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NYC Ticket Scams Lawyers

Ticket Scams: Beware of Fraudulent Practices

If you’ve flown on a plane, then you know that the price of the ticket can be expensive. Unfortunately, there are people who will try to commit ticket scams in order to get more money from those who are already paying a high price. Some people will try to get personal information from those who have used a credit card or a debit card to purchase the ticket. This means that the person could easily gain access to a bank account or use the numbers on the cards for a personal gain, such as buying items or getting money.

Online Ticket Scams

Most ticket scams begin online, but there are many that can be completed over the phone. Those that take place over the phone are often by people pretending to be with an airline who need to get more information about the flight or who claim to need to change flight details. The person would then get access to the payment information while on the phone. This method of scamming often results in the victim not being able to get on the flight at all because there isn’t a ticket to use any longer after the information has been taken.

Legal Implications

Ticket scams often end up involving the federal government. Those who are involved with ticket scams could face large fines and time in jail. These scams are illegal at the state level as well, so you would not only get in trouble with the federal government and be punished on that level, but you would have some kind of punishment from the state.

Types of Ticket Scams

There are several types of ticket scams. Many involve airline tickets, but there are some that also involve tickets for concerts and other special events. The method of scamming is similar no matter what kind of ticket is involved. One way of ticket scamming is to purchase the tickets with a stolen credit card. Once the tickets are received, the person would sell them for money. The person who stole the tickets would have a confirmation number to give the buyer without the buyer knowing anything about the tickets being stolen. When the ticket is used, the person is told that it’s not legitimate because it was purchased with stolen information. Sometimes, the person who purchased the ticket without knowing that it was stolen is arrested simply because of being in possession of the item.

Other Scams

Free tickets are another way that people can scam others out of money and personal information. Names of legitimate companies are used to offer free tickets for everything from flights to special events. The person involved in the scam would tell the victim that there is a processing fee that needs to be paid in order to get the tickets. That fee is often paid with a credit or debit card, so when the caller gets that information, it can be used to get access to other personal information. The numbers are also used to order items online or to gain access to financial information online.

A similar scam to free tickets is a discount travel voucher. The person would get the buyer to give away payment information to get the tickets. Some people have been talked into attending sales promotions with a promise of getting vouchers, but they never get the vouchers once they attend the event. Some consumers are told that they have won a sweepstakes but that they need to pay a small fee to get the tickets or other components of the sweepstakes. Consumers could also download tickets that they think are free only to find that a virus has been unleashed on the system.

Legal Assistance

If you are involved in a ticket scam and have been charged in the crime, you want to seek the help of an attorney as soon as possible. The attorney can work to protect your rights while trying to arrange a plea deal so that you get the lightest sentence possible.

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