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Queens Criminal Court Vacating Bench Warrant Lawyers

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Queens Criminal Court Vacating Bench Warrant Lawyers

Vacating Bench Warrant in Queens Criminal Court

Vacating Bench Warrant in Queens Criminal Court

Bench Warrants in Queens Criminal Court 

If you have an open  criminal case in Queens County Criminal Court you have an obligation to personally appear at each and every court date. In the event that you fail to appear the criminal court Judge can issue a bench warrant. If a criminal court judge issues a bench warrant then the defendant is at risk of being picked up by the NYPD warrant squad at any time. A criminal defense lawyer has an obligation to advise his or her client to surrender as soon as possible.

In the event that a criminal court judge is going to issue a warrant for a failure to appear your defense attorney should be prepared to present the case to the Judge as to why a bench warrant should be issued. If the criminal court Judge believes that the issue is reasonable, then the Judge will issue a warrant but will stay it. In the event the Judge doesn’t then the Judge will issue warrant.

The first thing to do to vacate the warrant, is to arrive as early as possible to the queens Criminal Court as early as possible. This way you can avoid the never ending long security line. The second thing is appear in the central clerk’s office at G64 in the basement of the Queens Criminal Court building. You should have your drivers license, and your docket number. Once the clerk’s pulls the case up on CRIMS it show that a warrant was ordered and he or she will provide you with a slip to provide to the court officer in the part. Once you are in the part the officer will take the slip and obtain the physical file. Unfortunately, as the upfront misdemeanor parts often have large dockets you will wait around until they can pull the file and add it to the docket. Once it is docketed the case will be called. At this juncture you will want to have a reasonable excuse as to why you vacated. It is almost always in the defendant’s best interest to fall in the sword and beg. Ultimately the Judge will vacate the warrant but can order bail or remand status. Also, it is in your best interest to have a substantial update for the Judge as to the status of the case.

In the event that the court issued you an adjourn slip or was somehow an adminstrative court error then your defense attorney should request that the warrant be expunged. This way it won’t affect you on furture cases for bail issues.

If you have any questions about vacating a warrant in Queens Criminal Court, feel free to call our office 718-596-3700.

Queens Criminal Court Vacating Bench Warrant Lawyers

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