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NYC Child Endangerment Lawyers

Protecting Families Against Child Endangerment Allegations in New York City

Few accusations strike more fear in the hearts of parents than claims they endangered the welfare of a child. Even incidents arising from innocent mistakes or cultural misunderstandings can trigger child endangerment investigations by ACS and NYPD. If formal charges are filed, families desperately need an aggressive NYC child endangerment lawyer to intervene.

At Spodek Law Group, our family defense team takes an impassioned stance defending parents, guardians, and caretakers wrongfully accused of child endangerment. We have successfully defended clients against a wide array of allegations including:

  • Inadequate guardianship
  • Educational neglect
  • Lack of medical care
  • Unsafe/unsanitary living conditions
  • Inappropriate physical discipline
  • Failure to supervise
  • Exposing children to drugs/alcohol

Regardless of the context, child endangerment claims merit an immediate, vigorous response. We work relentlessly to defeat allegations and keep families intact. Read on to learn more about how we protect clients.

Avoiding Mistakes During Investigations

The first stage of any NYC child endangerment case involves information gathering by ACS caseworkers, NYPD investigators, or both. Even if accusations stem from misunderstandings, everything you say or do will be scrutinized and can strengthen the prosecution’s case.

Our NYC child endangerment attorneys intervene in the earliest phases of probes to prevent coerced statements or unconstitutional searches.

We advise clients on how to have productive dialogues with investigators without compromising their defenses. Where enough concerns exist, ACS or police may remove children from the home pending further legal proceedings. Our urgent court advocacy often prevents wrongful family separation.

Vigorously Contesting Endangerment Claims in Family Court

When investigations produce formal maltreatment petitions, parents must mount a complete defense in family court to defeat allegations and restore custody. We spearhead this mission by:

  • Securing immediate visitation
  • Demanding flaws in petitions
  • Asserting justification defenses
  • Disputing detrimental evidence
  • Obtaining supportive evaluations
  • Presenting favorable witnesses

Our commanding presence in family court compels judges to dismiss unsubstantiated petitions. Where sufficient concerns exist, we negotiate strict supervision arrangements, counseling requirements, and incremental reunification steps in lieu of foster placement.

Defending Parallel Criminal Charges

More egregious child endangerment accusations prompt prosecutors to file criminal charges simultaneously in NYC criminal court. Common offenses include:

  • Child endangerment
  • Reckless assault
  • Unlawful imprisonment
  • Child abandonment

Our NYC trial lawyers excel in defeating such allegations through suppression motions, evidentiary challenges, and persuasive trial advocacy. We humanize clients and expose flaws in the state’s version of events. Many charges stem from well-intentioned actions, and our storytelling gifts sway juries.

For less defensible facts, we negotiate reduced pleas or deferred resolutions to avoid damaging convictions. Throughout criminal cases, we coordinate strategies with our family defense team to facilitate reunification.

Avoiding Long-Term Consequences for Families

The traumatic effects of child endangerment investigations, foster placement, and criminal prosecution reverberate through families for years. But certain legal steps can help clients move forward after closure of cases. Our lawyers pursue expungements, record sealing, and other remedies to alleviate future housing, employment, and reputation harms.

Many licensing boards and professional groups also scrutinize child endangerment allegations closely. Our advocacy with regulatory agencies explains surrounding circumstances and prevents unfair licensing actions. There are always paths to redemption for responsible parents committed to keeping kids safe.

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