Suffolk County Domestic Violence Lawyers

Suffolk County Domestic Violence Lawyers

Spodek Law Group is your trusted Suffolk County criminal defense team. With legal experts specializing in domestic violence defense, there’s assurance that you won’t be found guilty of a crime before your side of the case is heard. Domestic violence is a serious issue affecting the community. Although many think that domestic violence only affects women, men are also the victims of the crime.


Many people in Suffolk County who are charged with domestic violence need an attorney because the situation isn’t as clear as it might seem. Oftentimes domestic violence arrests are made as the result of anger from the involved parties, stories being blown out of proportion, or by an officer eager to put someone in handcuffs.


What Is Domestic Violence?


Domestic violence occurs when threats or acts of violence occur between spouses or members of the same family. Assault, sexual assault, and stalking are examples of crimes that could lead to a domestic violence charge. While many people are rightfully charged with domestic violence, sometimes the penalties are far too harsh. Sometimes, situations are misconstrued and blown out of proportion. And, sometimes, scorn or upset individuals lie to invoke the charge. No matter the situation, Spodek Law Group goes to work to ensure that the charge doesn’t turn your life upside down.


What Happens if You’re Charged with Domestic Violence?


Being charged with and arrested for domestic violence is a scary experience for most people. Not only are you going to jail, you’re also worried of the outcome of the arrest. Will you go to jail? Probation? Counseling and classes? Are there fines and fees? Will your life really go on? These are all potential consequences of a domestic violence conviction in Suffolk County.


After being charged with domestic violence, you are placed in jail until a judge place a bond amount for the charge. The bond amount varies and might be as little as $500. If you’re unable to pay the bond amount you’ll remain behind bars until your court hearing.


An Order of Protection is issued after you’ve been arrested and charged with domestic violence. The Order of Protection prevents contact between yourself and the alleged victim in the case. This includes in-person conversation, social media connections, text messages, etc. The order is issued temporarily, and a court date is set to determine if a longer Order of Protection is needed.


New York is a state that takes domestic violence very serious. Penalties for the crime vary, but may range up to life in prison. When you’re charged with domestic violence, you can be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony charge. You could spend as little as three months behind bars for a conviction, but a maximum of life in prison!


Many factors influence the amount of time you face if convicted of the crime. Were you charged with a misdemeanor or a felony? Do you have a criminal record? Is this the first time you have been charged with this type of crime? Is there an attorney standing by you through the process? These are some of the factors that judges use to make their decisions.


Why do You Need a Domestic Violence Lawyer?


Going to court is always scary, especially when you’re facing the possibility of such dire consequences if convicted of the crime you’ve been charged with committing. With Spodek Law Group handling your case, you have a leg expert who cares about your needs on your side. We provide the guidance and expertise needed to make it through your case with success. Our goal is for a dismissal of the charge, but if this isn’t a possibility, Spodek Law Group works diligently to reduce the penalties that you encounter when convicted.


Domestic violence convictions ruin lives and tarnish good names. Sometimes, things aren’t as clear as they might seem to outsiders. Working with a domestic violence attorney ensures that a conviction does not ruin you. Attorneys hear your side of the story, ask plenty of questions, and work with the prosecution team to get the best possible outcome in your case. Domestic violence attorneys prepare your defense, standing beside you in court, ensuring that your voice is heard loud and clear.


Attorneys know the laws concerning domestic violence. They care about their clients and want the best possible outcome after a domestic violence charge. Suffolk County domestic violence lawyers stand by your side every step of the way. They are your friend and confident; your expert in the time of need. When you want justice in your case, you want a Suffolk County domestic violence attorney on your case.


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