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New York Medical License Defense Lawyer

By Spodek Law Group | January 9, 2016
(Last Updated On: December 16, 2023)

Last Updated on: 16th December 2023, 12:50 am

Medical Practitioners, Are You On Tenterhooks Over Looming Disciplinary Charges?

Listen, if the sword of Damocles in the form of serious disciplinary charges is hanging over you, or if, gun to your head, this unfortunate event has already transpired, it’s crucial to connect with a New York medical defense attorney pronto. You can’t play Russian roulette with your career that’s been painstakingly built over the years. It’s not the time to toss your defense into the ring of uncertainty, or handle this firecracker on your own.

No sir, we’re talking about getting the Spodek Law Group on your side—a team equipped with astute New York medical malpractice lawyers—who’ve got the savvy to reduce the charges against you to mere blips on the radar, or erase them off the face of the earth. So let’s put our ducks in a row ASAP, shall we?

High-Risk Actions That Could Jeopardize Your License

Some actions have the potential to land you in hot water. With just a whiff of suspicion related to these, you may be hauled before an immediate hearing followed by disciplinary repercussions. These include, but are not limited to:

• Laying hands on your practice under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or having these substances within arm’s reach, or on your professional turf.
• Medical malpractice.
• Cutting corners with billing, medical insurance, or embezzlement.
• Side-stepping tax obligations.
• Dealing narcotics under shady circumstances.
• Domestic abuse or violence.

Don’t Put Your License On The Line

A run-in with a license suspension can pull the rug out from under your feet, even if it’s just for a short time. It can knock the wind out of your professional credibility and hinder your pursuit of fresh clientele. Who’d trust their health to a physician sporting a suspension badge? Even if you emerge victorious over the charges rousted against you, the public nature of your predicament (it’s bound to hit headlines sooner or later!) could make others skittish about associating with you.

And let me tell you, if your license gets the axe, it’s game over—years of intense training and grinding slipped away by a mere flick of the pen. Imagine rebuilding your life from scratch, post being discredited from your chosen field. So, it becomes imperative to arm yourself with a solid defense before any such charges land on your doorstep.

Don’t Go Toe-To-Toe With The Licensing Authority

When a notice of possible disciplinary charges crosses your path, your knee-jerk reaction may be to face off with the Licensing Authority, harboring hopes of clearing the air. Hang on! This could dial down your chances of success, and here’s why.

Firstly, you might not be privy to the nuts and bolts of the charges levied against you. You could end up ruffling the Authority’s feathers by contesting inconsequential details. This could inadvertently color their verdict against you.

Secondly, by jumping the gun before you’ve got all your facts straight, you might spill the beans about crucial aspects that could be later weaponized against you. They might even cook up additional charges, making your predicament even stickier.

A Medical License Lawyer Can Be Your Ace In The Hole

It’s best to keep the Licensing Authority at arm’s length unless they call you on the carpet for a hearing. Being spooked by the fear of tripping up with your words or evidence isn’t an overreaction. With Todd Spodek and his team of medical malpractice lawyers who know New York’s turf like the back of their hand, you’ll stand a fighting chance.

Your legal advocate can serve as a middle-man between you and the Authority, minimizing the likelihood of you unwittingly incriminating yourself. They’ll have your back, protecting you from such blunders.

Safeguard Your Peace Of Mind And Successful Case Resolution

The moment you get a seasoned attorney in your corner, you can breathe easy knowing you’ve secured strong representation through these critical stages of the hearing:

• The opening hearing, where the decision to cascade formal charges is made.
• The formal hearing.
• The bargaining period, where the deciding Authority contemplates the punitive measures (if any) and their severity.
• The closure phase, where they set upon the penalties (if any) to be served by you.

Even if you’ve got the deck stacked against you, there’s still a fair shot at reaching a favorable outcome. So don’t dilly-dally—reach out to a New York medical license defense lawyer at the Spodek Law Group today. Let’s rewrite your future, shall we?

Protect Your Medical Career with a New York Medical Defense Lawyer

Upon facing serious disciplinary charges or suspecting charges to be filed, it is crucial to immediately reach out to a New York medical defense lawyer. Years of hard-earned degrees and successful practice could be jeopardized without a solid defense. By retaining a professional New York medical malpractice lawyer timely, there’s a higher probability of having charges either reduced or completely dropped.

Potential Threats to Your Medical License

Several illegal activities can lead to disciplinary actions and potentially risk your license:

  • practicing under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • possessing alcohol or drugs on the practice premises;
  • medical malpractice;
  • billing fraud, medical insurance fraud, or embezzlement;
  • tax evasion;
  • illegally prescribing narcotics;
  • domestic violence or domestic abuse.

Avoid License Suspension or Revocation

Experiencing a short-term suspension of your medical license can be devastating, potentially causing a loss of credibility and patients. Nobody would willingly put their life in the hands of a physician with a suspended license. Even after being cleared of charges, the publicized suspension can cast doubt on your reputation. Should your license be revoked, years of training and career investments would be wasted instantly. Therefore, it is crucial to have the best possible defense against any potential charges.

Never Directly Deal With Licensing Authorities

If served with a notice of potential disciplinary charges, your first impulse might be to confront the Licensing Authority directly. However, this could be counterproductive for numerous reasons:

  1. You might be unaware of the specific charge details, leading to a misguided protest and annoying the Licensing Authority.
  2. Speaking without adequate knowledge of the sensitive issue can result in accidentally disclosing information that can be later used against you.

The Benefits of a Medical License Lawyer

It’s essential to avoid personal contact with the Licensing Authority until you’re officially summoned for a hearing. In delicate situations like these, especially in New York, hiring a professional medical malpractice lawyer is a wise decision. The lawyer will serve as a mediator between you and the Authority, greatly reducing the risk of accidental self-incrimination and ensuring your defense remains strong.

Medical license defense attorneys gather all facts concerning the potential charges. They meticulously sift through paperwork to create an effective defense strategy for you. With your career potentially hanging in the balance, every precaution against mistakes is invaluable.

Securing Peace of Mind and a Successful Resolution

The sooner you retain a qualified attorney, the faster you’ll have representation during the four crucial stages of the hearing:

  1. Initial hearing, where formal charges are considered;
  2. Formal hearing;
  3. Negotiation stage, involving penalty decisions;
  4. Settlement stage, determining potential fines.

For peace of mind and a successful resolution of your case, secure a New York medical license defense lawyer today. Protect the career that you have passionately built and ensure that you have an expert to guide you through potentially challenging times. Act now and give yourself the best opportunity to preserve your future in medicine.

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