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Nassau County Annulment Lawyers

Annulment is rarely a simple process for anyone living in Nassau County. The process is difficult because unlike divorce, it’s not the simple end of a marriage. It’s the erasing of a marriage from your life. You aren’t going to live the rest of your life as a divorcee or get married to a second spouse later in life if you annul your marriage. It’s legally removed from your life history and considered null and void. You were never married, you are not a divorcee, and you cannot keep the name you took when you married your spouse.

Understanding Annulment Eligibility

It sounds like erasing a bad marriage is a better deal than divorce, but it’s not an option for all couples who reside in New York. Annulment is only available to couples who meet certain criteria in their marriage, and it’s typically fraud-related issues that allow couples to annul a marriage. If you’re not sure annulment is for you, call an attorney to discuss the situation.

Criteria for Annulment

Anyone who meets the state requirements for annulment is free to take this stance when it comes to their marriage in Nassau County. The state does not specify any laws regarding how long you must be married to get an annulment. You could be married 10 days or 60 years and annul your marriage if you meet the requirements.

  • Incest
  • Bigamy
  • Mental incapacity
  • Duress
  • Fraud
  • Underrate marriage

These are the most common grounds for annulment in New York. Some are self-explanatory. If your spouse is really a close relative, you are involved in an illegal incestuous relationship and the state will terminate and erase this marriage from your life. If you are married to someone only to find out he or she is already married to someone else, it’s bigamy. If you were forced into marriage or you or your spouse were not of age when the marriage occurred, you can annul your marriage.

Mental incapacity and fraud are some of the most common causes of annulment. If you were drinking, under the influence of drugs, or suffering from a health problem that caused you to lose your mental ability to make a wise decision, you can annul your marriage. This is the most common reason marriages that occur in Las Vegas end.

Statute of Limitations for Annulment

You can annul a marriage at any point during the marriage no matter how long you’ve been married, but you cannot file for an annulment more than three years after you discover the grounds for annulment. For example, if you find out your spouse lied to get you to marry him by telling you he wanted kids even though he’s sterile in 2005 but want to get an annulment in 2018, it’s too late. You needed to file prior to 2008. Failing to adhere to this timeline makes it impossible to annul a marriage.

Legal Assistance is Essential

Annulment is difficult, time-consuming, and it can become a legal nightmare if you’re not familiar with the terms of annulment. An attorney is here to help you with this process, keep it legal, and help you file for what you want. Annulment is only permitted in the most extreme cases of marriage failure, which means it’s not the time to decide you can handle it on your own without legal representation.

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