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DEA Investigation of Physician Assistants

DEA Registration Defense for Physician Assistants

Our attorneys help PA’s with DEA registration defense throughout the USA. There are many different types of healthcare providers who deal with controlled substances. As a result, the DEA conducts audits and investigations to ensure there is no drug diversion and drug trafficking ongoing. PA’s could find themselves under the scrutiny of the DEA based on their practices when it comes to prescribing, administering, or dispensing certain controlled drugs. PA’s must protect their ability to work with controlled substances. To protect their DEA registration, PA’s should consider turning to a defense attorney before turning information over to DEA agents/complying with any requests from the DEA.

Expert Legal Representation at Spodek Law Group

At the Spodek Law Group, our DEA defense lawyers represent medical professionals throughout the USA. We help with a variety of issues, such as DEA registration, medical licensing, and more. We can help physician assistants respond deal with DEA investigations while protecting the rights of the DEA agent and helping maintain the right of the physician assistant to continue practicing medicine.

Scrutiny Faced by Physician Assistants

PA’s may face scrutiny if their pattern of prescribing controlled substances is out of the ordinary or if DEA agents believe they have issued unnecessary prescriptions. If a provider prescribes controlled substances in higher proportions than other types of drugs, or statistically higher than most PA’s, then the DEA may see this as a sign of the PA prescribing drugs that aren’t medically necessary. An investigation will be conducted, where patient records will be reviewed, prescription records will be reviewed, and more.

Areas of Investigation by the DEA

The DEA will specifically look at whether the physician assistant took steps when treating his/her patients to prevent illegitimate prescription. The DEA will look at patient intake procedures and whether the PA thoroughly reviews patient medical histories and requires patients to sign a pain management agreement. DEA agents may also look at whether PA performed a detailed analysis of the patient, such as doing a medical examination, or explored other types of therapies/medication before prescribing opioids.

DEA Enforcement Actions Against PA’s

There are many types of DEA enforcement actions, which can be taken against PA’s. The DEA may decide to suspend or revoke your registration. It could also choose not to renew your DEA registration. If the DEA finds that you violated the CSA, it could make a referral to the DOJ – which can pursue criminal charges. DEA agents may also request that you surrender your DEA registration voluntarily.

Consequences of Surrendering DEA Registration

If you voluntarily surrender your DEA registration, it can have other downstream consequences. For example, you lose your medical license, you could lose hospital privileges, you could also lose provider status with insurance companies.

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