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Brooklyn Rape Lawyers

Sexual crimes are serious offenses with tough sentences especially if it is a rape case. Rape is viewed as a violation of one’s privacy and sexuality. A rape accusation is daunting to one’s reputation, relationships, career, or any prospects that the suspect may have. The act of rape is more often perpetrated against the consent of one party, and this leads to abuse. More so, it can occur under the circumstances where the victim was unconscious. Equally, one may be accused of rape even when he is not guilty of the crime.

Defending someone accused of rape is a difficult but a possible task. It is the task of the accused to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that he or she did not commit the crime. True to it, it is usually a terrible process. However, with the excellent services of Brooklyn rape defense lawyers, the accused stands a chance.

We are among the world’s best rape defense attorneys. We have extensive experience dealing with rape cases. Upon being presented with such a case, we formulate a strong defense strategy that will give our client the best possible outcome from the ruling. Since rape is a serious crime, suspects are viewed as sex predators and are most likely to be prosecuted aggressively hence the need of an equally aggressive rape lawyer.

Rape is considered a felony, and for this reason, it is classified as first-degree rape, second-degree rape, and third-degree rape. Consequently, their prison sentences vary depending on the charge. However, these charges have very harsh penalties. For a first degree rape, the sentence can extend up to 25 years of imprisonment. Moreover, these offenses carry more consequences like heavy fining, mandatory registration as a sex offender, and a court-ordered rehabilitation.

Rape could either be statutory or spousal. Statutory rape cases are the most common and are recently on the rise. These case scenarios are most common in school settings where teachers are involved in sexual acts with students. The court system is usually merciless with such perpetrators, and this is a sufficient reason to have a brooklyn rape defense attorney by your side.

Spousal rape, on the other hand, is mostly associated with domestic violence. Moreover, there have been cases reported on date rape. However, these types of cases involve one person’s words and actions against the other and are often tricky to defend especially if alcohol or drugs had a part to play. Therefore, in your defense, you require our legal defense services by our experienced criminal defense lawyers.

We help you understand your rights in case of a rape accusation. For starters, we evaluate the specifics of the case and assist you in understanding the charges brought forth against you using our legal knowledge and experience. Moreover, we prepare you for possible penalties that the court may confer. With our broad experience of how these cases are handled, our lawyers apply their skills to build a strong defense for the clients.

We have the understanding that rape charges just like any other charge are unproven allegations. Therefore, under the law, clients are presumed innocent, irrespective of the charges, until they are proven guilty. Hence, our attorneys operate on this central concept and alleviate possible contemptuous or disgusting behavior against our clients until evidence is adduced to prove otherwise.

Our rape lawyers are human, and this simply means that they sympathize with the tough situation of clients. We have the understanding that being accused of a sexual crime is not only embarrassing but also terrible. We know the stress associated with the accusation and the effect it has on both our clients’ personal and professional life. The situation is worse if the client is falsely accused of the sexual offense. Luckily, we don’t disappoint. We stand by you and represent you both aggressively and respectfully from start to the end.

Our rape lawyers have dealt with many clients facing similar accusations of sexual assault and rape. As a result, we do not hesitate to take up your case and provide you with the state-of-the-art representation. We also have the knowledge that everything regarding our clients is at stake. For this reason, we work beyond our means to secure their dismissal or at least ensure that the impacts of the rape charges are kept to the minimum as possible.

Moreover, we immerse every resource at our disposal to acquit you of the rape charges. First, we analyze each aspect of your case critically. More importantly, we interview our client’s accuser and also witnesses if any. Also, we work in conjunction with forensic and DNA experts, medical practitioners, and toxicologists, for the sole purpose of strengthening your defense.

Our rape defense attorneys ensure that our client’s work is not affected by the whole process by advocating for a reasonable bail. This way, you can continue with your responsibilities while we conveniently continue working with your defense team. In the instance of failure to get charges dropped, our lawyers do not abandon you. They offer you options regarding plea bargain and trial. We also provide you with all the info about the impact of your choices.

Moreover, we ensure that your case is fairly treated within the laid down legal framework. Our attorneys accord you the respect and exercise fairness that you deserve without any judgment. Make contact with our rape defense attorneys today in the case of any sex assault accusation.

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