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Queens Criminal Summons and Queens Criminal Court

Queens Criminal Summons

Queens Criminal Summons and Queens Summons Court

120-55 Queens Blvd
Kew Gardens, NY 11415

The Queens Summons Court is not located at Queens Criminal Court but across the street in the Borough Hall building. The Queens Summons Court is the Court that deals with Criminal Summons. Criminal Summons are also referred to as pink tickets and given out for low level offenses in Queens County. The Criminal Summons can be given for violations and for misdemeanors. Generally, they are for violations of the administrative code.

The most common types of Criminal Summons are:

  • Drinking Alcohol in Public
  • Being in a Park After Dark
  • Riding a Bicycle on the Sidewalk
  • Various Trespass Offenses
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Failure to follow Park Rules
  • Urinating in Public
  • Possession of a Knife over 4 inches
  • Selling tickets too close to a stadium (even for face value)
  • Unlawful Eviction
  • Unlawful Possession of Marijuana
  • Reckless Driving
  • Operating a Motor Vehicle in Violation of Safety Rules

Consent to a Adjudication before Judicial Hearing Officer:

If you appear in Queens Summons Court you will be handed the following purple form.

Queens Criminal Summons Consent by JHO

The form is a Consent to Adjudication before a Judicial Hearing Officer (“JHO”). The form will tell you that you are being charged with an offense that is being referred to a Judicial Hearing Officer (“JHO”) for trial and/or final disposition and sentence. You have the right to adjudicate this case before a criminal court judge. You also have the right to retain counsel to represent you.

The Judicial Hearing Officer who adjudicates this case will:

  • determine all questions of law, and
  • act as the exclusive tried of all issues of fact; and
  • render a verdict; and
  • impose a sentence if required

In discharging this responsibility the Judicial Hearing Officer shall have the same powers as a Criminal Court judge and any action taken by the Judicial Hearing Officer shall be deemed the action of the Criminal Court.

Your right to appeal the determination of your case before the Judicial Hearing Officer is the same as if it had been adjudicated before a judge of the New York City Criminal Court.

By signing this form you hereby consent to having your case adjudicated before a Judicial Hearing Officer.

Payment of Fines:

The Queens Criminal Summons Court accepts cash, master card, visa, debit card, and money orders. The Queens Criminal Summons Court does not accept coins and American Express.

Queens Summons Court Schedule:

  • Monday: AP3
  • Tuesday: JP1
  • Wednesday: AP1
  • Thursday: AP2
  • Friday: AP5

New York City Department of Building and Fire Department of New York Cases:

All building department and fire department cases are heard in New York County, SAP2 at 108 Leonard Street. All Motions must be served on New York Corporate Counsel located at 100 Church Street, New York, NY 10007, and at the Clerks office at Queens Summons Court. All Motions should be noticed for a Thursday in SAP2 however, the date should not be sooner then 30 days after service. All warrants, motions, and trials will be decided in Queens Summons Court and then sent over to New York County.

The criminal defense lawyers at Spodek Law Group P.C. appear at Queens Summons Court on regular basis. Please call us at (718) 596-3700.

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