Suffolk County Murder Defense Lawyers

Suffolk County Murder Defense Lawyers

Murder is a grave offense and quite a steep charge to face. When we talk of murder, what comes to mind is the intentional killing of another. Well, it’s partially right, but murder encompasses much more. Regardless, murder is a crime not only in Suffolk County but across the globe, and it comes in varying degrees. Consequently, each has its punishment limits ordered by the court of law.

The most common form of murder is the first-degree and second-degree murder. The classification is highly reliant on whether the perpetrator intended to kill the victim or it occurred all by accident. Besides, associated punishments increase depending on the classification of the act to an extent where one can be sentenced to death upon conviction. To stand a chance of avoiding the tough sentence, Suffolk County murder defense attorneys are always at your disposal.

First-degree murder ranks the highest of the murder offenses. It involves a properly planned and brutal killing of another person. Often, the perpetrators have a sane mind and are well aware of the murderous act they intend to do. It is more of a prior meditated action. For it to hold as first-degree, malice must be proven to be an underlying intent of the act. However, it is upon the prosecutor to prove to the court that there was an intentional thought to execute the killing.

Moreover, a motive is another key element of first-degree murder. The court simply aims at looking for the possible reason behind the murder. It could occur in the act of self-defense or under threat. For this reason, the motivecould be used to determine the extent of punishment, and some will certainly be higher than others. These kinds of murder carry a minimum jail time of 20 years and a possible maximum of a life sentence without parole. Luckily, with the professional services of our murder defense attorneys, this jail time could be reduced in your favor.

In the case of a murder committed with no prior meditation, then it is classified as a second-degree murder. It also carries the element of malice. It is highly possible to kill someone intentionally or knowingly but without prior thoughts before committing the act. Second-degree murder comes with a minimum of 15 years in prison and a maximum of 25 years or lifetime in jail if you are unable to defend yourself. Upon seeking representation from our distinguished and experienced murder defense lawyers, the sentence could be reduced significantly.

The most common of all is a felonious murder, and it usually occurs when committing a felony. To be clear, these murders are not subject to a plan. Mostly, they result during robbery attempts, and they could be purely ‘innocent’ especially when someone, out of fear during the robbery, collapses and dies. Everyone involved in the robbery is subject to the murder charges since the death occurred when the felony was going down. In the case of such murders, the perpetrators face a life sentence without any possibility of parole. However, our experienced murder defense lawyers could turn tables to get you a better plea deal in your favor.

While faced with either of the charges above, it is prudent to seek representation from the best murder defense attorneys there is in Suffolk County. Our attorneys give an in-depth analysis of the murder accusation and in defense cite its specifics and the probable reasons behind the murder act. They work ceaselessly to ensure the case is dismissed or your sentence is reduced. Besides, they work out the best plea deal for your case with the understanding of the prosecution team.

It is good to note that the punishments and penalties on these murders are different for each person. Several factors are put into consideration while awarding these penalties. For starters, the prosecution or jury critically analyzes the circumstances surrounding the murder, the specifics of the case, and the number of times the suspect has been charged with crimes in the past. As a result, these circumstances vary by case.

To ensure that the prosecution, jury, and the judge offer you the most favorable penalty for your murder offense, it is highly recommendable for you to hire the ultimate Suffolk County murder defense lawyers. We are the best at what we do, and we work round the clock to ensure that the murder charges against you are either cleared or reduced.

Our murder attorneys offer you an array of defenses to counter your murder charges depending on the evidence presented. However, you require their legal assistance to choose the best that suits your case. For instance, the lawyers can present your form of defense as being self-defense. It is the most common but applies to almost all murders. In this case, they help you argue out your case as a situation that required you to either kill or be killed. With proof that the victim was ready and willing to cause harm to the defendant, our lawyers build a strong defense for the prosecution, and you stand a chance of a reduced punishment.

It is not uncommon for murder to take place in the hands of police officers or the authority. In such instances, our murder defense lawyers assist these officers with a criminal defense of exercise of duty. They help them in proving beyond doubt that the act happened not as a result of a personal reason or intention and convince the jury that it was as a result of an implementation of a duty within the law.

Life could sometimes be stressful and depressing. Therefore, you may end up committing murder without your own accord. In such scenarios, our murder defense lawyers can assist you in presenting the defense of insanity. They get in touch with trusted medical practitioners for tests and witness testimonies to help in your defense. More importantly, they focus on winning your case or else having your sentence and penalty reduced. It is the aim of each murder attorney under our payroll to help you prove your case, reduce the charges, or help you walk away without being charged. Hence, make contact with us today in the event of a murder charge or accusation against you.

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