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Bronx Assault Lawyers

July 1, 2017 Bronx Criminal Lawyers

Bronx assault lawyers help keep you out of jail when you’ve been charged with the crime of assault. Both misdemeanor and felony assault charges could land you in hot water without the expertise of an assault lawyer standing by your side when you’re standing before a judge to answer to the charges of assault. Spodek Law Group employees’ top-notch assault lawyer ready and willing to go to war to win your case. There are always two sides to a story. Your side deserves to be heard, just as the prosecution. When a lawyer is representing your case, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is heard in court.

What is Assault?

Assault is the intentional act of causing bodily harm to another person. A threat of causing harm may also result in an assault charge being placed upon you. There are several types of assault charges you face as a Bronx resident. Any of these charges can turn your life upside down, presenting consequences that are none-too-friendly to your way of life.

Assault is a common charge handed down in Bronx and throughout New York. Intentional or unintentional contact can result in an assault charge. Assault cases are oftentimes complex because there’s several degrees of assault you can be charged with. This includes both misdemeanor and felony charges.

Oftentimes, assault charges stem after situations are blown out of proportion. An assault charge can stem from miscommunication and as the result of police quickly wanting to move on to the next case. An attorney ensures that you put the fight of your life in on your court date. The lawyer provides you with a legal defense, knowledge, and a voice that you might otherwise been without.

Bronx Assault Lawyers

Punishment for Assault

Bronx residents convicted of an assault charge face many potential penalties. The courts use several factors to determine the severity of punishment you receive. From fines and probation to court-ordered anger management classes and time in jail or prison, assault charges easily take a toll on your life if convicted of the crime.

A first or second-degree assault charges just be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a Bronx court. First-degree assault is oftentimes a felony charge which could result in over one-year in prison if convicted. A third-degree assault charge is the least serious of the three. If the intent to cause bodily harm is proven in court, a third-degree assault charge may result. A third-degree assault charge conviction can result in up to 11 months, 29 days in jail.

Don’t forget the tarnished reputation resulting from an assault conviction. Your conviction is public record. It is easily accessible by anyone who knows your name and wishes to see the details. If you’re applying for a job, a rental home, a car loan, a mortgage, or other items that require a background check, you might be denied if the conviction is revealed.

It might seem that an assault case is simple, but once evidence is presented, they oftentimes take on an entirely new role. An attorney ensures that evidence is gathered and that you have the proper defense necessary to fight the charges brought against you. It is the only way to win when you go in court. Your life shouldn’t be shattered because of this charge when an attorney can come to the rescue and provide the legal expertise that you need.

Without an attorney, an unjust sentence could very well result after you are charged with assault. It happens far too often in Bronx courtrooms. Many individuals do not take the seriousness of the charge into account, assuming they’ll go to court and the case will be dismissed. Do not be naïve. You need an attorney because a conviction is what the court is after. You must prove that you did not commit the assault you are accused of, or provide a defense to the actions.

You Need a Bronx Assault Lawyer

Your life is a precious gift that shouldn’t be spent sitting in a caged cell or visiting a probation officer every week, paying those excessive fees each visit. A conviction for assault could very well mean time behind bars, a tarnished reputation, fines, and many other consequences that you surely don’t find appealing.

Once you hire Spodek Law Group to handle your case, the worries diminish and you’re left with the freedom and the beautiful gift of life that you deserve. While Spodek Law Group works diligently to get your assault charges dismissed, that isn’t always an option in each case. In such circumstances, the firm works hard to minimize the consequences of the charge to keep you free from jail or prison. Assault charges shouldn’t ruin your life.



Spodek Law Group have offered me excellent support and advice thru a very difficult time. I feel I've dealt with someone who truly cares and wants the best outcome for you and yours. I'm extremely grateful for all the help Spodek Law Group has offered me. I can't recommend them enough.

~ David Bruce

Spodek Law Group was incredibly professional and has given me the best advice I could wish for. They had been helpful and empathetic to my stressful situation. Would highly recommend Spodek Law Group to anyone I meet.

~ Rowlin Garcia

Best service I ever had. Todd is absolutely class personified. You are in the safest hands with spodek. They have their clients interest in mind.

~ Francis Anim

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