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NYC 419 Scam Criminal Defense Lawyers – Nigerian Letter Fraud

419 letter/nigerian letter fraud, is a form of advanced fee fraud. This happens all over the country, and world. It’s prosecuted heavily, and there’s an immense public outcry that people who engage in this – be punished. The crime often ends up involving federal government agencies, because the criminal actions occur by companies/individuals that are oversees or located some distance away from the victims. Courts have handed down big sentences, and large financial fines, against those who are convicted of 419 scams. Spodek Law Group can help defend those accused of engaging in 419 scams, and can help put forth an appeal as well, if needed.

Many people convicted of this crime have spent 5-10 years in jail, in addition to having to repay the amount of money stolen. We can provide successful 419 fraud defense. Our NYC defense lawyers know that the government has tried it’s best to streamline the legal process, in order to force convictions. Our attorneys have a superior knowledge of the laws surrounding 419 frau dcases, and will investigate every detail of your case. Our nyc criminal attorneys have immense experience handling fraud and scam cases in both state and federal courts. We help clients get the best outcome for their short term and long term goals.

There is an immense burden on the government to convict those accused of 419 fraud scams. Many senior level members of the government have come out against these scams, and have promised to prosecute them. As a result, it’s crucial you hire a criminal lawyer who can help protect you from any excessive actions by the government. Due to the emotional outcry, the government will not be fair – they will be heavy-handed in dealing punishments.

Nigerian letter fraud charges are also accompanied by charges such as identity theft, credit card fraud, mail fraud, and even computer crimes. If you’re charged with a 419 crime, you could also be charged with things like: writing fake checks, wire fraud, email hijacking, mail fraud, fake websites, lottery scams, charity scams, and more. All of these could also result in computer fraud charges, identity theft, and more – which are all federal charges, and thus have mandatory sentencing guidelines. The government takes crimes like this, very serious – even the US secret service involved.

If you think you’re under investigation, we encourage you to contact our new york criminal defense attorneys today, for a risk free consultation. Our team of trial lawyers have over 50 years of combined experience, and believes in your right to the best legal help.

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