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Theft and Larceny Lawyers

A simple committal of theft is also known as larceny in most states. It’s the unlawful taking of the property of another person. It could be something as simple as a purse or something as large as a car. There are various degrees of theft that need to be considered when it comes to charges and the punishments that are associated with the crime. One charge could be misdemeanor shoplifting while another could be grand theft auto. The shoplifting charge could result in fines and probation while stealing a car would result in jail time in most states. Each level of theft has the same overall element involved. The crime is taking someone else’s belongings without their permission.

There are variations of where the crime was committed as to the charges that are filed. If the crime takes place in a mall or retail store, then it’s considered shoplifting. The value of the items taken is also taken into consideration. Petty theft would be for something small and inexpensive while grand theft is reserved for items that have a significant price tag, such as a car.

Identity theft has made its way around in recent years, especially since so many people are paying for things online and posting personal information on social media sites. Identity theft is taking the name, address and other personal information of someone and using it to get credit cards, make purchases or even steal money from a bank account. The victim’s credit score can easily get damaged and the bank account drained without the person knowing about it as it’s an easy crime to commit in only a short period of time. In most states, identity theft is considered a federal crime. You could go to jail for long periods of time and pay hefty fines associated with paying back the money that was taken as well as money for compensation to the person who had the identity stolen.

Robbery is another kind of theft. Robbery involves using any kind of violence or the threat of violence in order to take someone’s possessions. It could be in a home or a business. If a weapon is used, then it’s considered armed robbery, which carries a higher degree of punishment. At times, assault charges might come into play as well, especially if the person decides to hit the victim while committing the crime.

Fraud is a type of theft that involves deceit. You would get someone to give you property under false pretenses. It wouldn’t involve simply taking the item or using any kind of force to take the item. The person would think that you are going to pay for it, but in reality, you wouldn’t give any money for the item or services that have been taken. Fraud is often considered a white collar crime as there usually isn’t any kind of violence involved. It often takes place in businesses. Someone could embezzle money, which is using money that is meant for another purpose while it’s in your care. Fraud is a crime that can result in the loss of a lot of money in a short time. It’s often hard to track until someone takes a large amount and is sometimes out of the state or the country before anyone realizes what has happened.

An attorney can help you with any theft charges that you might have. The attorney would look at the situation involved the theft and whether it was a simple crime or one involving a serious offense. There are times when the attorney might be able to enter a plea deal so that you’re on probation instead of going to jail, but if you are found guilty, then fines will likely be required.

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