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NYC Second Chance Schemes Lawyers

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NYC Second Chance Schemes Lawyers

If you’re accused of being in a second chance scheme, you’ll want a criminal attorney on your side. These schemes are common on eBay and other websites. While most are legitimate, there are many which are simply scams. This type of fraud can be a federal offense, and can result in serious jail time. If a state or federal prosecutor becomes involved, you could be investigated – and face length prison sentences. If the scam is unsuccessful, it’s important you do everything possible to protect yourself and avoid prison.

At Spodek Law Group, PC, we’re committed to providing the best possible legal representation against second chance schemes. We are committed to getting you out of trouble. Second chance schemes target someone who bid on an auction, and didn’t win it. The runner-up is contacted, with an offer to sell him the item for the highest bid – or some other price. In some situations, a second chance scheme is a ponzi scheme in disguise – which is being used to get financial information from the auction bidder. The bidder has to provide information like credit card details, etc, to get the item he had bid on. When his information is given, the financial details are used to withdraw funds from his account illegally. In other situations, the scheme is used to get a bidder to wire money – or send immediate payment. After sending the payment, no item is mailed or provided. The buyer loses funds, and the person keeps the money.

What are the penalties

Authorities get involved is the second chance scam is auction fraud. You could face serious federal charges. For example, if you used email to ask for money, or if you used Western Union to do the wire transfer, then you could face federal wire fraud charges. This crime can carry a maximum of 20-30 years in prison. If it’s a phishing scam, then you can be charged with federal criminal offenses relating to identity theft – which also carries a prison sentence.

The FBI has a partnership with the National White Collar Crime Center, to create the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Federal authorities could come after you if there are complaints of auction fraud. In addition, State prosecutors can file charges for crimes like fraud, identity theft, or even larceny.



How can we help

The prosecution has a burden of proof – that you were involved in a scheme which violated federal/state laws. Our job is to introduce doubt into the case, and prove your innocence. Call us today to get started.

NYC Second Chance Schemes Lawyers

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