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NYC St. John’s University Title IX Investigations Lawyers

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NYC St. John’s University Title IX Investigations Lawyers

St. John’s University is a well known, and well respected university. With campuses throughout NYC, it has a large student body, and a reputation for strong academics. Students come to it from all over the world. Like all universities, it has rules and regulations designed to protect the student body. Any criminal wrongdoing that occurs on its campus is subject to the NYPD, and will be prosecuted by the local DA’s office. When an investigation occurs, there’s an arrest, followed by a D.A.T. and an indictment or trial.  Regardless of the fact the crime happened on campus, it is thoroughly prosecuted. Separate from this, St. Johns’ has it’s own public safety officers, who are available in the event of an emergency. When an officer responds, he or she will address the campus regulations which are violated, or address the criminal conduct that has occurred. Once the complaint is drafted, it’s provided to the Dean of Students, for some form of investigation. All of this occurs typically, without the involvement of the NYPD.

Depending on the type of violation on campus, you may be subject to a disciplinary investigation. If you are the subject of a Title IX investigation, then you need to speak to our nyc criminal attorneys today. Regardless of where the crime occurs, you need legal representation. Regardless of whether a student got into a physical fight, or hacked into another student’s email – a crime is a crime. Selling marijuana, or molly, or heroin, are examples of crimes which will result in felony criminal accusations – in addition to being kicked out of college. If you are accused of such crimes, it’s crucial you speak to a New York criminal defense attorney. Anything you say can and will be used against you by the administration.

St. Johns Title IX Investigations Lawyers

If an action doesn’t rise to the level of criminal offense, it can still violate school policy. In some cases, crimes can be criminal offenses and also violate school policy. For example, stalking, or stealing money, are examples of crimes which violate school policy. In all of these cases, you need to speak to a St. Johns Title IX investigations lawyer who can help you investigate possible defenses. Our goal is to ensure these alleged actions DON’T impact your education, and possibly your future.  Title IX is different from criminal law. School Title IX proceedings have their own definitions and procedures. The investigations are done separately from criminal investigations. The DA’s investigation will not wait for the Title IX St. John’s investigation, so it’s important you take both seriously. Even if you are unscathed by the criminal case, the St. John’s Title IX investigation can go forward, and result in your expulsion. That’s why you should call us today, and get a risk free consultation.

NYC St. John’s University Title IX Investigations Lawyers

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