NYC Domestic Violence Lawyers

Our New York domestic violence attorneys handle all aspects of a domestic violence crime. Whether it be the arrest, investigation, or trial, we can handle all elements of your domestic violence incident. Often, these cases are handled by the DA’s office, and are under heightented scrutiny. In Manhattan Criminal Court, all domestic crime misdemeanors are funneled into Part D – Domestic Violence Part. Whether the domestic violence arrest involves assault, harassment, or endangering the welfare of the child, the court will hear all the evidence and listens to the complaints. If there is a parallel court case in Family Court, then the case is sent to the Integrated Domestic Violence Part (IDV court).

Our NYC domestic violence attorneys can handle cases in Queens, Brooklyn, White White Plains, Yonkers, or Manhattan, in addition to Long Island.  If you have an order of protection as well against you, when the domestic violence occured Рwe can help. Order of protection makes domestic violence cases even worse, due to the fact that most of the time parties are not supposed to be near each other, or remain connected. If you violate an order of protection, prosecutors can have you arrested for criminal contempt.

  • NY Domestic Violence Arrests: Understanding the Process
  • Violating ¬†Restraining Orders & Orders of Protection
  • The Supporting Deposition & Corroborating Affidavit in a NY DV Case
  • False Domestic Violence Allegations
  • Defenses to domestic violence

Here are some common misdemeanor and felony charges that might happen as a result of a domestic violence incidence:

  • Assault crimes – including third degree assault and second degree assault. Examples of this include punches, kicks, which cause substantial pain and visibile bruising. Felony examples include the use of a dangerous instrument.
  • Aggravated harassment in the second degree. Examples of this include repeat phone calls or texts and harass the other party.
  • Aggravated criminal contempt – Examples include violating orders of protections or restraining orders
  • Stalking (4th, 3rd, 2nd degrees) – Examples can include following a person to work, while putting that person in fear of his, or her, safety. Weapons make this worse.
  • Menacing in the third degree – Examples including threatening to hurt someone – with, or without, some type of dangerous weapon.
  • Strangulation offenses – Common accusation prosecutors make, where you may your hands on someone else’s neck.
  • Endagering child welfare – Examples including striking a child, assaulting someone in front of a child, or using drugs around a child.
  • Criminal mischief – This means breaking a cell phone, damaging furniture or other itmes. The dollar amount of the damages dictate the severity of the crime.
  • Robbery and Grand Larceny – Examples include taking a cell phone from someones hand.
  • Computer Crimes – Examples include accessing someones emails or texts without authority.

The list goes on and on. These are just some of the common crimes New York prosecutors may allege. Raiser & Kenniff’s NYC criminal attorneys have handled these crimes, and worse. Misdemeanors are punishable by a year in jail, and felonies carry sentences in the range of 5, 10, 15, or more years in jail. Domestic incidents have an automatic arrest requirements, which results in incarceration, and stigma to your personal and professional life. Not only could you be imprisoned, you could also be subject to anger management, and community services. If you’re here on a VISA or Green Card, then the domestic violence incident could impact your immigration status. If you have a license, and are a professional, then this incident could harm your job. Our NYC domestic violence attorneys can help protect you from ALL angles.

As soon as you are arrested or questioned in a domestic violence case, you should speak to a criminal attorney who handles domestic violence crimes. Any arrest is horrendous. Allegations can be either true or false. Protect your future, and speak to one of our New York criminal attorneys.