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New York Family Law Attorneys

The Spodek Law Group is one of the top rated federal law firms. We understand when you're facing legal issues, you need a law firm you can count on.

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New York Family Law Attorneys

If you’re facing a divorce in NYC, it is incredibly stressful. Any divorce or family law issue can rattle you, and it’s something you shouldn’t handle on your own. Having an NYC criminal lawyer on your side can be extremely helpful. This is where our NYC family law attorneys can help!

At the Spodek Law Group, we understand HOW IMPORTANT it is to have an attorney who is on your side, and understands your situation. Our goal is to provide excellent family law representation to our clients. When you work with our attorneys, we take control of the situation and give you confidence that you’ll get the best possible outcome. As your dedicated NYC family law attorneys, the Spodek Law Group is here to share our experience, our time, and our dedication, to providing you with representation.

Our family law attorneys can handle a wide array of family law issues, such as:

  • Divorce
  • Legal separation
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Spousal support
  • Property division
  • Orders of Protection
  • and more

We provide skillful and effective family law representation

As a boutique NYC law firm, we focus on providing high quality legal representation and serve clients in the NYC area, and other nearby counties such as Nassau and Suffolk. We’re recognized as one of the top divorce law firms in New York, and take a collaborative approach to divorce and family law issues. We handle a wide array of issues, such as: litigation, mediation, prenup and postnup agreements, child custody/support, spousal support, property division, and more.

Our goal is to offer compassionate and comprehensive family law counsel

Our attorneys have experience handling some of the toughest cases. We don’t focus on billable hours – we focus on giving our clients the best outcomes possible. Whether it’s a child custody or divorce case, we are here to help you.

FAQs about Family Law

I’m getting divorced. Do I need to hire an attorney?

Its a good idea to speak to an attorney when major life events happen, like a divorce. Your family law attorney will help you, and protect your rights, as well the rights of your children in the event of a divorce. The job of an effective NYC family law attorney is to remain up to date with laws in your state regarding issues like marriage, divorce, property rights, child custody, and more – and then advice you of it and create a strategy to navigate these troublesome issues.

What are the grounds for getting a divorce?

The grounds for divorce can depend on your state. Each state has laws, such as no-fault or fault. No-fault divorces are available in some way, in all 50 states. Many states also have fault-based grounds. No-fault divorce is one in which neither the husband, nor the wife, are blaming the other for the divorce. Common reasons for no-fault divorce is irreconcilable differences. Another common reason for no-fault divorce is the parties have lived separately and have the intent of being separated permanently. The list of grounds for fault based divorce can include issues such as: adultery, physical cruelty, and more.

Who determines how assets are divided in a divorce?

Generally, the spouses can divide up their property as they see fit. This is part of the marital settlement agreement. This is a contract between the husband and wife which divides property, and debts, and resolves all other issues in the divorce. Many divorces can be resolved, if both parties want to amicably resolve the situation. But in some situations, it’s not easy and the assets are unable to be amicably divided. In this situation, hiring an NYC family law attorney can help you negotiate this with your spouse. In some cases, the court might get involved in order to make the determination. Laws vary from state to state. In some states there are laws that allow both parties to keep their separate property.

When looking at dividing marital property, the laws vary. Some states are community property states. Some states, like California, believe that marital property has to be divided equally unless there was a premarital agreement. Most states have the concept of equitable distribution, which means the court divides the property as it deems fair. The division could be 50/50, or some other ratio. The court will look at a variety of factors, like the amount of nonmarital property each of the spouses have, each spouse’s earning potential, and other things.

How will the court look at custody issues?

If parents of the child can’t agree on who gets custody of the child, the court decides custody based on the best interest of the child. Determining the child’s best interests is a multivariable issue. The court will look at MANY factors. In many instances the court will decide on joint custody. Joint custody has 2 components to it: joint legal custody and joint physical custody. Joint custody orders can have or both components in it.

Joint legal custody means both parents decide together on the big decisions that impact the child. This can mean school, health care, and more. Joint physical custody refers to time spent with each client. The amount of time is flexible, and can vary for each parent.

New York Family Law Attorneys

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