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NYC HRA Attorney

If you are under investigation by NYC HRA for SNAP fraud or Medicaid/Health Insurance fraud, you need to speak with the Joseph Potashnik and Associates PC, where we have some of the best know HRA Investigations defense lawyers in New York.

What Are HRA Investigations

NYC HRA’s Bureau of Fraud Investigations is an Human Resources Administration unit in charge of investigations and criminal prosecutions of all HRA related fraud including SNAP (of food stamps) fraud and Medicaid fraud.  HRA investigates all cases of fraud against public benefits programs which are administered through the HRA offices in New York City.

What Kinds of Fraud Cases Do NYC HRA Attorneys Defend

Our HRA lawyers have the most impressive track record of success defending Medicaid fraud and Food Stamps Fraud cases in NYC. Most HRA investigations  involve cases where benefits recipients did or didn’t do one of the following:

  • Didn’t disclose all sources of earned income (W-2, 1099s, cash)
  • Didn’t disclose all sources of unearned income (rental income, for example)
  • Didn’t disclose contributions from others
  • Didn’t disclose that child’s parent was either living with them or was supporting them
  • Provided fake employment letters to HRA
  • Run cash businesses and show very low income
  • Live outside of New York City

These are the most common situations that can trigger HRA fraud investigations. As of summer 2016, our NYC HRA lawyers have successfully handled over 800 HRA fraud cases with great results!

HRA Bureau of Fraud Investigations Interview Letters

Most people find out that they are under an HRA fraud investigation when they receive a letter from the HRA Bureau of Fraud Investigations asking them to come in for an interview. We always advise prospective clients to speak with an experienced HRA investigations  defense lawyer such as those you will find at Joseph Potashnik and Associates before you speak with the investigator. Please visit our YouTube Channel for our informational videos that explain in detail why you should never speak with HRA investigators.


The simple reason you should be very careful about speaking with them is that anything you tell them will be used against you. In most cases, when you receive the interview letter, the investigator already knows all of the information they  are officially asking you to share with them. They simply want  you to make self-incriminatory statements which then can be used against you if your case goes to court.Speaking with HRA investigators is like speaking with police – do not be misled by inexperienced lawyers who advise clients to  attend these interviews and submit documents – you will do so at your own risk. If you received a letter from the Human Resources Administration informing you that you are under a fraud investigation, call our HRA lawyers today.

What are the penalties for HRA Medicaid fraud and HRA Food Stamps fraud

Public benefits fraud cases in NYC can be resolved administratively, which means that no criminal charges will be brought, or they may result in civil collection action, where you will be sued by the HRA in civil courts, or the case can be referred to the local District Attorney’s Office and you will be prosecuted for Welfare Fraud which means that you will be arrested and charged with with multiple felonies. If that happens, the penalties and consequences can include having a permanent criminal record, facing probation or even jail, and paying   back restitution. If you are not a citizen, you could be deported if you have a criminal record. If you have a professional license, you can face a separate disciplinary action by a licensing board. If you are a teacher, taxi driver, nurse, or any other healthcare worker, or if you work in the financial industry (banks or insurance companies), you need to speak with our lawyers as soon as possible.

How Do I Choose The Best HRA Lawyer?

There are many lawyers in New York claiming to handle HRA investigation cases. It is very difficult to make a decision about which one  is the  service driven lawyer for you just by reading through websites. We recommend that as you are looking for the right attorney, you educate yourself on this topic by checking out our videos. We also recommend that you interview any lawyer in person before making the decision to hire one. We are always available to take your calls and discuss your case with you. If you ever need help with your HRA case, just call us today!

NYC HRA Attorney

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