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New Jersey Medical License Restoration Lawyer

Restoring a Revoked Medical License: A Challenging but Possible Journey

Losing your medical license is almost similar to losing your life. This is because you have spent your whole life planning to achieve one goal which is to become a doctor. Therefore, losing your medical license represents losing many years of sweat, tears, and blood. However, a license revocation is not yet the end of the world. It is almost just the end of the world because you have the opportunity to restore your license. In case your medical license has been revoked, the law dictates that you should stay for at least three years without practicing until your license is restored.

The Process of Re-applying for a Medical License

After the three years have lapsed, you can re-apply to get your license reinstated. You can find the application form online. However, you will need to send additional documents with your letter of application and $750 to the State Department of Health. If you are a physician, you will send your application to the Department of Education. In such a case you need five witnesses and three of them should have a similar degree to yours. This means if you are an MD, you need three MDs. You can have five MDs, but you will also need five affidavits to attest the reason as to why you should have your license back.

Re-applying is not as simple as it may sound. You should be aware of how the Board of Regents thinks before you attempt to re-apply to have your license restored. The Board will only restore your medical license if it finds any reason that is compelling enough to grant your application after comparing your misconduct or the reason that led to the revocation of your license. You should understand that it is not a right in the constitution to have your license restored even after the three years have lapsed. Instead, it is a privilege that can either be permitted or denied by the state depending on the nature of your case. The only way to get your license restored is by struggling to persuade the Board to restore your license back.

Factors Considered by the Judges in Restoring a Medical License

The judges who are handling your case will look at your situation in every aspect before they make a decision on whether to reinstate your license or not. However, the main thing that the judges will be looking for is a sign of repentance on the matter that led to your license being revoked. Therefore, do not begin your re-application by arguing that the panel was wrong by revoking your license. Remember you already argued your case in court and lost. This time try and be on their best side.

The judges will also look into the matter that led to the revocation of your license and determine whether there are any chances of such a misconduct occurring again in the future. This mostly happens in a case of sexual misconduct or substance abuse. You should keep in mind that the judges are always protective of patients and they will only recommend that your license to be restored if you convince them that such a case will not happen again in the future. To convince the board to restore your license seek for help and rehabilitate yourself to prove that you are a changed person. This will assure the judges that you will not pause as a risk to the general public if your license is restored.

The other major problem is to convince the board that you are still competent to proceed with your practice from where you left three years ago. You need to provide substantial evidence that you have kept up with the practice. In a nutshell, you should provide proof that while you were away you had been learning despite having your license revoked. This determination will go a long way to convincing the board. However, you cannot prove that you attended any CME courses before you have submitted your application. After your application, the hearing can be scheduled after a few months. This can be from six to twelve months. Therefore, within this time you can attend CME courses.

Preparing for the License Restoration Process

Providing proof to the board to have your license restored is not an easy task. You need to prepare adequately for you to win. This means that you should start working to have your license restored immediately after it has been revoked. The board will make a judgment based on your seriousness to have your license restored after you have made significant efforts to correct the reason that caused the revocation. You have to assure the judges through your actions that you will not revert to such actions or behaviors.

While your practice is a big part of your life, the process of having your license restored is undoubtedly difficult. Therefore, ensure that you have provided yourself with the best opportunity of restoring your license by talking to an experienced medical license revocation attorney in New Jersey. Lawyers who are conversant with medical license restoration laws will provide you with sound advice that can help you win your case. Ensure that you have your attorney present throughout the hearing. The hearing takes anywhere from half the day to a full day before the judges make a decision. If the panel recommends that your license can be restored, an extensive administrative trail follows and your attorney can be of great help. However, after they recommend, then it will become easier for you to have your license back.

Having a license restored is a difficult case because most likely the reason that led to your license being revoked was very unpleasant. However, it can be dealt with occasionally if only you prove that you have changed your ways. You stand an opportunity to have your license restored if you consult a qualified medical lawyer who has experience in license restoration.

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