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NYC Labor and Employment Lawyers

The services, guidance assistance of an experienced employment lawyer can be a crucial asset for those who are seeking to resolve issues with past or current employers. Working alongside a qualified professional can make it easier for those who have suffered from harassment in the workplace, been denied worker’s compensation that may be owed due to an injury and who have found themselves the victims of a wage theft or wrongful termination to ensure a more favorable outcome, ruling or verdict. Dealing with lesser firms and attorneys who fail to provide the focused and aggressive needed to ensure a more positive outcome could prove to be a very costly mistake.

Employee Harassment and Discrimination

Taking prompt legal action is often the only effective way that employees may be able to respond to discrimination or harassment that results in a hostile working environment. Issues that may require a formal legal response commonly include:

  • Discrimination based on age, gender, race or religious belief
  • Sexual harassment
  • Disability discrimination
  • Non-direct harassment involving a third party

From workers seeking to better understanding their rights within the workplace to those who have suffered at the hands of supervisors, coworkers or even entire companies that have failed to prevent or address the behaviors responsible for creating a hostile working environment, the assistance of a seasoned legal professional is never a resource that should go overlooked.

Worker’s Compensation

Suffering an accident, either on-site at the workplace or while working in a field setting, is never an issue that should be taken lightly. Even a seemingly minor issue may result in greater expense than many accident victims might realize. Dealing with an employer or insurance provider that may be reluctant or even actively trying to keep victims from obtaining the financial compensation owed can be all but impossible for those who lack formal representation. Scheduling a formal consultation and discussing both the nature of an accident and the legal options that may be available is often the first step towards obtaining financial assistance or compensation.

Wrongful Termination

Past employers who willfully commit contract violations, violate written or implied promises made to their employees or that have terminated a professional as a retaliatory or discriminatory act may leave former employees entitled to wrongful termination damages. The sudden loss of employment is often a humiliating and financially stressful ordeal, but working with the labor and employment professionals can ensure that professionals who have suffered a wrongful or illegal termination are better equipped to deal with the situation and more likely to achieve a positive outcome.

Wage Violations

Dealing with wage theft and payment disputes can be done more easily and with a greater degree of success by those who have the right legal services. Common wage violations include:

Legal counsel can ensure that individuals who have been victim of a wage violation are able to take more effective action in their efforts to address the situation. State and federal laws even allow multiple employees who have been the victim of a wage violation to bring action against their employer as a single group in order to recover any financial payments or compensation that may have been unfairly or illegally withheld.

Contacting the Employment Experts

Dealing with legal issues that involve workplace infractions or violations can seem like a complicated undertaking, especially for those who have no experience dealing with the legal process of who may not fully understand their rights. Scheduling a formal consultation provides clients with the chance to discuss their situation in greater detail and learn more about the various legal options and potential solutions that may be available. From harassment within the workplace to dealing with an employer who may be illegally withholding wages, taking prompt legal action by contacting the employment experts will ensure that professionals will be better equipped to address the situation and ensure a more favorable outcome.

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