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Our NYC bench warrant lawyers understand bench and arrest warrants are serious issues. Regardless of what the basis of the warrant is, you shouldn’t turn yourself in alone. You could say something that hurts your case, hurts your chance for bail, or does something which results in you staying longer in custody than need be. Regardless of why it’s happening, the members of the law enforcement will come to find you, and bring you to court. You and your family are probably frightened with the ramifications of the warrant. If the police catch you, the judge may not release you on bail again. Or, the judge may set a high price – and require you follow certain guidelines upon release.

If there is a warrant outstanding for your arrest, it’s a good idea to speak to a NYC arrest warrant attorney.

What’s an arrest warrant

Arrest warrants are issued by judges, when he, or she, believes there’s probably cause that a crime was committed and you’re the person who commited it. A judge is convinced of this, due to a police investigation, or other testimony, from a witness. If a grand jury has inducted you for the crime, then an arrest warrant can be issued based on this indictment. If you’re the subject of an arrest warrant, the police will be looking for you, and can arrest you ANYWHERE they find you. The police will take you to jail until you’re arraigned by a judge.

What’s a bench warrant

Bench warrants are issued in civil and criminal cases. A bench warrant is issued when a defendant doesn’t appear for a court date. In civil cases, bench warrants can be used to subpoena a witness. Some judges may issue a bench warrant if you don’t show up for jury duty. They are also used in child support cases, and for other forms of wage garnishment etc. Depending on the situation, the police isn’t going to be actively looking for you – but if they stop you for another reason, like a traffic stop – they may take you into custody. You’ll be brought before the judge to discuss what you’ve done – and how to fix the issue. Depending on the situation, you might be held in a jail until you meet the judge’s conditions.

If you believe you are the subject of an arrest warrant, call Spodek Law Group, today. We have more than 50 years of combined experience and can help you get the justice you need.



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