Liquor License Violations Lawyers

Liquor License Violations Lawyers

A liquor license is one of the most critical parts for anyone who has restaurants, bar or any other company in the hospitality industry. A highly experienced liquor license violations lawyer is what you need to help you get a liquor license as fast and efficient as possible. However, if you are found to have violated the terms of your license, then you may require the legal representation of an attorney. A liquor license violation if not handled well can lead to severe sanctions such as liquor license being revoked, license suspension and business closure. Such violations, to some extent, may also result in criminal charges. The violations may be investigated by local law enforcement and the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division.

Legal issues associated with Liquor License Violations

Several violations can make your liquor license revoked. They include:

• Illegal license transfer
• Violations of the terms shown on the license
• Operating during illegal hours
• Advertising violations
• Inventory violations
• The Selling alcohol to already intoxicated persons
• Selling alcohol to anyone who is 21 years and below
• Poor record keeping and failure of providing annual reports
• Allowing anyone with a fake ID to buy alcohol from your business
• Allowing the employees who are underage to handle liquor
• Allowing anyone to carry out illegal gambling in a licensed premises

Notice of Pleading

If accused of violating any the above, the state Liquor authority in most cases will pledge disciplinary proceedings against you. If it gets to this point, then SLA will issue a Notice of Pleading which outlines what you have been charged in a court. You have three options:

1. Enter a plea of no contest: You admit you are guilty of the charges and accept the violation. By this, you can mitigate the circumstance that can minimize the possible penalty.

2. Enter a conditional plea: Allows you to request for a reduced penalty. In case your request is denied, then your plea is vacated.

3. Enter a plea of not guilty: In this request, your matter will be heard in a court where the prosecutor will be required to present evidence and call a witness if any. If you are found guilty, then the following are the possible penalties:

• Cancellation: A two-year ban on reapplying for a new license followed by termination of the present liquor license.
• Suspension: You can be prohibited from selling alcoholic drinks for a given period.
• Cancellation: Your license will get termination with no assurance that you can get another license in the two years.
• Bond claim: This is a claim against your surety bond.
• Civil penalty: This is a monetary fine
• Prescription: Prohibits anyone from issuing of licensing anyone who wants to start a liquor business at the premises for two years.
• Summary suspension: The state agency allows suspension of the license if the agency finds that public health safety is at risk requires an emergency action is needed.

An experienced Liquor License Violations Lawyer can also help in:

• Counseling you on issues related to liquor
• In filing paperwork and applications
• Filling of applications with the relevant organizations
• Representing an offender in hearings and litigation

Liquor License Violations Lawyers

Hiring an experienced violation lawyer can be essential to avoid a loss of license If your business has been cited to have committed a liquid license violation. The attorney can help you in drafting a defense on your behalf through doing an investigation on the abuses and putting together a valid argument in a court of law on your behalf. In case you license has either been revoked or suspended due to liquor license violation, you can contact Spodec law Group. These attorneys have the experience and skills to ensure that you have a fair trial.

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