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The Spodek Law Group is an elite criminal defense law firm that provides superior service and white glove professionalism, to a unique clientele nationwide. We handle tough cases that require experience, attention to detail, and excellence in order to win.

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Service is paramount to results. We treat you like family, so you know what's going on always.

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Our criminal defense law firms is one of the most successful defense law firms in the state of New York. We have a high success rate because we are very pragmatic when it comes to advising our clients on how to proceed – and to make sure their case ends in a positive outcome. Our goal is to help every single client get charges dismissed, or reduced. Because of our work, 100’s of people have been able to avoid criminal charges from being filed against them.

Our firm believes that tragedy never waits, and that means when you’re arrested – you deserve immediate help. We have criminal defense lawyers available 24/7 to provide a risk free consultation. There are multiple criminal defense attorneys assigned to every case. It guarantees there’s someone always available to handle any emergencies. In addition, we offer flat fee billing arrangements, we offer payment plans, and accept all major credit cards.

Our firm prides itself on providing high quality legal services at lower fees than our competition. In addition, we offer flexible payment plans. We believe that money shouldn’t stop you from getting the legal help you deserve. We work with you so that you can afford our fees, and get access to our legal counsel when you need it the most.

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Our NYC criminal attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience handling state and federal cases - and getting amazing results for our clients.


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Our NYC Criminal Lawyers Handle Tough Cases Nationwide

The Spodek Law Group is a firm that understands that hiring a criminal defense attorney is NO easy decision. If you’re accused of committing a crime, you need an attorney who is available 24/7. The attorney you hire is here to answer any questions you have, but most importantly – is responsible for defending you. Unlike other NYC criminal lawyers, we charge very reasonable fees and offer flexible payment plans – the cost of hiring a law firm should never stop you from hiring THE RIGHT attorney. Our firm has been rated highly by top rating services like Avvo, Yelp, Google Places, and others. We understand how complicated it is to hire an attorney. Our firm has over 50 years of combined experience, and have experience handling major crimes. Your future is important, and that begins when you hire our law firm.


Every single case is different. It’s hard to anticipate the prosecutors strategy. The great thing about hiring the Spodek Law Group is that we’ve handled many types of cases. Everything we do revolves around getting excellent results for our clients. We understand the difficulties you’re going through. If you’re accused of a crime, we offer a risk free consultation and help you understand the complexity of what you’re going through, and how we can help you.

We have teams available at several locations across NYC. We’re here to help, 24/7, and service you. Regardless of the complexity of the alleged crime, we have NYC criminal attorneys available to handle your case and advise you. Our attorneys have been interviewed by major organizations like FOX NEWS, NYPOST, FOX BUSINESS, and many other major publications.

The Spodek Law Group has over 50 years of combined experience, and has helped clients nationwide. We’ve got convenient locations throughout New York. In addition, we partner with attorneys all over the country so you can work with us, and get the help you need. Many attorneys refer us clients because they trust us to help their clients and friends.

Our team of criminal lawyers treat each and every client with respect. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to law. We work with our clients to help them understand the ramifications of the crime you’re accused of committing. Our #1 objective is to get charges dismissed. We offer a risk free consultation in person, or at one of our locations, to help you. Regardless of how complex your case is, we are here to help and can assist you.

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Our Philosophy and

Who We Are

The Spodek Law group was founded on the principle that we should evaluate every single clients situation – and only accept them if we truly believe we can help them. We are selective about the the number of clients we work with, and only work with clients we think we can help. This is different from other firms, who take on every single client – regardless of whether or not they can help them. Our goal is to provide the best possible service, and that’s why many clients refer us to their friends and family members.

Risk Free Consultation

Unlike other firms, we offer a risk free consultation in person, or over the phone. During this consultation you can ask us anything, regardless of how much time you need. Typically, during this process we encourage you to ask us everything you need to know about your case and what will happen. We’ll evaluate your case, and explain the law to you – and explain what we think could happen. We believe this risk free consultation is a good place to start. We have numerous locations, and we can even chat on the phone after normal business hours, or meet at our location.

Todd Spodek handles each case personally, and is here to answer any, and all, questions you have about your case.

Our criminal lawyers are selective about the numbers of clients we onboard every month. We only work with clients we truly believe we can help. Our goal is to help a fewer number of clients than our competitors, in order to provide higher service and results. Impeccable service and case results are the only thing we care about. This is one of the main reasons why clients refer us to their friends, and family members – when they need a criminal lawyer.

Get a risk free consultation

Our criminal attorneys offer a risk free consultation, in person – or over the phone. During this initial consultation, you can ask us anything you need to know about the crime and punishment you may be facing. Typically, we speak about things like – what the case is about, what punishments may be handed out, and how to fight these allegations. Typically, our goal is going to focus on getting the case dismissed, or working on a plea deal to create a more acceptable end result. Our law firm has many locations, and can either meet you at your place of business, or at our office. Once you sign up with us, we handle all aspects of your case.


To be frank, any defendant who is accused of a crime is entitled to have adequate legal representation. You have the right to a lawyer, even if you can’t afford one. Often, defendants will be given a criminal attorney by the court – on a pro bono basis. The problem is that the lawyer is being paid for by the government. It means he/she will care about their reputation with the local court and will not take unnecessary risks in order to help you. They care about their reputation with the judge, and the district attorney’s office more than your case. Prosecutors and assigned attorneys have to maintain a relationship. Because of this – when you work with a pro bono attorney, you’re betting that this attorney will work hard and ignore the conflict of interest here.

As a result, you may want to consider hiring a private NYC criminal lawyer if you’re accused of committing a crime. Criminal cases are built on evidence, and your attorney can help discredit evidence the prosecution tries to introduce. Your NYC criminal lawyer can evaluate all of the evidence, and apply the law to ensure the evidence was acquired properly. Arresting officers have to follow arrest protocols, and adhere to the constitution, when collecting evidence. Often, police officers act over-zealous, and prosecutors will prosecute innocent individuals in order to evidence. Your attorney can contest all of this evidence as inadmissible and move to have immaterial case facts dismissed.


When you retain a NYC criminal lawyer, he/she can question the officers statements, as well as the evidence. For example, if the evidence is tained – the attorney can have it thrown out of court. Having an attorney who is WILLING to go that far is important when your future is at stake. Never plead guilty to a criminal charge when you are innocent – because criminal records can have a major impact on your life. It could be grounds for denial of government benefits, employment, and even housing. Hiring a NYC criminal lawyer is important for several reasons.

Do I need a criminal attorney for my case?

The 6th amendment guarantees you the right to a lawyer. No such rights exist in civil lawsuits, which makes this constitutional right a true blessing.

Are some cases harder than others?

Going to court can be frustrating. It’s a scary experience. This is true when you’re facing serious criminal charges. NYC prosecutors are trying very hard to reducing crime. When you have an aggressive criminal defense attorney, you have a better chance of fighting felonies/misdemeanors. NYC is a unique area – the court systems aren’t uniform. Different levels of crimes are handled in different locations, and the names of the courts can vary.

What’s a warrant?

Warrants are something which can only be vacated after an appearance before a judge. You have to go to the county where the case is being heard. You must have information like full name, date of birth, date of arrest, etc. Typically there is an appearance list, in the lobby of the courthouse. Defendants are listed by either their docket number or name. If your name isn’t on the calendar you must go to the central clerk’s office. If you miss your court date you have to speak to your attorney and then report to the central clerk’s office where it was scheduled. If you want to get a Certificate of Disposition, you have to bring items to the county office, such as your docket number, full name, date of birth, date of arrest, picture ID, and a nominal fee.

What’s a certificate of disposition?

This is an official court document that has the Court’s seal on it which states what happened in your criminal case. It says what crime you were charged with, what you were convicted of, and then says the date you were convicted and the sentence you received. It’s likely when you apply for a job they’ll ask for a certificate of disposition. Different courts have different processes. You will likely have to go to the court that sentenced you. If a case is sealed and you’re the defendant then you have to get your picture ID and you might be asked for a notarized statement before being issued a certificate of disposition. If you hire an NYC criminal lawyer to handle this on your behalf, then we’ll bring this notarized statements from you that gives us permission to get the sealed record information to be released.

Our Philosophy

We treat each client like family. It’s truly that simple. It’s why we’re successful. Our team of attorneys are all synchronized behind this message. We’ve brought together some of the top lawyers in the country who advise us on every case where necessary. The government often oversteps in it’s overzealous prosecution of people accused of a crime. We believe that we’re the shield that protects our clients from overzealous prosecution. Often most cases come down to evidence, allegations, and in addition the political pressures the prosecutor faces. Many prosecutors are under immense stress to convictions in order to keep their job, and to secure advancement professionally. Sometimes, the truth is irrelevant in their eyes – what matters is what they can prove. With this in mind, our law firm focuses on doing it’s to guide each case with a unique strategy that takes all the fact into face value. It means striking down evidence where possible, so no case can be brought against you. It means going to trial, if needed, to prove the prosecutor is overreaching, and at times – filing appeals. Bottom line our goal is to provide the possible level of defense to each and every client.

What’s a white collar crime?

Our white collar division focuses on criminal investigations, and cases all across the country. We’ve got experience representing clients dealing with major felonies, ranging from simple wire/mail fraud to complex financial crimes. If you’re facing criminal charges, it’s likely you stand to lose your freedom, and liberties. The stakes are VERY HIGH. You need an NYC criminal attorney who has skills, and judgement, to know when to fight the prosecution and when to be nimble and settle. Our goal is to get you the possible disposition. Sometimes, that will mean hampering the prosecutions ability to successfully put together a case by striking evidence out of the case.

We handle virtually all violent crimes

Our criminal attorneys are well versed in NY penal laws, especially those dealign with violent crimes. Prosecutors are working very hard to get convictions in violent crimes, and to set examples in order to discourage people from committing them. Examples of violent crimes can include murder, manslaughter, etc. Our NY criminal lawyers give you a fair, and unbiased, opinion of what we think the likelihood the prosecution will succeed in their mission during the initial consultation. Sometimes, violent crime allegations are based on misreported facts. Our job is to investigate those facts, and if any discrepancies arise – bring those to the attention of the prosecutors.

When you’re accused of a crime, you want an aggressive law firm – that has vast resources, and an immutable will to fight for your rights. This is non-negotiable. You should look for these variables when interviewing law firms to protect and represent you.

Our NYC criminal lawyers have consistently been “top ranked,” by services like Avvo, National Trial Lawyers, SUPER Lawyers, and many other organizations. We strive to be the version of ourselves, in order to provide our clients with the possible outcome. We don’t focus on billable hours – we focus on positive outcomes. Many other firms are solely focused on their billables, and finances — we’re different, we even offer financial assistance in paying for our legal services. Most importantly, you can trust our NYC criminal lawyers to tell you what to do, and advise you. We understand you’re relying on us to understand your criminal accusations and their ramifications. When you work with us, we’ll tell you exactly what to expect.

Don’t Settle for a Public Defender

Public defenders are necessary to the legal system, but they don’t always provide the possible defense. Public defenders work for the state, and you have to wonder what their level of willingness is to fight and protect you. Often, the crime is without a victim, and in some cases might be “overstated.” Public defenders work in just one court, and sometimes become an ally of the local court officials. We recommend you never accept a public defender when being accused of a criminal charge, if it’s possible for you to hire a private NYC criminal attorney.

Anyone in the state of New York who is facing criminal charges should contact our New York criminal defense attorneys and get a professional consultation about their case. We’re familiar with how the federal and state courts work, and will always provide unbiased advice on your case. More importantly, we’ll explain how our track record – aligns with your case, and how we can help you avoid criminal charges, and a permanent criminal record. Let us help you – by allowing us to offer our professional expertise and knowledge, and to ensure your rights are protected.

What happens after i’m arrested?

Arrests are made when a police officer has a warrant signed by the judge, or has personally witnessed a crime being committed. Once you’re arrested, you’ll be taken into police custody and fingerprinted/photographed. Suspects who are arrested are required to answer personal questions, and then placed in a holding cell. The police have to give you an opportunity to make a phone call within 3 hours of the arrest. You can use this call to contact a NYC criminal lawyer, or your family. Typically, you’ll be given a court hearing in 48 hours after being placed in custody. You’ll be allowed to meet with your NYC attorney before the court hearing takes place to discuss what’s going on.

Typically, when you’re taken to the court, the judge will inform you of the crime you’re being charged with. At this point, you can either tell the judge you’re guilty, not guilty, plead no contest, or not guilty by reason of insanity. You should consult your NYC attorney about which plea to enter before the hearing begins. If you plea guilty, it’s an admission of guilty – and you’re agreeing to be responsible for the consequences of the crime. With a plea of no contest, the suspect is not admitting guilt but is also not disputing the facts of the charges brought against them. If the suspect pleads not guilty by reason of insanity, they may be placed under psychiatric supervision. A plea of not guilty will force the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the suspect committed the crime.

The suspect will be given the opportunity to choose between a bench trial or a jury trial. If the suspect chooses a jury trial they will be tried before a group of their peers, and these peers will determine guilt or innocence. If the suspect chooses a bench trial they will be tried before the judge only, and the judge will decide the outcome. The suspect should consult their attorney to determine which option would be most beneficial.

What happens next depends on the outcome of the trial. If the suspect is found innocent, they will be allowed to go free. If the suspect is found guilty, or if the suspect pleaded guilty or no contest, a sentencing hearing will be held. Before the sentencing takes place, the judge will review the suspect’s past criminal behavior and try to determine whether or not the suspect has any substance abuse issues. The judge will take this information into consideration when deciding a verdict.

At the sentencing hearing the judge may want to hear the opinions of the suspect’s friends and family, or from the victim of the crime. The judge will then declare a verdict based on sentencing requirements and the evidence provided. Depending on the severity of the crime, the sentence could involve jail, a monetary fine or community service.

What is the purpose of a Grand Jury?

When a grand jury is formed it has 12-23 people on it. Regular trials have 6-12 people. State grand juries are usually chosen in the same manner as standard jurors. The US Courts will summon citizens who can serve up to 18 months. Grand jury’s are created to determine whether criminal charges should be brought against a defendant. It’s not used for civil matters. Only the Prosecutors can present the issue to the Grand Jury. The prosecutor represents the state/USA. During the proceeding, the Prosecutor presents the case and accuses the defendant of a crime. There’s no judge, or defense attorney. Only the Prosecutor’s witnesses are present to give testimony, and there’s no cross-examination. The Grand Jury determines whether there is probable cause to charge the defendant. Sometimes a Special Grand Jury is created to investigate matters for investigators – not prosecutors. This is different from a Grand Jury

When it comes to a Grand Jury, the weight of the evidence is important. Probable cause is the legal weight, which is used to determine whether to bring charges against the defendant. The US district court says that when the evidence convinces 12+ grand jury jurors that the defendant committed the crime, then probable cause has been established. Each state has its own definition of probable cause. The definitions are usually made by common laws, which means they are defined by the courts decisions – not statutes.


When to ask a judge

At an arraignment, defendants are advised of what they’re charged with, and a plea of not guilty is almost always entered. The court will schedule various dates along with a trial date. Most defendants who want to represent themselves ask a judge for permission to do so at the time of their arraignment. The judge will then set that issue for hearing.

The hearing

The purpose of the hearing on representing oneself is to make a formal record of the request and obtain a waiver of his or her 6th Amendment right to an attorney. The judge will want the defendant to confirm on the record that he or she is freely, voluntarily, knowingly and intelligently waiving their right to an attorney with full knowledge of the possible consequences.

The defendant’s competency

For purposes of an opportunity for a fair trial, the law doesn’t allow a person to represent himself or herself if the presiding judge doesn’t feel that the defendant is competent to do so. Competency in this context isn’t about whether the defendant is mentally ill or not. It’s about the ability to understand and participate in all phases of the case against him or her.

Factors that a court considers

In deciding on the issue of a defendant’s competency, some of the factors that a court takes into consideration include the defendant’s age, educational level, his or her ability to speak and understand English and the seriousness of the crime that he or she is charged with. These factors make it clear that you need not have the skills of a attorney to be able to represent yourself. You’ll be held to the same ground rules that attorneys are held to in all phases of your case though.

Remember that in waiving your 6th Amendment right to an attorney, you’re also waiving any right that you might have to claim ineffective assistance of counsel. Knowledge and experience in criminal law and procedure can make the difference between being found guilty or not guilty. It’s highly likely that you’ll be far better off having an attorney represent you in any criminal case.

NYC Criminal Lawyer

Todd Spodek (Managing Partner)

Mr. Spodek decided early on in his life to focus his education and experience on trial work. Todd Spodek attended Northeastern University in Boston, MA and majored in criminal justice. This background provided an indispensable tool in the representation of criminal defendants in grand jury investigations, pre-trial hearings, trial, appeals and navigating the corrections process.…

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I was accused of DUI/DWI, and was wrongly accused because the cop claimed he smelled red wine on me. It was a blatant lie, but I was still taken into custody and wrongly charged. Todd helped me get my car back, and get the entire case thrown out.

- Jack Bin

Todd is a miracle worker who will work tirelessly for you and your family. He is one of the few attorneys i’ve met – who I earnestly trust to protect me, and who I am happy to refer to our friends and fellow family members. The Spodek Law Group is someone you want on your side, because they will treat you just like family.

- Donna & Robert

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