NYC / New York State Liquor Authority License Violations Lawyers

NYC / New York State Liquor Authority License Violations Lawyers

If an allegation is made stating that a business has violated liquor licensing laws, the consequences can be pretty severe. You can face a number of sanctions and fines. If an allegation is made against a liquor store owner or a manager, regarding violations of any type, legal representation must be retained immediately. The state of New York has specific laws regarding liquor license violations. It is imperative that you understand your rights under the law. Only a highly-skilled licensing attorney can give you the best advice regarding your situation.

There are certain businesses subject to liquor law violations. This can include bars, grocery stores, nightclubs, taverns, restaurants and even liquor wholesalers. Any entity that engages in the sale of liquor could very well fall under these laws. It is also important to know that individuals who work in these stores are also subject to liquor violations. For instance, they could serve alcohol to a minor. Liquor license violations can also include unlicensed businesses, organizations and individuals.

When liquor statutes and regulations have been violated, the State of New York uses a graduated system when imposing sanctions. This basically means, if you are a first-time offender, you will likely receive a lesser sanction than someone who has violated the law multiple times. Individuals should keep in mind that if violations increase over time, the punishment will be far more significant.

Sadly, there are some business owners who never learn their lesson. Businesses that continue to rack up violation charges will be penalized in the worst way possible. The business will first receive a license suspension. The next penalty will be termination of all business operations. Once the license has been suspended, the business owner will have a difficult time securing another license anywhere within the state. The same may be true if they apply for an out of state license.

NYC State Liquor Authority License Violations Lawyers

Fines in regards to liquor law violations can also be hefty. Like the liquor licensing violation sanctions, the fines are also on a graduated basis. Fines are almost always assessed. The more violations you rack up, the higher the fines. If your establishment is in violation of liquor licensing laws, you should find a lawyer who specializes in liquor laws. The will be of great help in devising a defense strategy.

The bottom line is that liquor law violations can be a very complex matter. If you have been accused of violations of any type, you should seek out an experienced attorney. It is not advisable to attempt your own defense. Only a skilled and tenacious lawyer can successfully defend you. Most license violation attorneys have years of experience under their belts. They know every liquor code by the back of their hand.

A liquor authority violations lawyer will have you come in for a free consultation. You will receive a case evaluation and a discussion regarding your defense. In most cases, liquor law violations never see the inside of a courtroom. The issue is often settled via an agreement between the state liquor authority and the violating entity. Both parties typically agree this is the best route.

If you or someone in your business is charged with a liquor law violation, you may be in a world of trouble. Only a skilled attorney can provide you with the assistance you need. Most liquor law violations are as complex as they are serious. Liquor violation lawyers know the ins and outs of the regulations. There are a number of New York area lawyers who may be able to help you. They can help you achieve the fair resolution you desire.

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