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NJ Criminal Complaints Lawyers

Understanding Federal Criminal Complaints: A Comprehensive Guide


A criminal complaint is a charge that highlights facts with reasonable evidence. A person concludes that someone committed a crime, and the defendant is guilty. A criminal complaint is also known as a felony complaint. It is the judicial order, and the court issued documents that charge the defendant with a crime.

Evolution of Criminal Complaints

Before, they used to reserve criminal complaints about violent crimes and suspects regarded as a risk to the public. Today the federal cases receiving criminal complaints have increased. The U.S. attorney office has been issuing criminal complaints in fraud allegations and other non-violent offenses. Liaise with an experienced national defense counsel when you receive a criminal complaint.

Initiation of Federal Cases

The federal prosecutors in the U.S. initiate criminal cases. They provide a variety of options in these cases, including a criminal complaint. A criminal complaint streamlines the arrest processes of the defendants. Although there are constitutional protections, the likelihood of the suspects to be put into custody is very high. The defendant is indicted and prosecuted for one or several criminal cases.

Process of Filing a Criminal Complaint

A criminal complaint is not essential to an indictment in the court but serves as an additional formal pleading that could lead to executing an arrest. When the federal authority makes an arrest based on a criminal complaint, the U.S. attorney office to a federal grand jury within 30 days.

When the prosecutor makes a criminal complaint, it’s filed in the Federal District court in question. The judge decides on whether the documents have sufficient evidence to put a suspect in federal custody. The U.S. attorney’s office works with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other investigative agencies on the case. They collect the evidence needed for a federal grand jury indictment.

Steps to Take After Receiving a Federal Criminal Complaint

You immediately receive a criminal complaint and start working towards it as every day gets you closer to the case being before a federal grand jury. Simultaneously, the investigation is continuing, and preparation should be done to defend yourself and resolve the matter as soon as possible.

At Spodek Law Group, we have a professional and experienced expert in federal investigation, trials, and grand jury proceedings. Most of our defense lawyers are former attorneys and former assistant attorneys in the U.S. Our firm experts will help you in your criminal complaint case with their vast knowledge in this sector of law. We will use our expertise to protect you when issued with a criminal complaint. We will do the following once you reach out;

Steps to Address a Federal Criminal Complaint:

  1. Criminal Complaint Examination

Although criminal complaints have fewer details, the U.S. attorney office should provide sufficient supporting their findings on the case in question. Our attorneys can review the criminal complaint contents and understand document language to read in between the lines. They will determine who to contact to uncover the specific allegation and understand your case’s current status.

  1. Intervening in the Federal Government Case

Intervening in the federal government case slows down the federal processes and places the federal government inquiry. We will intervene in the federal case to ensure it does not go to a federal grand jury. Whether your case is behind schedule, we can speed up the process by executing defense strategies.

  1. Risk and Potential Defenses Assessment

The risk assessment determines the available defenses for your case. Our defense lawyers are aware of this undertaking’s swiftness and prepare accordingly to work under the minimal time given and ensure you’re not exposed.

  1. Building a Cohesive Defense Strategy

We come up with defense strategies after we have determined the specific defenses available for you.

  1. Securing a Pre-indictment Resolution

Your case is most likely to go before a federal grand jury when you receive a criminal complaint. We will take the necessary steps to intervene and secure a pre-indictment resolution. Our experts will be in contact with the federal prosecutor and the agents handling your case to convince the U.S. attorney office with a defense strategy they don’t have a claim to pursue.

  1. Grand Jury and Trial Representation Provision if Necessary

Suppose it’s too late to prevent you from a federal grand jury. In that case, our experienced attorneys will represent you in court on your trial to achieve successful results on your indictment post-indictment and trials.

  1. Recovery from the Federal Criminal Case

Criminal cases affect your personal and your professional life significantly. We will ensure you fully recover from the government inquiry.

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