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Spodek Law Group, is a prostitution criminal defense law firm, based out of NYC and Long Island. We can help both clients accused of soliciting, or engaging in, prostitution Рfight back against wrongful criminal charges. New York prostitution laws are aimed at several offenses that stem of the illegal act of participating, or agreeing to participate, in sexual conduct in exchange for money. It is a Class B misdemeanor. New York also criminalizes other offenses related to prostitution, such as promoting prostitution, compelling prostitution and sex trafficking.

Penal Code 230.00

Prostitution is a common crime, with over 70% of women in female prisons beginning with prostitution. New York prostitution laws classify crimes of prostitution based on how severe the crime is. Most prostitution laws are lenient. Prostitutes who go through the legal system, can be found guilty and if convicted – may serve up to 3 months in jail, and pay fines. If you’re facing prostitution charges, you need an experienced NYC prostitution defense lawyer on your side. Our attorneys can argue that the arrest was the result of entrapment, invasion of privacy, or some other illegal discriminatory investigative tactic.

Penal Code 230.02 

Patronizing a person for prostitution is defined as paying a fee to another person in compensation for such a person, or third person, engaging in sexual conduct with him/her. It is done with the agreement that a fee will be paid – with an understanding that in return, a person will pay for sexual conduct. One of the defenses our prostitution lawyers in NYC use, is to find out if an agreement had been made. If the prosecutor cannot prove there was a clear agreement/understanding – that payment will be made for sex, then the case will be either dismissed or significantly reduced.

Penal Code 230.03 – Prostitution in a school zone

A person can be found guilty of prostitution in a school zone, when the person commits an act of prostitution – in a school zone, or a place where children are coming for education. If prostitution is done within the direct of view children attending school, then the person committing the act can be charged with Penal Code 230.03 violation. School zone means any building, structure, playground, or land, which is within the property line of a public or private school, or any park, or private land, which is immediately adjacent to the boundary line of such a school. This form of prostitution is a class A misdemeanor.

Penal Code 230.04 – Patronizing a person for prostitution in 3rd degree

A person is guilty of patronizing a person for prostitution in the third degree, when the individual patronizes a person for prostitution. If you are soliciting a prostitute, you can be charged with a class A misdemeanor.

Patronizing in the 2nd degree – If a person, 18 years old or more, patronizes a person for prostitution who is less than fifteen years old – then the person can be charged with patronizing prostitution in the second degree. This is a class E felony. If the person who is patronized less than 11 years old, or if the person patronized is less than 13 years old, then the person who did the patronizing can be charged with prostitution in the first degree – which is a class D felony.



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