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NY Drug Diversion Attorneys

By Spodek Law Group | August 9, 2015
(Last Updated On: October 19, 2023)

Last Updated on: 19th October 2023, 01:37 pm

NY Drug Diversion Attorneys: Helping Clients Avoid Criminal Charges

Getting arrested for drug-related offenses like possession, sale, or trafficking can lead to serious criminal penalties in New York. But for some first-time offenders struggling with addiction, there may be alternatives to jail time. Drug diversion programs offer a chance to get treatment and avoid a permanent criminal record.

If you or a loved one is facing drug charges, consulting with an experienced NY drug diversion attorney can help you understand your options and legal rights. This article provides an overview of drug diversion in NY and how a knowledgeable lawyer can guide you through the process.

What is Drug Diversion in New York?

New York’s Judicial Diversion Program (JDP) allows eligible defendants to enter substance abuse treatment instead of being sentenced for certain drug felonies. Defendants who successfully complete treatment can then withdraw their guilty plea and may have charges dismissed or reduced.

The goal of diversion is rehabilitation rather than punishment. It gives a second chance to those whose crimes were driven by addiction. Treatment addresses the root cause of their behavior in a more constructive way.

Diversion is typically available for first-time Class B, C, D and E drug felonies. Defendants with prior violent or Class A felony convictions are ineligible.

How Does the Diversion Process Work?

There are several steps involved in applying for and completing the JDP:

  • Request diversion – The defendant can request diversion any time between arraignment and trial. The judge will order an evaluation to assess addiction history and treatment needs.
  • Substance abuse evaluation – A qualified professional performs clinical interviews and testing. They provide a written report with a treatment recommendation to the court.
  • Diversion hearing – The judge reviews the evaluation results. Either party can request a hearing with testimony to help determine if diversion is appropriate.
  • Treatment – If approved for diversion, the defendant must plead guilty and comply with all treatment requirements. This may involve inpatient or outpatient rehab.
  • Program completion – Once treatment is successfully finished, the plea can be withdrawn. Charges may be dismissed or reduced as outlined in the initial plea agreement.

At any point, failure to appear in court or attend treatment can violate the diversion agreement. This could then lead to sentencing on the original charges.

Benefits of Completing Diversion

The potential rewards of successfully finishing diversion make it an appealing option for many defendants. Benefits include:

  • Avoiding jail time – Completing treatment prevents incarceration on drug charges. This maintains freedom and allows defendants to keep working.
  • Record clearing – Following diversion, criminal records can be sealed under NY Penal Law §160.58. This helps avoid stigma and clears the way for education, jobs, housing, etc.
  • Charges dropped – In many cases, plea agreements allow charges to be reduced or dismissed entirely upon program completion.
  • Getting clean – Most importantly, diversion provides a chance to overcome addiction through evidence-based treatment. This can lead to long-term recovery.

Risks and Drawbacks of Diversion

Despite the many potential upsides, diversion is not ideal for every defendant. Key downsides include:

  • Pleading guilty – Diversion typically requires admitting guilt upfront before charges are dropped. This admission could be used against defendants if they fail to complete the program.
  • Strict requirements – Treatment programs demand a major time commitment. For some, meeting all probation terms and rehab schedules may be difficult with jobs or other obligations.
  • Program failure – Those who drop out of diversion become subject to criminal sentencing, often more severely than if they had not tried diversion in the first place.
  • Trial rights waived – Pleading guilty forfeits certain trial and appeal rights. Some defendants with strong cases may be better off fighting charges at trial.

Carefully weighing the pros and cons with an attorney’s advice can help determine if diversion is the right move. The decision depends heavily on the individual circumstances of each case.

Why Hire a NY Drug Diversion Lawyer?

Going through diversion without legal guidance is risky. An experienced NY drug diversion attorney can provide critical assistance:

  • Navigating the process – They will walk you through every step, explaining the legal issues and proceedings. This makes the system less intimidating.
  • Negotiating favorable terms – Lawyers work to negotiate plea deals with the best possible outcome upon completion. This provides added incentive to stick with treatment.
  • Avoiding pitfalls – Attorneys help you avoid missteps that could jeopardize your diversion eligibility and treatment success. Their counsel maximizes your chances.
  • Alternative options – If diversion does not seem viable or beneficial, lawyers can develop alternative defense strategies. This could mean negotiating reduced charges or taking the case trial.
  • Ongoing support – Your attorney will remain available throughout diversion to address any concerns and make sure your rights are protected.

Having a knowledgeable legal advocate on your side can make all the difference in getting your diversion approved and completed. Their expertise guides you towards the most favorable resolution.

Diversion Eligibility and Process Details

While the above overview covers the basics, fully understanding diversion in NY requires examining some finer points. Here are more details on eligibility, evaluations, plea agreements and other key aspects.

Eligibility and Disqualifiers

Specific criteria determine whether a defendant is eligible for diversion in New York:

  • Qualifying charges – Diversion is limited to Class B through E drug felonies like criminal possession or sale of a controlled substance. Misdemeanors and non-drug charges do not qualify.
  • No prior convictions – Defendants with past violent or Class A felony convictions are disqualified. Some exceptions may apply.
  • Residency – The offense must have occurred in New York. Out-of-state residents may be ineligible.
  • No previous diversion – Defendants cannot have completed diversion before on another case. One bite at the apple per customer.
  • Age – Minors prosecuted in adult court may be barred in some counties. Minimum ages range from 16-19.
  • Judge approval – Meeting requirements does not guarantee diversion. The judge ultimately decides based on circumstances.

Defense attorneys can sometimes negotiate exceptions if a factor potentially disqualifying a client for diversion.

Clinical Evaluations and Reports

A licensed alcohol and substance abuse counselor (LASAC) performs the clinical evaluation and writes the diagnostic report for the court. The report details:

  • Defendant’s history of substance abuse/dependency
  • Any co-occurring mental health disorders
  • How abuse/dependency relates to the criminal behavior
  • Whether treatment could effectively address the dependency
  • Specific treatment recommendations

The report aims to provide an evidence-based assessment of the defendant’s prognosis and needs. However, counselors do not decide diversion eligibility. That is up to the judge.

Diversion Hearings and Victim Statements

If requested, the court may hold a diversion hearing before approving participation. The rules of evidence do not apply. Either party can call witnesses and present arguments for or against diversion.

Crime victims can submit written statements or testify about how the offense impacted them. Their perspective may influence the judge’s diversion decision. However, victims cannot veto or insist on diversion.

Plea Agreements and Court Supervision

Entry into the diversion program requires pleading guilty. However, the plea agreement can allow the guilty plea to be withdrawn if diversion is completed.

The agreement stipulates the charges the defendant will plead to, the sentence if diversion fails, and the disposition after successful completion. Typical dispositions include:

  • Dismissal of charges
  • Reduction to a misdemeanor
  • Non-criminal violation plea
  • Conditional discharge

The agreement also specifies the terms of interim supervision. This may entail probation, treatment compliance, drug testing, etc. Violating release conditions can lead to termination from diversion.

Treatment and Supervision

Accepted diversion participants must comply with all treatment mandates and court supervision terms. These often include:

  • Completing rehab (outpatient or inpatient)
  • Avoiding drug/alcohol use
  • Taking prescribed medications
  • Reporting for drug testing
  • Making all court appearances
  • Paying restitution
  • Avoiding re-arrest

Treatment lasts around 12-24 months but depends on the individual’s needs. Ongoing judicial monitoring helps reinforce compliance.

Finding the Right NY Diversion Lawyer

If you or someone you know faces drug charges in New York, consulting with an attorney is strongly advised before pursuing diversion.

But not just any lawyer will do. Finding one with specific experience in NY drug diversion maximizes your chances of success. Seek out an attorney with:

  • A proven track record of favorable diversion outcomes
  • Extensive knowledge of NY drug laws and diversion protocols
  • Relationships with prosecutors and treatment providers
  • Skill in negotiating plea deals and treatment plans
  • Resources to take your case to trial if diversion fails

Don’t leave your future to chance. An experienced NY drug diversion lawyer can make all the difference in avoiding conviction and getting your life back on track. Take the first step today.


For eligible defendants in New York, drug diversion offers a lifeline to avoid incarceration and criminal records. But the process has strict requirements and risks if violated. Working with a knowledgeable attorney provides critical guidance. Their expertise can help you successfully complete diversion, dismiss charges, and overcome addiction for good.

Discover How New York Drug Diversion Attorneys Can Protect Physicians Accused of Illegitimate Prescription Practices

Amidst the complicated realm of drug-related legal matters, the Spodek Law Group shines as a beacon of experienced defense for physicians confronted with severe drug diversion accusations on both local and federal levels.

Drug diversion involves the illegitimate dispersal or misuse of prescription drugs and is viewed as a profound issue within the medical arena. Physicians can quickly become criminalized in this vast system, with innocent intentions rapidly devolving into being labeled outright as a “drug dealer.”

Unraveling the Confusing Web of Drug Diversion

Two central scenarios present themselves with physicians caught in the drug-diversion crossfire. The first emerges when a physician intentionally dispenses or prescribes particular drugs for illegal reasons. The second, significantly more nuanced circumstance, arises when physicians unknowingly prescribe medication to patients with drug-seeking patterns. This latter situation frequently materializes in fields like pain management practices, where the line distinguishing legitimate needs from disguised drug-abuse issues becomes obscured.

Exposing the Most Common Types of Drug Diversion Committed by Physicians

One of the most appalling instances of drug diversion includes physicians and healthcare professionals stealing and selling prescription drugs. In addition to criminal prosecution, offenders face a multitude of distressing consequences such as the loss of their medical licenses and financial penalties.

Another concerning development involves pill mills, in which doctors prescribe unnecessarily large volumes of drugs, potentially feeding the cycle of addiction. Federal agencies like the DEA have increasingly targeted physicians for overprescribing controlled substances, leading many well-intended doctors down a path to unexpected legal turmoil.

How Drug Diversion Traps Physicians into Medicaid/Medicare Fraud By Uncovering Potentially False Claims

Physicians engaging in drug diversion and illicit prescribing practices may be submitting fraudulent statements and false claims to crucial government programs, including Medicaid and Medicare. With the potential for criminal charges and permanent exclusion looming, physicians have every reason to proceed with caution and enlist expert legal assistance to navigate these perils.

How to Tackle the Challenges of Drug Diversion Investigations

Experienced attorneys, such as those at the Spodek Law Group, understand how to advocate for healthcare practitioners nationwide on drug diversion and similar matters. When facing possible drug diversion accusations, physicians must never forget the importance of legal consultation before engaging with any investigating agency or offering requested documentation.

Defending Your Rights Against DEA Diversion Investigations

The DEA Office of Diversion Control operates to investigate, prevent, and prosecute the dangerous diversion of controlled substances by healthcare providers. Those in peril frequently include not only physicians who sell prescriptions but also pharmacists who manipulate records to sell drugs, those who steal from inventories to enable illegal sales, and drug abusers who forge prescriptions.

Given the substantial measures currently in place to monitor controlled substances’ importation, production, and distribution, practitioners must remain vigilant while steering through this precarious situation.

How the DEA Engages in Investigating and Enforcing Compliance with Strict Controlled Substance Laws

Pharmaceuticals, including narcotics, depressants, and stimulants, are commonly abused and used for illegitimate purposes. Consequently, strict regulations and controls are enforced by the government to manage both legitimate and illicit activities connected to these substances.

The DEA often collaborates with state professional licensing boards and local law enforcement, engaging in both administrative and criminal proceedings to crack down on illegal activities tied to controlled substances. With the livelihoods and reputations of healthcare providers at stake, the need for qualified legal support is greater than ever.

Are You Facing Criminal Charges for Drug Diversion in New York?

At New York’s Spodek Law Group, the defense attorneys understand the gravity and potential consequences of charges involving the Criminal Diversion of Prescription Medications and Prescriptions. They recognize that accused individuals may face severe penalties, ranging from one-year imprisonment for lesser offenses to up to 15 years in prison in the most extreme cases.

Their mission is to employ their wealth of experience and knowledge, working tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients. If you have been charged with criminal diversion of prescriptions and/or related issues in New York, secure your future by seeking help from a skilled criminal defense attorney.

If you are a NY physician facing drug diversion issues, call us today to discuss your case with an experienced drug diversion defense attorney at Spodek Law Group!

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