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NYC Consumer Fraud Lawyers

In today’s world, consumers are overwhelmed by the amount of information they receive on a daily basis. Unfortunately, much of what is told by banks, credit card companies, and other businesses is deceptive, often leading to numerous problems. Under these circumstances, many consumers feel powerless to do anything, thinking they have no recourse. However, the good news is that victims of consumer fraud can hire the services of attorneys who are knowledgeable and experienced in handling a wide variety of cases. Whether it’s a person who has been injured due to a defective product or one who found themselves the victim of a bait-and-switch, there are many options available that can force those who were negligent to provide compensation for the damage they inflicted upon innocent people.

Examples of Consumer Fraud
Sadly, there are many ways in which consumers can be defrauded during the course of doing business with others. False advertising is one of the most common examples of consumer fraud, leading to numerous lawsuits. Another common source of consumer fraud involves defective products, which in many cases injure or even kill unsuspecting consumers. What makes these cases so devastating is that companies are often aware of the danger their products present, but choose not to recall the products in favor of making a profit. When these situations are finally exposed, consumers should not hesitate to contact a consumer fraud lawyer. By doing so, they can begin the process of seeking recourse for any injuries or humiliation they may have sustained. Rather than sitting back and letting companies get away with negligence and a lack of concern for consumers, it’s possible to have an attorney who will fight for you no matter how defiant companies may be along the way.

Class-Action Lawsuits
In many instances where consumer fraud takes place, victims seeking compensation may choose to become part of a class-action lawsuit. Defined as civil actions initiated by one or more individuals on their behalf as well as that of a larger group of victims, the goal is to secure a judicial remedy that compensates the victims for their pain and suffering. Many times, a class-action suit can involve hundreds, thousands, or even millions of victims with similar claims. If a court certifies a class-action suit, the major advantage is that it allows the various claims to be heard and ruled on in one trial, rather than forcing each individual victim to file a lawsuit. If you have been the victim of consumer fraud and are considering filing or joining a class-action lawsuit, consulting with an experienced consumer fraud lawyer is vital for success. Because these cases are extremely complicated, having an attorney who has filed and won class-action suits can make all the difference. Unfortunately, most companies will attempt to aggressively fight any attempts consumers make to file a class-action suit, and will often use their own attorneys in an attempt to drag out the case for many years. However, by having an experienced attorney on their side, victims can have peace of mind knowing they will have every opportunity to gain the full and fair compensation they deserve.

Services Never Rendered
In many instances, consumers find themselves being charged for services that were never rendered. For example, an auto mechanic may charge a person for work that was never done. When this happens, not only does a victim pay for services that were never rendered, but are also put at risk of injury or death while behind the wheel. In other cases, victims may pay for unnecessary repairs done in their homes by contractors who count on their victims not realizing what has happened to them. However, when these people and their fraud are exposed, consumers can be assured their attorney will be ready to ensure their legal rights are protected. By bringing these fraudulent businesses to justice, victims will gain the compensation they need and deserve.

Call an Attorney
If you are the victim of consumer fraud, call an attorney as soon as possible for a free consultation. By doing so, you can be well on your way to gaining the compensation you deserve, while also seeing those who were negligent held accountable for their actions.

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