NYC Witness Representation and Internal Investigation Lawyers

Many people believe they will never need a criminal attorney. Unfortunately, often, you may be accused of cimmitting a crime and will need one. If you’re the victim of a criminal act, or if you’re a victim in a criminal act – you may need an attorney otherwise you may risk criminal prosecution. If you’re a witness in a criminal prosecution, depending on your level of involvement – you could be accused of commiting a crime as well. Prosecutors want to hold a defendant accountable. In the event you’re a witness, and brought in to testify – the goal of the prosecutor is to get a conviction. That means, you aren’t the prosecutors friend. They will not advocate on your behalf, nor will they advise you about legal issues. The prosecutor has the final say in your criminal case.

Raiser & Kenniff, PC, advocates for those accused of crimes, in addition to witnesses who are unsure of what to tell lawyers – who need an attorney. Criminal lawyers at Raiser & Kenniff, PC, is sensitive to your specific needs and can help you. We help limit your personal and familial exposure, and avoid law enforcement issues whenever possible. We’ve handled some of the biggest state and federal cases in the state of New York.

We help cases on behalf of victims accused of crimes, and witnesses alike. We can help protect you. Raiser & Kenniff, is a law firm founded by two former prosecutors who understand the complexities of criminal cases. Especially, if you’re a victim or a witness. You need an attorney whose representing you.