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Liquor License Violations Lawyers

By Spodek Law Group | October 12, 2017
(Last Updated On: December 16, 2023)

Last Updated on: 16th December 2023, 12:51 am

New York Liquor License Violations Lawyers – Your Guide to Understanding the Law

Operating a bar or restaurant in New York comes with a unique set of challenges. One of the most important things to get right is your liquor license. The New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) oversees all liquor licenses in the state, and they take violations very seriously. If your business runs afoul of liquor laws, it can lead to huge fines, suspension of your license, or even permanent revocation.That’s why it’s so important to understand New York’s liquor laws and work with experienced lawyers if you ever face violations. This guide will provide an overview of common violations, penalties, defenses, and how lawyers can help protect your business. We’ll also share tips to avoid violations in the first place.

Common Violations

There are many ways businesses can violate New York liquor laws. Some of the most common include:

  • Selling to minors – It’s illegal to sell or give alcohol to anyone under 21. Businesses can face penalties even if an underage person uses a convincing fake ID.
  • Overserving intoxicated patrons – Businesses cannot serve alcohol to visibly intoxicated customers. This includes showing obvious signs of drunkenness like slurred speech or inability to stand.
  • Noise complaints – Bars and restaurants must control noise levels to avoid disturbing neighbors. This includes loud music, rowdy patrons, and noise late at night.
  • Operating without a valid license – All businesses selling alcohol need a valid liquor license from the SLA. This includes bars, restaurants, nightclubs, catering companies, distributors and more. Operating without one can lead to serious penalties.
  • License violations – Even valid license holders need to follow all rules laid out by the SLA. This includes restrictions on hours of operation, conduct, record keeping and more. Breaking any of these rules is a violation.
  • Disorderly premises – Businesses can be penalized if they allow disorderly conduct like fights, drug use, prostitution or illegal gambling. Owners are expected to be diligent and maintain order.
  • Tax violations – Businesses must collect and remit all required liquor taxes. Avoiding taxes by hiding sales is illegal.

This covers some of the most common liquor license violations, but there are many more detailed laws to follow. It’s critical for owners to understand them all.

Penalties for Violations

The SLA does not take violations lightly. Depending on the circumstances, they can impose minor sanctions or even permanent revocation of a liquor license. Common penalties include:

  • Fines – Most violations involve fines, usually starting around $3,000-$5,000 for a single infraction. Fines can exceed $10,000 for more serious or repeat violations.
  • Short-term suspensions – The SLA may suspend liquor licenses for a period like 30, 60 or 90 days. This forces the business to stop serving alcohol during the suspension.
  • Long-term revocation – Serious or repeat issues can cause the SLA to completely revoke a liquor license. This forces the business to stop serving alcohol entirely until they can re-apply and get a new license.
  • Bond forfeiture – Liquor license applicants must post a bond, which can be forfeited if violations occur. This serves as an additional financial penalty.
  • Reputational damage – Liquor violations often make the news, especially for popular establishments. This bad publicity and reputation hit can do its own damage to the business.

Fighting these penalties requires experienced lawyers, so compliance is critical. But if you do face violations, legal help can be invaluable.

Defenses and Mitigating Factors

When faced with liquor violations, there are often defenses business owners can raise to fight the penalties:

  • Lack of knowledge – You may not be liable if violations occurred without your knowledge. This is common with underage drinking or intoxicated patrons that were served by staff without the owner’s awareness.
  • Staff responsible – Pinning violations on rogue employees or managers who disobeyed policies can shift responsibility away from owners. Proper staff training is key.
  • Isolated incident – First-time or rare issues may warrant only a warning instead of major penalties like revocation. But the business must show diligence to avoid future problems.
  • Improved compliance – Demonstrating that you’ve taken steps to improve staff training, security, record keeping and other compliance since the violation can help reduce penalties.
  • Community reputation – Longstanding businesses with lots of community support may receive some leniency from the SLA. Customer advocacy can help.
  • Financial hardship – The SLA may reduce fines or suspensions if you can demonstrate the business would fail and cause undue community harm.

A knowledgeable lawyer can advise on the best defense strategies for your specific situation. Don‘t go it alone against the SLA.

Working with Lawyers

With so much at stake, it’s highly advisable to work with experienced New York liquor license lawyers for guidance, representation and defense. Here are some key benefits:

  • Avoiding violations – Lawyers can provide proactive guidance on staying compliant with all liquor laws and SLA rules. Ounce of prevention vs. pound of cure.
  • License applications – Lawyers can handle liquor license applications and renewals to avoid common mistakes. Their expertise improves approval odds.
  • Violation defense – If you do face violations, lawyers negotiate with the SLA and represent you at hearings to minimize penalties. Their relationships and expertise are invaluable.
  • Appeals – If the SLA hands down an unfair or disproportionate penalty, lawyers can appeal the decision and fight for a better outcome.
  • Reinstatement – After suspensions or revocations, lawyers can represent businesses during the reapplication process to secure a new license.

Some lawyers specialize specifically in New York liquor law. Their focused expertise gives them an advantage over general attorneys. They understand every nuance of this complex regulatory environment.Don’t wait until you’re facing violations to build a relationship with a liquor license lawyer. Establish that connection upfront for preventative advice. But if you do end up in trouble, contact them immediately so they can start your defense.

Tips to Avoid Violations

The best way to handle liquor laws is to avoid violations altogether. Here are some tips to stay compliant:

  • Know the laws – Read up on all NY liquor rules so you understand what’s allowed. The SLA website provides a lot of resources.
  • Train staff – Educate staff on legal requirements like checking IDs, recognizing intoxication, noise limits and hours of operation. Leave no room for excuses.
  • Monitor premises – Actively watch for problems like underage drinking, disorderly patrons, noise, etc. Don’t let things escalate.
  • Ask for ID – Have a strict policy to check IDs of anyone who looks potentially underage. This protects you if a convincing fake ID slips through.
  • Post signs – Display signs making rules clear to patrons, like no under 21 drinking, no disorderly conduct, etc.
  • Report issues – If problems do occur, document incidents and involve authorities when needed. Show you’re being diligent.
  • Keep records – Maintain meticulous records of liquor purchases, sales, taxes, licenses and other compliance records.
  • Renew licenses – Never let liquor licenses lapse. Renew them well in advance so there’s no gap in coverage.
  • Seek legal advice – If in doubt on any issue, consult a liquor license lawyer for guidance on remaining compliant.

New York has strict and complex liquor license rules with serious penalties for violations. Bars and restaurants cannot afford to be ignorant of these laws or lax in compliance. Working proactively with experienced liquor license lawyers is the best way to avoid missteps and defend your business if problems do occur.This guide provided an overview of key laws, common violations, potential penalties and defenses. We also shared tips to maintain compliance. Use these resources to ensure your establishment understands New York liquor regulations and the importance of effective legal counsel. Don’t leave your livelihood to chance. Now you can make informed decisions to properly safeguard your business for the long haul.Here are some useful hyperlinked resources:

Stay vigilant, train staff properly, document diligently, work with lawyers, and follow the tips outlined here. That’s the recipe for successfully navigating New York’s strict liquor landscape. Don’t let violations threaten your business.

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