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Staten Island Child Abuse Lawyers

America has one of the highest rates of child abuse in the industrialized world. Most of these abusers are family members who are likely to murder their victims after their atrocities. Staten Island child abuse lawyers are competent enough to deal with the rampant cases reported in their area.

Child abuse is any behavior directed towards a child that is likely to impose physical, emotional or even psychological effects on a child. This may take many forms which include sexual exploitation, battering or even leaving a child alone in a vehicle. It has been reported that child abuse deaths in America are four times higher than the ones of the military officers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq during the war.

Factors that lead to abuse include poverty in families; families that get yearly incomes of 15,000 dollars and below and the dwindling global economy is making it worse.A survey b the National Foster Care Education Project revealed that children in foster care are highly likely to be abused than children in regular families. In addition to this, abused children who never got any counseling or therapy are likely to abuse other children including their own offspring. Republican ran states are more likely to promote the abuse because of promoting the family unity regardless of the torture that might be going on within it.

Although an average of five children dies because of child abuse in America, only 2.9 million cases are reported. However, child abuse lawyers in Staten Island are always ready to assist anyone who has been affected by child abuse in the area. There are 76 registered and qualified child abuse lawyers in Staten Island. If you expand your search to a 100-mile radius within the island you will have the option of choosing from 96 professional child abuse attorneys. The Spodek Law group and Stephen Bilkis and Associates are among these qualified child abuse lawyers situated on Staten Island.

About The Spodek Law Group

The Spodek Law Group – a family-oriented law firm , deals with many crimes which include child abuse and neglect, cyber crime, assault and robbery, domestic violence, federal charges, white collar crimes, drug charges, burglaries among many others. The attorneys at law may offer a free consultation when you request it. To make it easier you can contact them in person when you visit their offices or call them directly.

The Spodek Law Group is based in New York but they also handle child abuse cases from Staten Island. The group has over 50 years experience in litigation and it has the top criminal attorneys in New York. This group of lawyers is always available to offer you legal protection in whatever case you might be involved in.

Their charges are reasonable and they even have a monthly payment plan which is suitable for everyone due to its flexibility. The renowned firm has been acclaimed nationally for its sterling job and their lawyers are always available for any legal battles they might be called to fight. Spodek Law Group is situated in three locations which include Nassau County, Suffolk County, and New York City.The firm was started by Todd Spodek who is the Managing Partner and Victoria Spodek who is a partner. The litigators are both former prosecutors who understand the legal profession well. The firm treats each case with the attention it deserves.

About Stephen Bilkis And Associates:

Stephen Bilkis and Associates is a family law attorney practice which covers issues about child abuse and neglect, child support, child custody, paternity, spousal support, visitation, guardianship law, relocation, joint paternity, divorce proceedings and many other processes that affect the family. Most of these cases are handled at The Family Court which is situated on the Richmond Terrace on the island. Stephen Bilkis & Associates has offices in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Suffolk County and Westchester County.

In addition to the two law firms above that handle child abuse cases, you can find other child abuse attorneys in the law firm directory which can be accessed online at any time. Most of the lawyers who deal with child abuse on Staten Island offer a free consultation. However, you can also take on a qualified legal professional appointed by the Family Court Judge on the island.

More Facts About Child Abuse

• Over 70% of the children who die because of the abuse are below three years old.
• 82% of the child abusers are between 18 to 44 years old and 39% of them are between 25 and 34.
• Up to five children die daily in America because of child abuse. 70% of them are under three years.
• 68% of the children are abused by a family member. 90% of the victims know their abusers.
• Most girls who are abused are below three years and most abused boys are above five years old.
• Most children who are abused are likely to commit criminal offenses. 59% of them are may be incarcerated and 28% of them as adult criminals. 30% of them are likely to be involved in violent crime.
• Approximately 80% young adults who experienced abuse will develop a psychological disorder.
• Children who are abused are usually more likely to be teen mothers, contract STDs and STI’s. This is because most of them don’t observe safe sex practices.

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