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NY Healthcare Fraud Lawyers

As today’s healthcare system grows more complex, many healthcare providers find themselves being scrutinized by government agencies. As a result of this, there is a much greater chance they may find themselves being accused of healthcare fraud. Due to rules and regulations changing almost daily, it’s imperative for healthcare providers to keep up with the latest developments. However, that is much easier said than done. Unfortunately, a lapse in following proper procedures can end up with healthcare fraud charges being filed against you and your practice. If you find yourself facing this situation, it’s imperative you retain legal counsel as soon as possible. When dealing with these circumstances, it’s important to work with attorneys who are experienced and knowledgeable about this field

What is Healthcare Fraud?

In today’s world, healthcare fraud takes in a number of different areas. However, the most common include medicaid and Medicare payments, no-fault insurance payments, and private insurance fraud. Because government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare have such strict regulations when it comes to payments, government agencies such as the Office of the Inspector General, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Department of Justice, FBI, and U.S. Attorney General’s Office all participate in investigations when healthcare fraud is suspected. Unfortunately, healthcare providers accused of healthcare fraud face an uphill battle to prove their innocence. Due to healthcare fraud being a top priority of government investigators, prosecution of these cases is often very intense. That’s why when a healthcare provider is facing these fraud accusations, it’s vital to have the experienced and knowledgeable attorneys from Potashnik and Associates by their side. We understand the complexity of these cases, and the various tactics the government will use in its attempts to prove their case. By retaining our firm as their legal counsel, healthcare providers can be assured they are getting the best possible legal representation.

Auditing of Records

Due to numerous government regulations, healthcare providers who participate in government-funded programs such as Medicaid or Medicare are subject to having their records reviewed on a regular basis. While it is critical that these records be maintained in an accurate and up-to-date manner, there are always times when mistakes may be made. When this happens, these are the times when government investigators may allege fraud has occurred. If you find yourself facing this situation, tough times may be ahead of you. Government regulators will aggressively pursue the charges against you, and as a result your practice could be closed indefinitely until the case is resolved. In addition, your personal and professional reputation may be portrayed in a very negative fashion by investigators, making it more and more difficult to prove your innocence. However, when you partner with us here at Spodek Law Group, all that can change. We will immediately begin working on your case by gathering the necessary evidence, analyzing it, and when necessary turning it over to expert witnesses skilled in financial records investigation. Furthermore, we will use all available options that will let you keep your practice open while the case plays out, and will also work to ensure your personal and professional reputation stay intact during these difficult times.

Complex and Confusing Cases

When charges of healthcare fraud are brought against a healthcare provider, the result can be a complex and confusing case that can take months or even years to resolve. This can be extremely stressful to the business and staff, leading to severe problems with morale. Sadly, many of these cases come about as a result of healthcare providers having no intention of breaking the rules. However, regardless of their intentions, government prosecutors maintain their determination to win the case at all costs. That’s why you need the services ofSpodek Law Group because we are never intimidated by the complexity of the case nor by the tactics used by government regulators. In cases such as these, investigators regularly use threats of intimidation and coercion in order to get those accused to admit guilt. We will never let that happen to our clients, and will act as a buffer between them and investigators to ensure their legal rights are maintained at all times. Because these cases can be so complex, investigators often rely on that to scare those accused into saying or doing things that can incriminate them during the investigation. Once again, that will not happen when we are retained as legal counsel. Despite the power they wield, government officials are still bound by rules and regulations of their own, and we will make sure they follow each and every one while the case is being resolved.

What To Do During an Investigation

If you find yourself being investigated for healthcare fraud, it can be an extremely stressful experience. Because of this, some people may do things that can hinder the investigation or even result in additional charges being filed against them. To make sure this does not happen to you, there are several things that should never be done while under investigation. These include:
–Discussing the case with others
–Altering documents
–Instructing staff members to lie if questioned by investigators
–Allowing those without a warrant to examine records and files

If any of these acts are committed during the course of the investigation, it will make it extremely hard to prove your innocence when the case goes to trial. In cases such as these, it’s always better to go on the offensive as soon as possible rather than always being defensive about your actions. In doing so, you can greatly increase your chances of a favorable outcome. In these types of cases, the government will often spare no expense when it comes to how much time and money will be used to gain a conviction. Therefore, it’s crucial that you contact us as soon as possible. By doing so, we can beat the government at their own game by hitting the ground running and gathering the facts and evidence needed to prove your innocence.

If you find yourself facing charges of healthcare fraud, time is of the essence. The longer you delay gaining legal representation, the greater the chances you may find yourself being found guilty and facing huge fines as well as potentially long prison sentences. We will do everything in our power to ensure that will not happen. To make sure your legal rights are upheld from the beginning, contact us today to set up an immediate consultation.

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