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HL Liquor License Lawyers

The alcohol beverage industry is one of the most heavily regulated sections of the economy and liquor store owners, hotels and the establishments that sell liquor need the services of a liquor license lawyer. In the modern age when minors look old enough to take alcohol and advancement in the production of fake IDs, it is paramount that you contract the best liquor license lawyers in Long Island, New York.

The Spodek Law Group is a premier law firm service driven for excellent services in Long Island. We take on fewer clients since we ensure that you get the best representation that we can offer from start to finish. With over 50 years of combined experience, we guarantee to give you professional services to deal with your suit against the Alcoholic Beverage Commission. In this guide, we explore the practice areas where liquor licensing lawyers come in handy.

Procurement of a Liquor License

The process of acquiring a liquor license can be a lengthy one, especially for a first-time entrepreneur. Whether you are starting a liquor store, a hotel where you will be serving alcohol, or a brewery, liquor license lawyer can help you out. We work with you every step of the way to navigate the murky waters of liquor licensing process and sometimes on your behalf when you have other things to attend to so that you handle the day to day operations of your business.

There are various laws in the New York such as the 200 feet and the 500 feet rule that will prohibit you from opening a liquor-selling establishment in certain parts of the city. We ensure to advise you accordingly and ensure that you start your business within the confines of the law.

Help in Staying Compliant

Regulations change overnight, and you might think you are compliant only to be served by the ABC. The liquor license lawyers at the Spodek Law Group work near the regulators to help our clients stay informed and compliant with new and existing regulations. It is our joy to see you keep your business open as long as you can without brushing off with the law.

We understand that the legal jargon is confusing to individuals outside the legal profession. We strive to explain and interpret the law for you so that you can make informed decisions before opening your establishment and during its operations.

Mitigating Liquor License Violations

In the process of doing business, you might find yourself in the unfortunate event that you have violated your liquor license. It might be that you have served or sold alcohol to minors, sold liquor past the stipulated time, sold multiple drinks at a fixed price, or you have been nabbed in a sting operation. The liquor license lawyers at the Spodek Law Group have the experience to help you resolve any license suspensions as well as help you avoid future violations that could lead to a revocation of your license.

Defending Your Liquor License

The ABC usually conducts random sting operations, and you could be nabbed in one. They will most likely send an undercover agent seeking to buy a drink, if you sell to them without verifying their age, you could get the license suspended or revoked depending on the number of strikes you have. Other times they will send a minor and should you make the mistake of supplying them with alcohol, you are done for good. We will help you in understanding the sting operation conduct, and if the undercover agent or minor did not follow it to the letter, you might have a chance at defending your liquor license.

At the Spodek Law Group, our liquor license lawyers have a high success rate in defending liquor licenses. Should you get a notice that you have violated the regulations of your liquor license, contact us immediately. We can help you with issues that might bar you from doing business on long island.

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