a clientele that is nationwide, and we have offices in both LA and NYC to service our diverse clientele. Our distinguished NYC criminal attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience.

Todd Spodek is a well known, and well respected, second generation NYC criminal defense attorney who has immense legal experience. His experience has led to him successfully handling 1000’s of cases that were tough, and hard to win. His work has resulted in him being featured on major media outlets like NY Post, Newsweek, Fox 5, Insider.com, Bloomberg, WSJ, and others.

In 2022, Netflix released a special series about one of Todd Spodek’s clients: Anna Delvey/Anna Sorokin.

Anna Delvey Promotional Banner from Netflix --- she was represented by NYC criminal defense attorney Todd Spodek

Why Clients Nationwide Choose Spodek Law Group’s Criminal Defense Attorneys

Every single potential client has options when choosing their criminal defense lawyer. Spodek Law Group is a top pick, because we offer white glove service and are unafraid of fighting for our clients. Every client who works with Spodek Law Group is aware they have a problem, and need to pick a fighter who will help them. Hiring Spodek Law Group means you’re taking your future seriously, and are choosing to hire a top rated law firm who has a reputation for winning fights. Our attorneys handle cases nationwide, and are here to help you. Our goal is to take on clients who we believe we can truly help.

We’re selective about the clients we work with – in order to ensure that every client gets a consistent successful outcome. We want to make a difference. This is different form other law firms who take on any client whose willing to pay. When you reach out to our law firm, the process begins with a free consultation. During this consultation you can ask us anything you want. We encourage you to take this opportunity to ask tough questions which enable us to show our experience, expertise, and case results.


If you, or a family member, is accused of committing a crime – or you have any legal issue at all, contact us for a risk free consultation. Our NYC Criminal lawyers are available – 24/7, to help you with any of your legal questions. We believe quality representation isn’t something that should be hard to find.


A team with
experience and vision

Todd Spodek, ESQ

Founding Partner | Managing Partner

Quoted and Featured in Major Media Outlets Nationwide

Todd Spodek, is our founding partner, and a top rated second generation NYC criminal defense attorney. Todd has immense experience handling sophisticated, and hard to win, legal situations. His case experience ranges from handling federal crimes, to misdemeanors, divorce cases, immigration cases, and many other major issues. His experience is why clients nationwide can trust him to have a comprehensive legal strategy that covers all the bases. His goal is to make sure you’re covered from every angle. Todd has your back.


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Our NYC Criminal Lawyers handle tough cases
nationwide, that demand excellence

Over 50 Years Combined Experience

The Spodek Law Group, a top rated criminal defense law firm, believes that hiring your next criminal defense attorney isn’t an easy decision at all. There are so many possible candidates, and there are so many variables to look at when evaluating prospective candidates. If you’re accused of committing a crime, or if you broke the law, then you need a criminal defense attorney who is available 24/7 to you and will work hard to win your case. The criminal defense law firm you hire is very important – the firm is responsible for defending you, and more importantly, the firm is your advocate and here to help you plan out your life. Unlike other law firms across the country, we offer flexible payment plans, and charge very reasonable fees – while providing the best possible white glove service. Our criminal defense law firm has been highly rated by business ranking services like Avvo, Yelp, Google Places, and Super Lawyers. The process of finding a criminal defense attorney is a super complicated process. We have over 50 years of combined experience handling major crimes. Your future is super important, and if you hire the wrong law firm – your future can be over.

No Two Criminal Defense Cases Are The Same

Most law firms try to implement a recycled, cookie cutter, strategy in order to fight your case and save time. They won’t think outside the box – it takes too much effort. The issue is that Prosecutors have virtually unlimited resources to fight you. The only certainty is that the prosecutor will do everything possible to win the case – and preserve his/her reputation. It means sometimes – they’ll resort to underhanded tactics. At the Spodek Law Group – we do everything possible to win. Every single thing we do is focused on getting you amazing case results. We understand the difficulty and challenges of going through a case. If you are accused of ac rime, please schedule a consultation with our NYC criminal lawyers today.

Our NYC Criminal Defense Attorneys Will Defend You

When you hire a private criminal defense attorney, he/she will question the authorities on all aspects of the criminal defense case. The defense attorney will work for you, and conduct an investigation on your behalf. The attorney will look into how the evidence was collected, and will move to prevent the case from going to trial. Having an attorney whose willing to go to bat for you is important when your future is on the line. It’s important you never plead guilty when you’re innocent – without first hiring a criminal defense attorney. Criminal records can have a huge impact on your life. It can result in the denial of government benefits, housing benefits, employment benefits, and more. Going to court is a frustrating process, but if you’re facing criminal charges – then you should assume the prosecutors are working overtime to convict you. In situations like this, there’s no alternative – you must hire a criminal defense attorney.

Our Law Firm’s Philosophy

We treat every single active, and prospective client, like family. We give you the best possible advice, and work hard for you. Our team of criminal defense attorneys in NYC are all united by this one belief: you are family. Our team consists of some of the brightest and best minds in the country. The government is overzealous when prosecuting people – and because of this, you want an attorney on your side who understands how to be aggressive. Our defense law firm is your shield. We protect you from overzealous prosecutors. We look for evidence, analyze allegations, and diffuse potential issues that prosecutors might be sensitive to. Sometimes – the truth is irrelevant, the prosecutors just want to win. With this in mind, our NYC criminal attorneys focus on creating a unique strategy for your case. When handling your case, we work to strike down evidence whenever, and wherever. Our goal is to ensure no case is brought against you. If needed, it can also mean filing an appeal if we feel the judge isn’t behaving correctly and judging the facts correctly. Our NYC criminal attorneys provide the highest level of defense – for each, and every, single client. We handle a wide array of cases, ranging from simple misdemeanors, to complicated federal crimes. If you’re facing criminal charges, you’re at risk of losing your freedom, and liberty.

Do I need a criminal defense attorney?

In the USA – if you’re charged with a felony or misdemeanor, it’s your right to have a criminal defense attorney present with you. If you’re arrested, you have the right to hire a criminal attorney or have one appointed to you. If you’re charged with a non-criminal violation, like harassment, or traffic offense, you don’t necessarily need a criminal defense attorney. Hiring an experienced defense lawyer is in your best interests. You want a criminal attorney to represent you in order to ensure your rights aren’t violated. If you hire the right attorney, it’s possible to avoid going to jail and resolving your case. Many people assume that just because they’re guilty – they should plead guilty – in order to avoid a trial. While you can do this – it doesn’t mean you’ll get a lighter sentence.

Sometimes prosecutors will only be fair if you respond with force to them. Without an attorney advising you, you might accidentally plead guilty when you could’ve won the case. The only way to truly know is to hire a private criminal defense attorney. At Spodek Law Group – we pride ourselves on taking a hands-on approach. It means researching the exact situation surrounding your case, and putting in the leg work to be familiar with every single intimate detail. Our firm has excellent work ethics, and we constantly hold firm meetings in order to discuss and address all of our cases. In the event of an emergency – we have a full team of lawyers available to help you.

Experienced New York Criminal Defense Lawyers | Spodek Law Group

Our criminal defense lawyers represent clients who are targets of federal investigations, who are arrested of criminal wrongdoing, or who are subject/witness to a law enforcement agency inquiry/investigation. Whatever the reason is that you’re now looking for a criminal attorney, we recognize any conviction – or any whisper of wrongdoing, can hurt your life. Whatever your reason for finding a criminal attorney, we recognize that any conviction will harm your chances of leading a fulfilling life. Our goal is to prevent the case from ever going to a judge, or jury. We are aware the implications a criminal conviction can have on your case. We handle a wide array of criminal defense cases such as:

  • white collar crimes
  • domestic violence crimes
  • computer crimes
  • violent crimes
  • property crimes
  • dwi and dui
  • drug, controlled substances
  • license defense
  • and more

What’s the difference between a federal or state crime

Federal crimes are a violation of statutes passed by the US Congress. State crimes are a violation of statutes passed by the state legislature. Most federal criminal statutes address conduct of national security/national concern. In recent decades, the federal government has being involved in things like instrastate drug and violence crimes. Many crimes are prosecutable by both the state and federal courts. Federal criminal offenses are investigated by agents of federal agencies like the FBI, DEA, Secret Service, and others. On occasion, state law enforcement agencies may get involved and work with federal agencies.

In order for a NYC criminal lawyer to represent you in a federal case, he, or she, must be licensed to practice in federal court where the case is pending. If the federal criminal justice system is different than the state system. It’s important you have experience in federal court so he, or she, can represent you. If you’re under investigation for a federal offense, but haven’t been charged – you should 100% contact a federal criminal defense attorney.

If law enforcement authorities conduct a search without first getting a warrant, will the seized evidence be supressed?

Sometimes, but not always, the evidence can be suppressed at trial. The 4th amendment requires law enforcement to get a warrant before searching your property. There are many legally recognized exceptions, like consent, or exigent circumstances. Even if the exception doesn’t apply, the search can be subject to a exclusionary rule.

How an experienced NYC criminal lawyer can help

Being charged with a criminal offense can lead to huge consequences. It can impact your personal life, and your reputation. You might be unable to do things like voting, or even worse. Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer in New York can go a long way towards helping your future.

  • Your criminal lawyer will provide you with an honest assessment of your situation, and potential defenses
  • Your criminal defense attorney will explain to you, and help you understand what you’re being charged with in a clear and straight forward way
  • Your lawyer will conduct in-depth investigations into your case and and determine what happened exactly
  • Your attorney will negotiate plea agreements, if it boils down to that, in order to get you the best outcome possible for you and your family
  • Your law firm will protect your interests in the courtroom by providing the most aggressive form of representation
  • Your attorney will submit an appeal, in the event you are convicted, and help seal or expunge your criminal records

In NYC, there are two ways to get arrested.

Desk Appearance Tickets – if you’ve been handcuffed and fingerprinted and released with a piece of paper and it reads Desk Appearance Ticket, then you’ve been issued a Desk Appearance Ticket. It was given to you instead of bringing you to see a judge right away. Desk Appearance Tickets become common in the 2000’s because they saved the city time and effort. The arresting officer didn’t have to place you in a holding cell, and it gave the city more time to draft and file charges against you eventually.

Central Booking – If you’ve been handcuffed, fingerprinted, and brought to see a judge within about 24-48 hours of your arrest, you were brought to central booking for your arrest. Central booking is where you are brought for post-arrest processing, and where you wait to see the judge. From central booking, you are then taken to a courtroom for your arraignment. If bail is set, then you are brought to a detention facility like Rikers Island. If no bail is set, then you could be released from the courtroom. Depending on what your attorney says, or doesn’t say, or what you say/don’t say during the arraignment, it could have huge consequences for you and your case.

The Spodek Law Group is a top rated NYC criminal defense law firm. We have locations throughout New York state. Our attorneys are available 24/7 to help you with your case. It doesn’t matter how complicated or challenging your case is – we can. Our firm has been interviewed by many major news outlets, such as FOX News, NYPost, and more. At Spodek Law Group, we have over 50 years of combined experience handling tough and complicated criminal defense cases. Many attorneys refer us clients because they know they can trust us to get the best outcome possible for their clients. We don’t take a cookie cutter approach to the law; every case has unique characteristics that truly matter. We work with our clients to understand exactly what happened and how we can use the facts to win the case. Our only objective is to to get the case against you dismissed, or significantly diminished. We’re here to help you. Get a risk free consultation today from one of our NYC criminal lawyers today to learn more. 

What should I expect from a NYC criminal attorney representing me?

When it comes to hiring your next criminal defense lawyer, you want someone who is pragmatic and understands the situation you’re in. You want someone who can strategize multiple different scenarios – and can properly assess the risks at every stage of the process. Your criminal defense attorney needs to be able to effectively communicate this to you in simple terms. It’s expected that every criminal attorney will maintain confidentiality, and that all information you share with him/her are kept confidential. When you hire the Spodek Law Group, you’re hiring a criminal defense law firm in NYC who understands the law, and has experience handling the types of charges you’re facing. In addition, you’re getting a law firm who has extensive court room experience. Not all criminal defense law firms are made the same, some are simply unable to handle the workload associated with more complicated cases. As top notch criminal lawyers in NYC, we take a very hands on approach to helping our clients get the best possible legal outcome. 

What should you if you’re facing criminal accusations?

If you’re facing allegations, and charges, you should hire an experienced NYC criminal defense attorney immediately. There’s no real choice. The right New York defense lawyer will have experience handling situations similar to yours, and can help you get clarity on how to move forward. Regardless of how difficult your criminal defense case is, our NYC criminal defense attorneys are here to help you, and assist you. We have experience in both state and federal crimes. In order for your criminal defense attorney to help you get the best outcome – it’s crucial to be honest with them. It means being honest about mental, health, or drug issues – as these can be factors which impact possible defenses in your case. 

When you meet your potential NYC criminal defense attorney, make sure to bring all documents related to the case regarding your arrest or investigation, that means copies of the charges filed against you, subpoenas, information about items seized, etc. At your initial meeting, your NYC criminal defense attorney will start formalizing a strategy regarding your case, and other potential defenses that could be possible for your situation. Depending on the complexity of the case, and whether put up a formidable defense – this will impact the length of your case. 

Our NYC Criminal Defense Lawyers have Immense Experience 

Regardless of what you’re being investigated for, you need a high powered criminal defense law firm to help you. Our team of defense attorneys has many years of experience dealing with Federal and State Prosecutors. If you reach out to us, we’re prepared to guide you through the legal process, and educate you at every step. We’ve dealt with many complicated federal cases. Our criminal defense attorneys have many years of combined expertise handling complex federal criminal defense cases. We help people everywhere. We understand your life is at stake. 

Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers: Our team of federal defense lawyers can help with any type of crime which crosses state boundaries and is being prosecuted in federal court. In some cases, federal crimes carry a minimum mandatory sentence. It means the judge has no discretion to sentence a lesser term based on mitigating factors. Our law firm has experience handling crimes nationwide. We can provide you with legal representation in courts all over the country. 

Domestic Violence: This is one of the most frequent state crimes we see. Prosecutors take these allegations seriously. Often, prosecutors will respond harshly and overzealously. Many times, domestic violence can lead to physical violence, such as sexual violence, assault, and more. In some cases, a matrimonial issue can result in one spouse making fake allegations as revenge. 

Federal Offenses Must Be Taken Seriously

When you’re being investigated for a crime, it can feel frightening. The stakes are higher if the federal government and state investigators are investigating you at the same time. Federal authorities have immense resources to prove, and investigate guilt. Penalties are very severe in situations where the defendant is convicted of a federal offense. Federal prosecutors will often use the threat of a mandatory sentence in order to get the defendant to take a plea deal. 

You Need To Hire The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or a loved one is accused of committing a crime, then it’s time to hire the most experienced New York criminal defense lawyer. Navigating the criminal justice system is super complicated, and without legal representation you could find devastating results. Here’s a few reasons why hiring the best criminal defense attorney is important:

  • The criminal code contains many rules which are difficult to comprehend. This is one of the main reasons why its important to hire an attorney who exclusively deals with criminal defense law as opposed to general law practitioners. Only experienced criminal defense lawyers will have the experience, and understanding of the courts, to defend your rights.
  • Criminal defense attorneys who have experience will know how to identify weaknesses in the prosecutors case. Hiring the best criminal defense law firm in NYC will make it possible for you to have a fighting chance. Hiring a criminal defense attorney who has experience handling cases similar to yours, will be to analyze the charges and available evidence against you to determine if the government will be able to prove its case. 
  • Your NYC criminal lawyer is going to be one of your strongest advocates. He, or she, will be with you when you’re being questioned and work to protect you. Anything you say, can and will be used against you if you’re arrested or go to trial later. 

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