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How a Drug Enforcement Administration Attorney Can Help in DEA Investigations

The Drug Enforcement Administration is perhaps the biggest law enforcement agency on the planet today. The mission of this federal agency is to stop use and smuggling of drugs in the United States. The DEA investigators have the capacity to operate beyond the borders of the country. If you are being investigated by the DEA, it is possible that you are facing extremely severe consequences requiring the help of a DEA defense lawyer. In fact, the consequences may be even harsher than the drug arrests performed by state authorities because it is likely that you are tackling a criminal charge.

DEA Defense Lawyers Representation

DEA defense lawyers will represent their clients who face investigations and audits conducted by the Drug Enforcement Administration or US DEA. They will also represent their clients in subsequent court proceedings of crimes, such as drug diversion, possession, sale, manufacturing, and trafficking.

Is the DEA After You?

Let us take a closer look at the DEA. The US Drug Enforcement Administration was established in the year 1973 during the time of President Nixon. It was at this period where drug-related crimes and use were rising at an alarming rate. The DEA is a division of the Department of Justice and is given the task to enforce laws on controlled substances or illegal drugs by means of apprehending offenders. They are prosecuted either for civil or criminal crimes. When you’re accused, you want a competent DEA defense attorney on your side.

The DEA has many responsibilities. Aside from bringing the drug offenders to justice as well as the members of drug gangs, this government agency also has the following tasks:

  • To create and manage a drug program that comes with the support of the state and both foreign and local officials
  • To enforce laws that involve anti-drug use, including the federal Controlled Substances Act of 1970, the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005, and international treaties
  • To generate programs that will reduce the existence of illegal drugs in the United States
  • To work with the United Nations as well as other international organizations, foreign countries, and Interpol to implement international programs for controlling drugs
  • To come up with educational programs that will help prevent drug abuse in the United States based on the Demand Reduction Program
  • To keep a list of the Most Wanted Fugitives of international drug offenders
  • To provide assistance to witnesses and victims of drug crimes with the help of the Victim-Witness Assistance Program (VWAP)

The DEA also monitors the creation and the sale of pharmaceuticals to make sure that the drugs are not used for illegal purposes.

DEA Defense Lawyers – Seeking Help

Seeking Help from a DEA Lawyer

If you have found yourself being investigated by the DEA or you are already facing drug charges filed by this government agency, it is significant that you ask for the help of a skilled DEA defense lawyer. He or she will assist you, so that you will know what to do.

The Drug Enforcement Administration attorney knows the challenges behind your case and therefore he or she is aware of the processes involved in the investigation. The DEA defense attorney will help you find favorable evidence, so that you can protect yourself.

Contacting a DEA Defense Lawyer

Contacting a DEA defense lawyer right away is important as they can help you in your case. Most of the time, healthcare providers are the ones who face DEA investigations and audits as well as administrative actions from the government agency. From pharmacists to physicians to nurses, a DEA defense lawyer can provide protection for these groups of professionals in the event that the DEA investigates, inspects, or performs a site visit.

Legal representation during the early stages of DEA investigations and audits is crucial to winning the case. Many case targets of the officials of the DEA only find out they are being investigated until they have been arrested. However, you have a chance to learn about the investigation before the agency files charges against you. Here are some important things to bear in mind:

  • You may receive a warrant or in some cases an administrative subpoena or a notice of inspection.
  • Whatever it is that you have received from the agency, do not talk about your situation with anyone. Be cautious as to whom you speak to, including the investigators from the agency.
  • Talk to a Drug Enforcement Administration attorney first before you make any statements with the investigators. Know that this is your right, so they cannot compel you to talk to them about the case.

Hire a DEA Defense Lawyer

Whether you are a healthcare provider or the DEA is simply after you because of a drug case, a Drug Enforcement Administration attorney will help defend you in response to various orders from the government agency, such as:

  • Orders to Show Cause
  • Suspension Orders
  • Memorandums of Agreement
  • Number Revocations
  • Administrative Hearings

When you hire a DEA defense lawyer, he or she may also be able to represent you in cases referred by the Department of Justice division to the US Attorney’s office in the event of criminal prosecution.

Talk to an DEA Defense Attorney as Soon as Possible

If the DEA notifies you that you are currently under investigation, one of the first things that you should do is to not take any action unless you already have a DEA defense attorney. You may be able to request for a copy of any paperwork offered to you by the regulatory officials; however, it is wise not to sign anything unless an experienced DEA defense attorney gives you the go signal.

Your Drug Enforcement Administration attorney should be able to work with you to address audits of the DEA, while assisting you in making sure that you comply with the DEA requirements. For instance, if the DEA discovered that medical practices have issues in ordering medication procedures, the DEA defense attorney can assist you in addressing the DEA compliance issues. He or she may also help you respond to audit requests of the DEA, so that you can demonstrate compliance with their regulations.

Timely help of the DEA defense attorneys can provide your case with a huge difference. Plus, the help of the legal representative will allow you to prevent audits from turning into a criminal prosecution. If necessary, the DEA defense lawyer can help lead you through court proceedings and may be able to assist you in reaching a pleasing settlement in your court case.

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