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Los Angeles pharmacist license defense lawyers

Pharmacists, like other individuals in the healthcare industry, hold a lot of responsibility when it comes to their job. Because one small mistake could cause life-threatening damage to a patient, it is crucial that pharmacists have a valid license to work in Los Angeles or the state and city of their choosing.

Unfortunately, not all pharmacists will uphold the standards expected of them when completing their job. In order to protect patients and customers, pharmacists believed to be committing crimes or putting their clients at risk will need to face investigation. If the investigation determines that the pharmacist is in fact doing their job inappropriately, they may face losing their license.

A loss of a pharmacy license means that the individual is no longer to do his or her job. Depending on the severity of the crime committed that lead to the loss of license, the pharmacist may also face additional cases or court. Because being under investigation can lead to such serious consequences, it is important for the pharmacist to take it seriously and do whatever they can to protect and defend themselves.

This usually means hiring the professional help of a Los Angeles Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer.

How Does a Pharmacist’s License Become Under Investigation?

When a pharmacist acts out of line with the standards laid out for them, someone is likely to file a complaint against them. This complaint may come from a patient or client that had a bad experience with the pharmacist or who had their prescription filled improperly.

Complaints may also come from other employees of the pharmacy or from the pharmacist’s employer. These complaints usually come when the individual reporting the pharmacist believes that the pharmacist is not doing their job correctly or that they are acting inappropriately.

The level and severity of claims can vary. Not following the proper health and safety codes in the pharmacy could lead to a complaint, as could more serious offenses such as improperly filling prescriptions, filing false insurance claims, or using drugs and alcohol while on the job. It is also possible for a pharmacist to be under investigation and lose their professional license if they commit a crime outside work, even if it is not related to pharmacy.

When the Office of Professional Discipline receives a report that a pharmacist may not be fulfilling their job appropriately, they may request additional information from the pharmacist. This may include documents, interviews, or witness statements and testimonies. As a licensed pharmacist, the individual under investigation must cooperate.

But as the Office of Professional Discipline is collecting this information, they are looking for information and evidence to build a case against you. While they may find nothing during their investigation and drop the case, they may be able to find evidence in even the smallest, unrelated details. This means that you will want to create a defense to protect yourself.

How a Los Angeles Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer Can Help

As with any job, mistakes can happen. While the mistakes made by a pharmacist can be serious, human error does exist and can lead to situations or circumstances that put your professionalism in a bad light. But if this is the case, you can’t rely on forgiveness and understanding to save your job and your pharmacy license. You need a Los Angeles Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer.

As experts in protecting licenses, a Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer can help you create a case explaining and adjusting for any mistakes that have been made. Furthermore, because attorneys are experts in negotiation, a Los Angeles Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer can help reduce any punishments or suspensions.

An attorney can help ensure all your bases are covered, that you know what is expected of you, and that you are acting appropriately while under investigation. Because attorneys have assisted many individuals through similar processes, they will know just what needs to be done to protect your license and your job.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your investigation, you will want to contact an attorney as soon as you’re aware a complaint has been filed. The sooner your attorney can begin building your case and protecting you through the investigation, the better chance you will have to keep your license.

Raiser & Kenniff, PC, is the premier Los Angeles pharmacist license defense law firm. We help pharmacists in California win against the California Board of Pharmacy. If you’re facing a license investigation or accusation – then you should speak to our license defense lawyers. We can help protect your pharmacy, or pharmacy technician license.

We help pharmacists

As a pharmacist, you’re more than just a dispenser of medicine. You are also take on the responsibility of working with physicians, and other healthcare practitioners. You have to help determine dosages, you think about drug interactions, and counsel people on side effects of medications. In some cases, you’re a part of the team when it comes to tracking the health and progress of patients to ensure what medication needs to be dispensed. Your position carries a great deal of responsibility. Since you’re advising medical staff on a selection of drugs, and the effects of the drugs, you have to plan, and evaluate drug regimens. You may also be involved in counseling patients on the use of drugs before they are discharged.

Because your license, as a pharmacist, cannot be transferred to other states – it’s extremely important you retain your right to practice – and protect your license. To get assistance, we encourage you to contact our California pharmacist license defense attorneys immediately.

Facing legal problems?

If you’re a pharmacist in Los Angeles and are facing legal, or professional, consequences due to misconduct, criminal, or other federal charges, – please remember you have rights. We can help protect them. We protect the rights of those accused of crimes. We encourage you to speak to our professional license defense lawyers who serve all of California. Our expert attorneys have years of experience defending licenses, and the rights of pharmaceutical professionals. If you’re at risk of losing your license, and would like to learn more about how we can protect you – we encourage you to call us today. The consultation is 100% free.

Professional misconduct and medication errors are the two main ways pharmacists get in trouble with the California Board of Pharmacy. There are a number of potential repercussions which can happen as a result of a Board of Pharmacy investigation, including probation – and administrative penalties. In the worst case, your license can be revoked. If you’re punished by the Board of Pharmacy, you may even be stripped of your professional license. With this, you can no longer work and support your family.

How we can help

The California State Board of Pharmacy exists to regulate pharmacists, the operation of pharmacies, and distribution of drugs. The pharmacy board may discipline a pharmacist for a number of things such as unprofessional conduct, fraud and deceit, criminal arrests, substance abuse, alcoholism, violation of a pharmacy health and safety code, or even something as simple as negligent practice of pharmacy.

The Pharmacy Board can issue a a penalty consisting of future monitoring, administrative fines, reprimand, license restrictions, probation, suspension, or even revocation of the license. This process will begin with a complaint, and an investigation by the Board of Pharmacy. If after the investigation – it’s determined there are grounds for discipline – then formal charges might be filed. The pharmacist can request an informal conference in order to resolve the issue informally. If the issue fails to be resolved, then an administrative hearing will occur.

If you’re in danger of losing your license, we encourage you to speak to our Los Angeles pharmacist license defense lawyers. Our attorneys can help – 24/7 – regardless of which stage of the process you’re at.

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