NYC Reshipping Scams Lawyers

Are you accused of being involved in a reshipping scam? Then you’ll need a NYC lawyer who focuses on reshipping scams. Reshipping scams can lead to federal charges – for things like mail fraud, computer crimes, and other offenses. Reshipping fraud can result in a federal indictment on multiple counts – which means decades of imprisonment. Defendants involved in reshipping scams can also face state charges as well.

Raiser & Kenniff, PC, provides representation to people accused of reshipping scams – with many different types of reshipping scam fraud. We handle tough cases that other firms turn down. As a firm founded by two former prosecutors, we understand the challenges you face – and want to help.

What’s reshipping fraud?

Reshipping fraud occurs when merchandise is purchased using stolen credit cards. Merchandise ships to the home of a reshipper, who isn’t aware the merchandise is unlawfully purchased. The reshipper mails the package to the person behind the scam. In most cases, the reshipped items are sent outside the country. Major companies like Amazon, and Ebay, are cracking down hard on reshipping fraud. Often, legitimate websites are used to recruit people to serve as re-shippers. In many cases, work at home job schemes are used to offer people money to reship items. Many job seekers, apply and complete the shipment without realizing they are a participant in a criminal act.

What are the penalties?

Involvement in a reshipping scam can result in a lot of potential penalties. You can be charged for the wrongful acts you’re co-conspirators commit – which means you are taking the full force of the damage. You can be charged with credit card fraud, identity theft, computer crimes, internet fraud, and mail fraud. When you reship items using the public mailing system for purposes of fraud – that sets you up for mail fraud. If a financial institution is defrauded as a result of the stolen credit, then this means a charge of bank fraud as well. ┬áMany of these are federal charges, which means prison sentence of 20 years. If a bank is defrauded, that can mean 30 years of jail time. It’s quite possible for a defendant to be indicted on multiple federal charges. If you simply participate in a reshipping scam, you could face a lot of potential criminal accusations – even though you had minimal involvement.

How we can help

Defendants who are accused of breaking either state or federal laws in connection with a reshipping scam must understand this is a serious issue. You could go to jail for a long time. Our NYC reshipping scams lawyers can introduce doubt into the prosecutions case, and raise defenses to avoid a conviction. We can also negotiate a plea deal, and work to get charges dropped or dismissed, based on insufficient or faulty evidence. To learn more, contact our attorneys today.