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By Spodek Law Group | August 5, 2018

When you’re in for the fight of your life, retain the Spodek team of criminal attorneys to get in the ring to bring home the knockout. Our aggressive fighting style is one that will show you how serious we are about protecting our clients and their rights. We’re not afraid to go up against the other guys and never back down when it is time to defend our clients in court. If you’ve been charged with a crime, your life and freedom are both on the line. A judge can place you in jail and mandate a slew of additional penalties if you are convicted of the cage. Furthermore, appearing before a judge without the competence that an attorney brings forth is very scary to anyone who has been charged with a crime. Do not go to court without an attorney there to provide this aggressive, knowledgeable fighting style that you deserve.

Why You Need a Binghamton Criminal Lawyers

No matter what type of criminal charge you face, prosecutors are there to ensure you are convicted. So often it matters little if you are actually guilty of the charge. Their goal is to convict you and sentence you to the harshest possible penalties as the result. If you want to avoid tough prosecution team that is there to put you 10 feet under, you need an attorney. The average person simply lacks the same legal knowledge and expertise as an attorney and that can seriously hurt the case. When your life’s on the line, as it always is when there is a risk of going to jail or prison, you should not take that risk. Furthermore, when you retain an attorney to represent your case, there is a peace of mind and confidence that would not otherwise be there to enjoy at this most difficult time in your life.

We Represent Your Criminal Matter

Call our Binghamton Criminal Lawyers law office the moment you bond out of jail so we can begin planning your defense and a strategy for a winning case. It doesn’t matter if you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony crime, you need an attorney there to help you out of hot water. Rest assured we’ll provide the top-notch, dedicated representation that you deserve, no matter what type of criminal charge you are facing. A criminal conviction is a life-changing experience that we vow to change. We represent individuals charged with assault, DUI, drug manufacturing, manslaughter, domestic violence, marijuana possession, kidnapping, arson, and many other charges. No matter what type of change you face, we’ll come to court with the expertise that gives you the upper-hand in the case. Our is to get your case dismissed or the penalties for a conviction reduced. It doesn’t matter if you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony crime, we’ll make sure this case doesn’t turn your life upside down.

Free Consultations

Every criminal case is different from the next. That is why it is important to sit down and talk to an attorney concerning the specifics of your case so he can properly prepare your case. This is best done during a consultation. There is no cost to sit down and talk to the attorney during a consultation, nor is there any obligation to retain him for services after the consultation. However, there is little doubt you’ll want the legal expertise the attorney brings to the case after you sit down and discuss your case. This is a special time that you can talk to the attorney about your case, learn his recommendations, and otherwise gain assurance in a manner that probably has you stressed to the max. The consultation is the first step in hiring an attorney to represent you in court. We are waiting to schedule your appointment, so give us a call today. Time is of the essence when you are facing a criminal charge. Do not delay that call and hinder your case in the process.

Why Hire the Spodek Law Firm?

Spodek Law Firm brings years of experience and expertise to your criminal case. Mr. Spodek has dedicated his life to law and has the knowledge to win your criminal matter, no matter what type of charges you face. Aggressive fighting doesn’t mean you won’t get compassion and care. It simply means you’re getting an attorney who knows what he wants and who is not afraid to go after that, for you, his client. But, you need an attorney who understands that you are under a lot of stress because it is scary to know your life’s on the line. Mr. Spodek and his team provide you compassionate, understanding criminal case representation. Rest easy that you are never alone when our attorney is on your side. We’ll be there every step of the way, providing you assurance and representation that keeps you on the right side of the law.

Binghamton Federal Criminal Lawyers

When It comes to a federal crime, you want the most experienced attorney handling your case. The difference between a good lawyer and a lackluster one can mean jail time or freedom. You don’t want a lawyer that just quotes the law; you need someone that has experience in defending clients facing federal charges. The goal is to get the charges thrown out or reduced, and when it comes to courtroom battles, practice makes perfect. No one wants to be a practice case. You want a top lawyer with sharp skills and a keen sense of the law.

It takes years of practice and working on hundreds of felony cases to form proper defense techniques. You want a lawyer that has a proven track record for success. Federal crimes include, but are not limited to, identity theft, computer hacking, drug trafficking, cyber terrorism, and blackmail. When you have a skilled lawyer on your side, you can sleep easy knowing that someone is taking care of everything for you.

Understanding the Difference Between State And Federal Courts

If you are suspected of committing a federal crime in Binghamton, then you most likely be charged through the Federal courts. These courts hand down more severe punishments and being accused by the Feds is a serious matter. A Federal matter is not the same as being charged by the state. An attorney that has knowledge of federal crimes can make a motion to move the case out of federal court and into the state branches.

The Steps in A Federal Case

The legal process provides various steps that each case must follow. The guidance of a lawyer with ample experience is vital. They can help you through these touch points and ensure that you get a fair trial. If you need help with federal appeals, our federal appeals lawyers can assist with this as well.

1. A Complaint Is Filled

First, a complaint is filed. It can be following an arrest, or the arrest can come after the party is served. It’s the prosecutor’s office that files this paperwork and issues the initial grievance. The prosecutor must document all the allegations and show proof that a crime was committed.

2. The Defendant Faces the Judge

Once an arrest has occurred, the defendant will appear before a judge. The court reviews all the evidence and makes sure there is significant evidence against the offender. If the paperwork is in order, the bond is set, and the party is informed of their rights. Getting an attorney, at this point in the case, is vital. A court can appoint an attorney to those who are indigent, but getting a proper legal defense requires retaining experienced counsel.

3. The Bond Hearing

A bond hearing is held within 72 hours after an offender is arrested. Depending on the crime, a person can be put on house arrest, be mandated to stay in a correctional facility, must pay a bond amount, or be released on their own recognizance.

4. The Federal Court Hearing

After the arrest, the Federal court will hold a hearing within ten days. During this hearing, it’s up to the prosecutor to show enough evidence that a crime has been committed. Also, the defense lawyer can use any evidence they have to show probable cause. After hearing both sides, the U.S. prosecuting attorney will either accept the complaint or elevate it to an indictment. The evidence collected is given to the grand jury to decide if the crime warrants being moved to a federal criminal case or remaining at the state level.

5. The Federal Arraignment

After being formally charged, an arraignment will occur. Al the charges brought against the offender is read, and the defendant learns of their rights. You will be asked to enter a plea of either guilty or not guilty. At this time, the court will set the case for trial.

The prosecutor may offer a plea agreement in exchange for information or to try close this case. It depends on the severity of the charges, and if there are any other parties, they are trying to apprehend. If the prosecutor and the defendant don’t reach a deal, the case will proceed to trial.

6. The Trial

During the trial, the prosecutor has the job of showing the court that the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If found guilty, the party will be sentenced. Depending on time served and the severity of the crimes, you can get probation, fines, jail time or a combination of all the above.

7. Appealing the Verdict

If you don’t agree with the verdict in your case, then you have a right to appeal. Your lawyer must file a Notice of Appeal to the court within ten days of being sentenced. Before taking any plea deals, it’s advisable to get proper legal counsel. You give up any rights to appeal to a higher court if you make a plea deal. A knowledgeable federal defense attorney is required to protect you during the plea bargain stage. There are no second chances once an agreement has been made.

Having Appropriate Legal Representation

The American Judicial system is complex for the average person to understand. States enforce criminal drug laws, but many times the federal government steps in too. Many jurisdictions seem to overlap a bit and require the agencies to work together to successfully prosecute. You can initially be charged at a state level and then your case may be elevated to the federal courts.

If you have been accused of breaking a federal statute or law, then you need a good criminal defense lawyer in Binghamton. If you have been convicted of violent crimes, drug trafficking, bank fraud, murder, rape or anything else at an advanced criminal level, then you need a good attorney to fight for you. A lawyer will need the crucial facts of your case and your circumstances to be able to adequately defend. Never go before a federal judge without appropriate counsel. It’s imperative for your record, and it could mean everything for the rest of your life.

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