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Long Island Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer

Long Island Pharmacist License Defense Lawyers: Protecting Your License and Livelihood

Pharmacists on Long Island provide an invaluable service to patients and the community. However, even the most dedicated professionals can find themselves facing accusations of misconduct or negligence. When your reputation, career, and ability to practice are at risk, you need an experienced Long Island pharmacist license defense lawyer on your side.

Common Reasons Pharmacists Face Disciplinary Action

Pharmacists can face accusations of misconduct for a variety of reasons. Some common triggers for investigations and license discipline proceedings include:

  • Record-keeping violations – Failing to properly maintain records for dispensed medications
  • Errors in dispensing medication – Dispensing the wrong drug or wrong dose
  • Drug diversion – Stealing medications, often controlled substances
  • Practicing while impaired – Suspicions of drug or alcohol abuse on the job
  • Unprofessional conduct – Rude behavior, inappropriate relationships, or other unethical actions
  • Criminal charges – Arrests or convictions, even for offenses unrelated to pharmacy
  • Standard of care issues – Complaints about the quality of care provided to patients
  • Failure to comply with regulations – Not following proper procedures for dispensing controlled substances

Even honest mistakes can sometimes lead to license investigations if they cause patient harm. And pharmacists who struggle with addiction or substance abuse disorders may divert drugs due to their illness. An experienced attorney understands these nuances.

Consequences of Disciplinary Action

The penalties for misconduct range from mild to severe. Possible consequences include:

  • Letters of reprimand or censure
  • Fines or civil penalties
  • Probationary license periods requiring supervision
  • Additional education or training requirements
  • License suspension for a set period of time
  • Permanent revocation of the license

The Pharmacist Disciplinary Process in New York

If the OPD receives a complaint about a pharmacist, they begin an investigation. They may interview witnesses, obtain records, or seek an undercover patient visit to assess allegations. The pharmacist receives written notice to submit a detailed response within 30 days.

If investigators feel disciplinary action is warranted, they refer the case to the Office’s prosecuting arm. They file formal charges and schedule a hearing before the Board of Pharmacy.

Hearings resemble courtroom trials, with testimony and evidence presentation. The Board then decides if the charges merit disciplinary action. If so, they determine the appropriate penalty.

Why Hiring a Lawyer is Crucial

Here are some key reasons pharmacists under investigation need qualified legal counsel:

  • Avoid self-incrimination – Anything you say to investigators CAN and WILL be used against you. Let your lawyer communicate on your behalf.
  • Correct procedural mistakes – An attorney ensures proper protocols are followed. Violations can lead to dismissed charges.
  • Negotiate settlements – Lawyers routinely negotiate deals for reduced penalties, avoiding hearings.
  • Prepare a strong defense – Should your case go to a hearing, thorough preparation is essential.
  • Navigate appeals – If a hearing goes badly, an appeal may get the decision overturned.
  • Avoid talking to others – Never discuss your case with anyone except your attorney. Loose talk can cause bigger issues.
  • Understand complex laws – Pharmacists study pharmacy, not legal statutes and regulations. Your lawyer translates how the law applies.

Trusting a pharmacist license defense lawyer with years of relevant experience is vital to protecting your livelihood.

What to Look for in a Lawyer

If you face an investigation, take time to select the right attorney. Seek someone with these credentials:

  • A proven track record in pharmacist license defense cases
  • Extensive knowledge of New York pharmacy laws and OPD procedures
  • Experience negotiating settlements pre-hearing when possible
  • Skill trying cases before the Board of Pharmacy if needed
  • Resources to thoroughly prepare your case, including hiring experts
  • Ability to present persuasive arguments highlighting your strengths
  • Compassion for the stress you are undergoing

Additionally, consider logistics like office location and communication style. Find a lawyer you trust and feel comfortable with.

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