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New Jersey Drug Conspiracy Lawyers

November 6, 2020 New Jersey Criminal Lawyers

New Jersey Drug Conspiracy Lawyers

When you think of drug conspiracies, your thoughts turn to drug lords, organized crime, and other similar situations. However, you may be surprised to know that people can be charged with drug conspiracy for doing far less than any of these above-mentioned criminals. In fact, you don’t even have to sell the drugs yourself to be charged with drug conspiracy. As a result, you may assume that the less involved you were with selling the drugs, the lighter sentence you would receive if convicted. However, that is rarely the case. Due to the war on drugs constantly being an issue in the news today, prosecutors and other law enforcement officials will always try to get harsh convictions against those involved with drugs. If you now find yourself facing drug conspiracy charges in New Jersey, take them very seriously and immediately consult with a knowledgeable drug conspiracy lawyer who can put their expertise to work for you and your case.

Defining Conspiracy
While New Jersey does not have specific drug conspiracy laws, it does have conspiracy laws that can be used in drug cases. As for the legal definition of conspiracy in New Jersey, it is when one person reaches an agreement with another person to either engage in criminal conduct or assist in the planning or commission of a crime. For example, if you decide to work with another person to sell marijuana, you could be charged with drug conspiracy if caught by police. To make matters worse for you, these charges could be levied against you even if you never actually sold marijuana to anyone. Instead, police could arrest you and charge you with conspiracy even if you only bought packing materials and wrapped the drugs for resale. Since police, prosecutors, and judges will have no sympathy for you in these situations, turn to a New Jersey drug conspiracy lawyer who understands the nuances of these cases and can work hard to get the charges against you reduced or dropped.

What if a Crime Never Takes Place?
If you think you won’t be charged with drug conspiracy even if a crime never actually takes place, think again. For example, even if your partner in a marijuana drug business never actually sells the drugs you packaged for resale, both of you can be charged with drug conspiracy. In these cases, prosecutors will defend the filing of conspiracy charges against you based on the definition of conspiracy, which in part includes the attempt to commit a crime. Ultimately, if you are found to be involved in any way with a drug operation, expect to be charged with conspiracy if caught by authorities.

Are There Conspiracy Defenses?
Yes. Once you have hired an experienced New Jersey drug conspiracy lawyer to handle your case, they will immediately examine the evidence against you and plan a legal defense known as a renunciation of purpose. When using this defense as it pertains to your case, your lawyer will argue you should be allowed to escape being convicted due to you acting in some way to prevent a crime from taking place. As an example, if you contact police prior to your partner selling any drugs, your lawyer can point to this and say you took the necessary steps to stop the criminal activity. Though prosecutors will work hard to prove otherwise, having a skilled attorney on your side may get you a not guilty verdict. Since you may be facing many years in prison if this does not happen, never trust your case to an attorney who does not handle drug conspiracy cases on a regular basis. Instead, hire a New Jersey drug conspiracy lawyer who has a reputation for helping clients avoid guilty convictions in these matters.

Don’t Let Yourself be Confused
Since New Jersey’s conspiracy laws can be confusing, don’t allow yourself to be intimidated and confused by law enforcement officials and prosecutors once you are arrested. Due to the nature of your alleged crime, authorities will be putting tremendous pressure on you to tell them each and every detail of the drug operation you were allegedly involved with at the time of your arrest. Since you will continually be threatened with long prison sentences and other penalties, you may let your fear and confusion force you into making crucial mistakes regarding what you say while being under arrest. However, always remember the Miranda rights that were read to you upon your arrest. While police may use things you say against you, always keep in mind you also have the right to an attorney and for that attorney to be present during any questioning. Thus, to protect your rights from the start, say nothing until you consult with and hire the best possible New Jersey drug conspiracy lawyer available to handle your case.



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