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Overturning A Guilty Verdict In A Federal Criminal Appeal Lawyers

Overturning a Guilty Verdict in a Federal Criminal Appeal

In any criminal offense, the final verdict of the judge always counts. That is because it is believed that there is no other reason to reverse the ruling once the criminal pleads guilty. However, in some instances, pleading guilty may be because of some errors or misunderstanding. That may make the judge conclude fast that the defendant is on the wrong side.

Understanding the Process

In your case, you should not worry if you or your relative involved in a case finally commits to having committed the offense. That is because the conviction can be reversed. You can always change the conviction through various proven ways. This article illustrates how that can be done. Keep reading and understand better.

How to Overturn a Guilty Verdict in a Federal Criminal Appeal

Below are some of the ways you can consider when you feel that you need to reverse the conviction;

  1. Through a Lawyer

You may decide to continue with the lawyer defending you in the previous case or choose a new one. The essential thing is that you should get in touch with a lawyer to help you through an appealing process. The chances are that if you do it alone, you may fail and fall into depression. By the way, getting legal representation by a knowledgeable attorney is the perfect way to overturn the verdict. That is because he/she will be aware of the next steps to take.

Consultation is Key

Here is an instance

In the previous case, you might have left the whole case in the hands of your lawyer. Also, you may have failed to consult him on the best ways to defend. That can be one of the reasons for losing your previous case. Therefore, it is advisable that when appealing, you consult thoroughly with your lawyer so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Therefore, immediately you are convicted, and you think it’s not right, you can quickly get in touch with the lawyer to help you with advice and plan about what you should do next.

  1. Appeal

Majority of those who feel that they have been wrongly convicted always think of an appeal as the first step they should take. Even though the appeal judges rarely change the other judges’ decisions who were presiding over the case. They can always consider looking into the issue.

Exploring the Appeal Process

Through your lawyer, you will know how to approach the courts and present your issues. During the appeal period, the judges may want to know if there were any forces behind your admission.

An appeal is a perfect option for many defendants. However, it always has limited options. Some may not be right out of the limited choices, and they may be mostly in favor of the latter decision by the lower court. Also, if you don’t get an attorney who advises you right, you may end up wasting time without a better result.

It works when the court realizes that the time of conviction, in a way, you were forced by some external factors to do so. The judges may decide to reconsider your case, and that can bring a sigh of relief to you, provided you follow the right procedures during the appeal. It’s never a matter of life and death, and therefore you should know that you always have a second option to turn things around.

  1. Consider Writs

As you continue to think about the other best options, you may find yourself left with limited workable ones. At that point, you still don’t need to worry because you can opt for a writ.

Exploring Alternative Legal Avenues

The writ is an order from the highest court to a lower court where the verdict was delivered. It’s used to direct the lower court to reconsider some circumstances that were not given a deeper consideration during the case’s previous hearing.

For instance, the judge may be requested to reconsider a strong point that the defender’s lawyer would have used but didn’t use during the case. Writs are helpful, especially when you still believe that the lower court can help you get your rights.

Besides, before asking for a writ, you should consult with your attorney if he/she thinks it will be a fruitful move. You may be right on your side, but your attorney may advise you not to opt for it after reconsidering certain facts. That is because they are knowledgeable about conviction reversals. They know the best processes that when you follow, you will not waste your resources and time.


From the above information, you can realize that it’s possible to overturn a guilty verdict in a federal criminal appeal. Some of the critical things you should consider are the facts you think will bail you out. You can only do that with your lawyer by your side. There is no loss in getting a personal lawyer representing you in most of your matters in the legal rooms.

An appeal is always vital, so always ensure that you follow the right procedures to avoid possible time wastage. Also, you can check here to understand how to go about the whole matter.

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