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Brooklyn Sex Crime Lawyers

In Brooklyn, New York, and throughout the nation, sex crimes and those who commit them are generally regarded as hateful and contemptible. A sex crime is charged when a person does not give consent to a sexual act. Rape is the sex crime that is familiar to most people. However, there are other charges as well. Such a charge may indicate
forcible touching, any sexual activity against a child who is younger than 11 years old, genital mutilation of a female, incest, anal or oral sex with someone who is physically helpless, and using a controlled substance in order to facilitate sexual activity.

Sex Crime Charges

Because the law regards sex crimes as so serious, most of them are listed as felonies. The felony charge of rape, for instance, is listed in three degrees in Section 130 of the New York penal code. The charges depend on circumstances such as the use of force or action against a child. Any of the three charges can result in a prison sentence as long as 25 years.

According to the New York Penal Code, some sex offenses are listed as misdemeanors, including forcible touching, second degree sexual abuse, and third degree sexual abuse. The penalty is a year or less in a local jail.

Sex Crime Charges and Convictions

Anyone who is charged with a sex crime will be arrested and taken into custody, where he or she will remain until arraignment. That means a hearing before a judge where the crime will be charged. The suspect will also learn if he or she will be released to return to court at a stated date.

A sex crime conviction may mean lengthy time in prison or a short time
in jail. In either case it means that you now have a criminal record and you may wind up on the sex offender registry. Anyone convicted of a level 2 or 3 sex crime (moderate to high risk of repeated offenses) or an attempt to commit a sex crime in New York is required to sign with the New York State Sex Offense Registry. Anyone can search the registry, and anyone can sign up to be notified if a convicted sex offender moves into or out of the neighborhood.

Anyone who is put in the registry will remain there for at least 20 years. If you move out of New York State, you must inform the New York Department of Criminal Justice Services. If you stay in New York, you must report to the local police every three years to have your photo taken. Not following these and other possible rules may put you in jail or prison for a Class D felony.

In some cases, a first-degree sexual offender may receive probation instead of jail. Although this is a lighter sentence, there are still rules to follow. These might include having a job, taking random drug testing, not leaving the state without permission, and checking with a probation officer.

Fighting the Charges

A sex crime charger is frightening and can be life changing. In addition, in some cases, it may be false. Innocent people as well as the guilty are sometimes charged with a sex crime. The charge itself is complex and can permanently change your life. If you are charged with any sex crime, contact To fight such a charge, you need the long-time experience of a law firm that knows how to work in your behalf.

Don’t let a sex offense charge ruin your life. Contact today. We have the experience, we know the law, and we can help.

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