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Spodek Law Group, is a premier nationwide criminal defense law firm. With our main office in NYC, we have experience handling some of the toughest cases, period.


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Anyone visiting our website is looking for the best possible New York criminal defense lawyer. At Spodek Law Group – we understand that, and most importantly we’re focused on providing each and every single client with the highest possible level of customer service. Our team of award winning attorneys has over 50 years of combined experience handling tough legal situations, regardless of where your case is – we can help. When you’re looking to hire a criminal attorney it’s likely Spodek Law Group will be on your radar.

Regardless of the situation you're in, we can help. Our criminal defense lawyers have over 50 years of combined experience.
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The juror at the center of Ghislaine Maxwell’s bid for a mistrial has lawyered up with the attorney who represented “fake heiress” Anna Sorokin.

Juror in Ghislaine Maxwell mistrial scandal retains Anna Sorokin’s lawyer


Spodek Law Group's representation of client Anna Delvey is set to become a Netflix series, directed by Shonda Rhimes.

Netflix and Anna Delvey: The race to secure the story of New York’s ‘fake heiress’

Our Philosophy and

Who Our NYC Criminal Lawyers Are

The Spodek Law Group, based out of NYC, is a top-rated criminal defense law firm. We are renowned as a top-rated federal defense law firm that handles tough cases that other firms say are unwinnable. We’re one of the few firms that have a fully digital portal, where you can communicate with us, submit documents, and access additional information. In addition to being a top-rated NYC law firm, we have experience handling cases nationwide. We service clients from coast to coast, with partner attorneys in many states. Our criminal defense lawyers are committed to providing you the best possible legal representation, regardless of your legal situation. Our founding partner, Todd Spodek, is a seasoned criminal defense attorney with years, and years, of legal experience. He is a second-generation attorney, with years of experience handling hundreds of trials. He has been seen on major news outlets, such as NYPost, Newsweek, Fox 5, Insider.com, and many other news outlets.

Notable Case

In 2022, Netflix released a series about one of Todd’s clients: Anna Delvey/Anna Sorokin.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. Every single Spodek Law Group client deserves honesty and service. We service a curated clientele that wants the best possible criminal defense attorney. Our NYC criminal lawyers have experience handling criminal defense cases nationwide, ranging from Los Angeles to NYC. We have a very simple belief: criminal lawyers should only take on clients who they can help. Many law firms are “mills” and take on every single client, irrespective of their ability to provide the best legal services. At Spodek Law Group, we are selective about the number of clients we work with – and only work with clients who we can truly help. This is much different from other law firms, who take on every single client. When you reach out to the Spodek Law Group, the process of working with us begins with a risk-free consultation in person, or over the phone. During this consultation, you can ask us anything, regardless of how long it takes. We encourage you to take this opportunity to ask the tough questions you have. We are available 24/7 to help you.

Our Services

The Spodek Law Group is a top-rated NY criminal defense law firm. Our law firm has locations throughout New York state. Our criminal attorneys are available 24/7, and take pride in being accessible always. It doesn’t matter how complicated your case is, or how challenging it is – we can help. Our firm has been interviewed by many major news outlets, like FOX News, NY POST, and others. Many criminal attorneys refer us clients because they know they can trust us to get the best possible outcome. We work hard to get our clients the outcomes they need. Our main objective is to get the case against you dismissed, or significantly diminished.

What Should I Expect from a NYC Criminal Attorney Representing Me?

When you hire your next criminal defense lawyer, it’s important you look for someone who is pragmatic, and understands the dire situation you’re in. You want someone who can consider and plan multiple different scenarios, and assess the risk at every stage of the process. Your criminal defense attorney must be able to communicate this to you in simple terms. When you hire the Spodek Law Group, you’re hiring a criminal defense attorney in NYC who understands the law, and has experience handling the type of situation you’re in. Not all law firms are the same. Some are unable to handle the workload. As a top criminal defense law firm in NYC, we take a very hands-on approach to handling your case.

What Should You Do if You’re Facing Criminal Accusations?

If you just discovered you’re facing allegations, and there are criminal charges filed against you, you should hire an experienced New York criminal lawyer – ASAP. You don’t really have a choice – you need an attorney. Whether you go pro-bono, or private, that’s up to you. The right NY criminal attorney has experience handling cases similar to yours, and can help you understand how to move forward. Regardless of the difficulty of your case, our NY criminal attorneys can help you. We have experience in all types of cases – state, and federal crimes. In order for us to help you get the best possible outcome, it’s important to be honest with our criminal attorneys. When you meet our NYC criminal attorneys, make sure to bring all documents related to the case. It means bringing copies of the charges filed against you, information about subpoenas, information about the items seized, etc. At your initial meeting, our criminal attorneys will start formalizing a strategy regarding your case, and other potential defenses.

Our NYC Criminal Defense Lawyers Have Immense Experience

Regardless of what you’re being investigated for, you need a high-powered defense law firm. Our criminal attorneys have many years of experience dealing with both Federal, and State, prosecutors. If you’re reaching out to us, we are prepared to guide you through this stressful process and educate you at every step. Our team of lawyers has handled complex federal cases, and we have over 50 years of combined experience handling complex crimes.

How Do Federal Criminal Charges Differ from State Offenses?

There are many differences in the way the investigation is handled. The DOJ is responsible for prosecuting federal cases. They follow the federal rules of criminal procedures, and have different rules. Federal judges have to follow sentencing guidelines, and there are mandatory minimum sentences. No discretion is allowed. The right federal defense attorney will work with you, inform you, and create a game plan that helps you avoid jail time. Criminal cases handled by federal courts follow a very different process than those handled by the state courts.

If an investigation by federal authorities results in evidence which leads to an arrest, the individual will be charged, brought, and then interviewed. The accused then will appear in court for an arraignment in front of a federal judge. The judge will decide whether to grant bail or not, and is responsible for setting the conditions of the jail release.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, you want a top-rated New York federal defense attorney like Todd Spodek. Todd is a second-generation attorney who has represented many clients. His experience has led to him handling thousands of tough cases. His work has resulted in him being featured on major media outlets, like NY Post, Newsweek, Fox 5, Business Insider, Bloomberg, and others. In 2022, Netflix released a special TV series about one of Todd’s clients: Anna Delvey.

Clients Nationwide Choose Spodek Law Group

When you’re looking online, you have multiple options. There are so many criminal defense lawyers advertising online. Thankfully, your search is over. Spodek Law Group, based out of NYC, is a well-known law firm that offers premier white-glove service and is unafraid of fighting. Unlike other law firms who are more focused on their relationship with prosecutors and judges, Spodek Law Group owes loyalty to only YOU. We are focused on our clients and getting them the best outcome possible. Every single client who works with Spodek Law Group is doing so because they need top legal help. They are serious about their future. Our attorneys handle cases nationwide and are here to help you.

One of the reasons our law firm has such a high success rate is because we are selective about who we work with. We want to make sure each and every client gets a successful outcome. If we’re choosing to work with you, it’s because we think we can make a positive impact on your life. This is vastly different from other law firms who will take on any client who’s willing to pay. When you reach out to our law firm, you start with an initial risk-free consultation. You can ask us anything you want. We encourage open dialogue so we can understand your situation.

What should I do if I am arrested in NYC?

If you’re accused of a crime, and arrested, it’s important to hire an NYC criminal lawyer to help you. If you or a loved one has been arrested – you’re likely scared, and anxious. The most important thing to remember – you have to stay calm, and get ready. You want to have an attorney on your side as early as possible. You want someone to protect you. Todd Spodek is a top rated NYC criminal lawyer who has a fantastic track record of winning cases. As a top tier criminal defense attorney, he zealously advocates for his clients.

What is the NYC Arrest Process

If you’re issued a summons, you’re given a ticket, and are free to go. You’re not placed under arrest. You should call an NYC criminal defense lawyer immediately to prepare you. You don’t want a criminal record for a small crime, like trespassing. If you’re arrested for a crime in NYC, you’ll be taken to a police station. You’ll be interviewed for pedigree information, fingerprinted, and more. Through all of this, you want an NYC criminal lawyer at your side.

Choosing the right NYC Criminal Attorney

Choosing the right criminal lawyer – is literally the best thing you can do for your case. Here are some key things to consider when choosing a criminal lawyer.

Experience: You want to look for a criminal attorney who has immense experience with all types of criminal defense issues. You should ask about their track record, with criminal cases similar to yours. It’s important to find an attorney who specializes in the type of criminal charges you’re facing – such as drug offense, white collar crime, or more.

Reputation: Before you hire the attorney, look into the criminal lawyers reputation in the community. Try to speak to his or her past clients, check online reviews, check ratings, and more. One of the best things to look at is TrustPilot, Yelp, or Google Places for real reviews. Most importantly, you want to make sure you find a lawyer who communicates clearly. For example, look for a criminal lawyer with an online dashboard, or some other easy way to get information. You want a law firm whose always accessible.

Credentials: Verify the lawyer’s credentials before you move forward. Look at their education, bar association memberships, and other information. You want to make sure the lawyer has the necessary resources, like investigators, expert witnesses, and more.

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The BEST LAWYER ANYONE COULD ASK FOR!!! Todd changed our lives! He’s not JUST a lawyer representing us for a case. Todd and his office have become Family. When we entered his office in August of 2022, we entered with such anxiety, uncertainty, and so much stress. Honestly we were very lost. My husband and I felt alone. How could a lawyer who didn’t know us, know our family, know our background represents us, When this could change our lives for the next 5-7years that my husband was facing in Federal jail. By the time our free consultation was over with Todd, we left his office at ease. All our questions were answered and we had a sense of relief.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the possible outcomes of a criminal case in NYC?

Getting arrested is a very scary process – and what happens after is even scarier. You’re likely overwhelmed, you don’t know what to do. No one knows what will happen next. At major turning points like this, you need to hire a criminal defense law firm who gets it. Our NY criminal defense attorneys will walk you through the process, and discuss potential outcomes. The first thing that will happen is the prosecutor will decide whether to pursue charges, or not. This is important. If they decide to press charges, you’ll be arraigned before a judge who’ll set bail, and determine the next court date. From there, the game of chess begins. Our criminal defense attorneys will start building your defense. We’ll look at all the possible outcomes, and we’ll try to get you the best outcome. There’s a lot of potential outcomes to a criminal cases.

Dismissal: This is our goal. We will work to poke enough holes in the prosecutors case to get the criminal charges dismissed. Getting charges dismissed means the case against you is dropped. No criminal record. No penalties.

Plea Bargain: This can be a great move. It’s essentially negotiating a deal with reduced charges/sentences. Many cases end up with a plea bargain.

Not Guilty Verdict: If our criminal attorneys decide to take your case to trial, our team will make the strongest defense strategy to prove your innocence. Sometimes – you have to fight in court, in order to win your freedom. 

What Are Factors That Influence Case Outcomes

There’s no magic formula when it comes to what influences that case. There’s a number of factors which can help tilt the scale in your favor:

  • Prior Criminal Record – First-time offenders in the criminal justice system are typically given leniency. If you’re a repeat offender the court is less likely to be lenient.
  • Evidence – Holes in the prosecutors case by going after their evidence make it easier to get charges reduced, or dismissed. Mitigating Circumstances – Factors that mitigate guilt are important. Variables like self-defense, lack of criminal intent, or entrapment can lessen the charges against you. 
  • Your Criminal Defense Lawyer – Having an aggressive, and experienced criminal defense attorney matters. 

At the end of the day, the outcome of your case depends entirely on how we are presenting the facts in the most positive light possible.

What Are Potential Penalties for Criminal Convictions in NYC

If you are convicted of a crime – whether its federal, state, felony, or misdemeanor, the penalties of a conviction include, but are not limited to:

  • Jail/Prison Time – Felony convictions usually come with prison sentences. These sentences can range from from 1 year to life; but misdemeanors can result in jail time up to 1 year.
  • Financial Fines – It’s usual for there to be financial fines can range from hundreds of dollars, to millions of dollars depending on the offense you committed – such as a white collar federal crime.
  • Probation – You could be sentenced to probation, instead of jail time.
  • Community Service – Courts sometimes will sentence you to unpaid community service as part of the sentence.
  • Restitution – You might have to pay money to victims to compensate for losses/damages you caused.

There are many consequences of a federal or misdemeanor conviction. In addition to the direct penalties, mentioned above, there are other consequences which can impact your life. For example:

  • Employment could be a problem. It can be difficult to find a job in the future due to background checks.
  • Housing can be an issue. You could face eviction, be ineligible for public housing, or have troubles renting.
  • Immigration could be an issue. Non-citizens can face deportation concerns, be denied citizenship, or worse.
  • Loss of rights. You could lose your right to vote, own firearms, etc.
Why are you the right criminal lawyer in NYC?

If you’re scrolling through Google and trying to find a criminal attorney, your search is now over. You’ve found Spodek Law Group – we’re not your average criminal defense law firm – we get it. Our team of criminal attorneys know a thing or two about beating criminal charges in NY. We have over 50 years of combined experience. We have handled some of the toughest cases and have come out on top. We have experience handling tough cases, we’ve seen it all, and we empathize with you. We understand how tough federal criminal cases are. We have a tough legal team who can help fight and win. Our criminal defense lawyers listen to you, your fears, your goals, and we’re here to help you. We care about your story. We’re here to help you, and that begins by understanding and listening to you.

Our Unique Approach

Unlike other attorneys who care about their reputation with the prosecutors and judges, our only goal is getting you the best outcome. We fight to get you positive outcomes. Our goal is to win your case. Our team can handle all types of criminal defense cases, like federal cases, white collar, and more. If there’s a way to win your case – we will find it.

Transparent Billing

When it comes to billing – we are transparent with our fees. There are no surprises. Choosing a lawyer is a big deal, and unfortunately, “cost” is a big issue. At Spodek Law Group – we’re committed to being your champion, and we want to fight for your case – irrespective of your ability to pay.

What is the Process of a Criminal Case in NYC?

If you, or your loved one, is facing criminal charges in NYC – then you’re likely feeling overwhelmed. Most people don’t know what to do in this situation, and they try to figure it out on their own. Unfortunately, the justice system is very complex and intimidating. It’s important you hire a criminal defense lawyer who can help you navigate it.

The First Step: Hiring an Experienced Attorney

Your first step should be to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. You want someone who has experience handling cases like yours in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, or Long Island. You should look for an attorney with a track record of success in local courts, who has positive reviews, and has a deep understanding of the court system. Don’t go with the cheapest option – this can be a huge mistake. Your freedom is on the line – and you need a criminal attorney who gets it, and has experience handling – and winning, cases like yours.

Understanding the Charges Against You

Understand the charges against you. After you reach out to our criminal lawyers, we will review all the evidence and charges against you. Our NYC criminal attorneys will explain to you what you’re being accused of, and what the penalties are. Some common charges are:

  • Assault
  • Drug possession
  • Theft and Robbery
  • Domestic Violence
  • White Collar Crimes

There are two components that impact possible sentences: the severity of the charges, and your prior criminal record. We’ll review all of this with you.

Investigation and Gathering Evidence

Investigation and gathering evidence is crucial. Once you retain our attorneys, we’ll conduct an investigation of your case. We’ll look at witnesses, look at police reports, speak to prosecutors, review footage, consult with witnesses, and more. Our goal is to poke holes in the prosecutor’s case, reduce the severity of the charges, and uncover evidence which supports your case. This is a make-or-break stage of your case. Most importantly, if you hire the wrong criminal lawyer and they conduct a sloppy investigation, it can doom your case. At Spodek Law Group, we have the resources and connections to do it right. We have an extensive network of private investigators and expert witnesses to call upon as needed.

Pre-Trial Motions and Negotiations

We aim to file pre-trial motions and negotiate. This is something that’s crucial. We will look to file pre-trial motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence, dismiss improper charges, and other things that will weaken the prosecutor’s case. We will negotiate with prosecutors to see if a plea bargain is possible, all the while giving you the strongest possible criminal defense. Plea bargains, where you plead guilty in exchange for a reduced charge, are common. 97% of cases end in guilty pleas.

Unafraid of Going to Trial

We are unafraid of going to trial. If we decide in consultation with you that going to trial is advantageous, our criminal defense attorneys will work with you to prepare your case in front of a judge or jury. Our team of defense lawyers will create a compelling defense, and file motions, prep exhibits, and do everything possible to clear your name.

Why Choosing the Right NYC Criminal Attorney Matters

When you’re facing charges, it’s a very stressful experience. Most importantly, the stakes are high. You need a criminal defense attorney who will stand by you and go to battle for you. At Spodek Law Group, this is what we do. Our NYC criminal attorneys have a very strong track record of handling tough federal and state cases.

Some of Our Recent Cases Include:

  • Stalking case against actor Alec Baldwin
  • Juror misconduct charges in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial
  • Las Vegas client accused of threatening a prominent attorney
  • Favorable plea deals for clients accused of major financial crimes

But don’t just take our word for it – check out our 635+ 5-star client reviews.


Our managing partner, Todd Spodek, has over two decades of experience helping clients against virtually every single type of criminal charge imaginable. Todd Spodek has been featured on major media outlets like the New York Times, New York Post, USA Today, and more.

24/7 Availability

When you’re facing criminal charges, you can’t afford to wait. You need an NYC Criminal Lawyer NOW. Our NYC criminal attorneys are available 24/7 to take and respond to your phone call, and answer your questions.

What are the main type of criminal cases prevalent in the State of New York?

There are many types of crimes in New York. Felonies are divided into five classes based on the severity of the crime. Class A felonies are the most serious crimes in NY state. Some common examples of felonies in NY include murder, rape, robbery, and drug trafficking. Felonies have the longest jail time, potentially ranging from 1-25 years in prison, or even life imprisonment.

Misdemeanors are less serious criminal offenses than felonies in NY state. There are three classes of felonies in the State of New York: Class A, Class B, and unclassified. The maximum jail time can range, depending on the severity of the crime.

Common Misdemeanors in New York

Some common misdemeanors in the state of NY can include assault, robbery, petty theft, prostitution, and DUI. Other violations are possible, such as infractions, which are minor non-criminal offenses that are punishable by a $250 fine and up to 15 days in jail.

What if I’m wrongly accused?

If you’re falsely accused of a crime, this is a nightmare. There’s no two ways about it. This happens more often than you think. When it comes to major crimes, like assault, theft, or drug possession, many people are often falsely accused. If you’re innocent, don’t panic and do something rashly. You should immediately hire a criminal defense lawyer. Our attorneys know how to gather evidence, which proves your innocence, and can cast doubt on the prosecution’s case. There are many common defenses, such as: mistaken identity, lack of evidence, false confessions, or alibis. Our criminal attorneys will investigate what happened, and develop a strategy to get the charges against you dropped – or we will go to trial in order to get a not guilty verdict at trial.

Can my criminal charges be reduced or dismissed?

100%. Getting charges dismissed is our ideal outcome. Reducing charges is the next best thing after that. At Spodek Law Group, our criminal attorneys are skilled negotiators, we often get charges reduced down, to a less serious level. Reducing charges usually results in less potential jail time, and keeps serious convictions off your record.

Even if you did commit the crime, and are guilty, you still have defenses and rights which must be protected. Depending on the circumstances, we can argue for reduced charges, a lighter sentence, or acquittal. There are many potential defenses for guilty defendants, such as: lack of criminal intent, self defense, insanity, entrapment, statute of limitations, and more. In addition, we can negotiate a plea bargain.


Why Hire a Top NYC Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Hiring a private, criminal defense attorney, at Spodek Law Group is an investment into your future, your families future, and more. It’s crucial to have the best possible legal help when you’re facing criminal charges. Our skilled NYC criminal attorneys do more than just show up in court for you – we investigate the facts, we create a defense strategy for your situation, and leverage our relationships with prosecutors and judges. Our founding partner, Todd Spodek, has represented high profile cases in the past covered by major media outlets, like New York Times, NY Daily News, USA Today, and more. We’ve handled high-stakes cases involving allegations like stalking Alec Baldwin, Anna Delvey conning wealthy NYC elites, and juror misconduct in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.

How can you beat criminal charges in NYC?

Just because you got charged for a crime in NYC doesn’t mean you have to be convicted of it. It’s possible to beat charges in NYC. For example, maybe it was a misunderstanding, or perhaps you were there in the wrong place/time – bottom line, you need a defense strategy to beat the conviction. You need competent NY criminal attorneys who are going to represent you. We can help with a wide array of issues, such as drug possession, violent crimes, federal crimes, and more. We know how to fight charges, and win cases. It means getting charges dropped, going to trial, and everything else in between.

Lack of Evidence is one of the most effective defenses. Prosecutors who are trying to win, will have to prove guilty beyond a reasonable doubt – which is hard. If they don’t have rock solid evidence tying you to the crime, our criminal lawyers can argue for a dismissal. This works best for crimes where there isn’t a lot of physical proof, for example theft cases, drug possession, etc. For violent crimes, if the evidence is circumstantial, or there are holes in the case, we can use that to get the charges dropped.

Mistaken Identity is another major reason why people get accused of a crime they didn’t commit. This happens more than people like to believe. For example, an eyewitness misidentifies you – and now you’re the target of a criminal investigation. When there are factors like poor lighting, stress, or cross-racial issues – that can get in the way. Our NYC criminal lawyers know how to cross-examine witnesses, and challenge procedures.

Self-Defense is another major issue sometimes when people are accused of assault, or homicide. If you were simply defending yourself, or others, from harm, then this is self-defense. This is an affirmative defense in NY, meaning if we can prove you reasonably believed that force was necessary to avoid injury or death, is it significantly harder to convict you. The key elements of a self-defense strategy is establishing that you feared imminent harm, you didn’t use more force than needed, and you weren’t the first to strike or the aggressor.

Insanity defense is a potentially valid defense which argues that you shouldn’t be held responsible due to a mental issue. This is extremely difficult to prove in NY, but in some situations its the only option. To move forward with the insanity plea defense, we have to prove that at the time of the crime – you were unable to know, or understand, the nature of your conduct and the consequences.

Entrapment is another potential defense. If you can prove you were induced, or persuaded, to commit a crime you wouldn’t otherwise commit – you may have been entrapped. This is a very real potential defense in New York. In order to prove this, you have to establish the idea for committing the crime came from law enforcement individuals, and that before this happened you weren’t going to commit the crime. This often comes up in sting operations, where the government is targeting legal issues like drug sales, prostitution, and even bribery.

Illegal Search and Seizure comes under the 4th amendment – a very serious amendment. This protects against unreasonable searches and seizures by the federal government. If law enforcement agents violated your rights, any evidence obtained is inadmissible. Some examples of illegal searches are: searching your home, without a warrant, stopping and frisking without reasonable suspicion.

Coerced Confessions are the prosecution’s most powerful evidence. If a confession was unlawfully attained through either threats, force, or other tactics, it can be inadmissible in court. Our goal is to make them inadmissible in court, and weaken the prosecutors case. Factors which can lead to a coerced confession, include, but aren’t limited to: length interrogations without food/water breaks, lies about the strength of the evidence, or promises of leniency or threats of harsh treatments and punishments.

Statute of limitations are a legal amount of time for prosecuting crimes. If prosecutors fail to file charges before the deadline – then the case can get thrown out. The limitations vary based on the crime, for example misdemeanors: 2 years, felonies 5-6 years. For crimes that involve fraud, or misconduct, or crimes against the government, the statute of limitations can be extended.

Lack of intent is an important defense. For many crimes, the prosecution has to show that you acted knowingly and knew what you were doing. If we can show that you lacked criminal intent, it can remove liability. For example, if you took property but believed you had a right to do so, or possessed drugs but didn’t know they were illegal, these are examples of lack of intent.

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