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Pace University Title IX Investigations Lawyers

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Pace University Title IX Investigations Lawyers

Pace University is one of the most well known and respected institutions of higher education. Pace University has a reputation in the NYC community. Irrespective of whether you’re part of the undergrad or graduate program, you may be arrested on campus. This will result a Title IX disciplinary hearing. In all likelihood, you could face charges from the NYPD, the DA’s Office, westchester County Police, or even other federal agencies. If you’re arrested – you could be indicted, and face a criminal record which will last for the rest of your life. This can impact not only your academic future, but the future of your life.

Typically, Title IX investigations happens after a fellow student accuses you of sexual, or gender, harassment. If there’s a pending Title IX investigation and disciplinary hearing, then it could result in your suspension or expulsion. There are a lot of things that can happen, which means you’ll need a trustworthy NYC criminal attorney who can work with you and protect you.


Depending on where the criminal allegations are made – Westchester or Manhattan – the police department, and DA’s office will change. If you are accused of committing a minor criminal offense on a college campus, you will be given a pink slip summons – which must be returned to a court in Pleasantville or Briarcliff. In Manhattan, this court is at 346 Broadway. Criminal cases which are misdemeanors are handled as Desk Appearance Tickets, also known as DAT’s. Felonies, regardless of what the student is accused of doing, will be handled in front of a judge. This is done on a local court level in Westchester or at the criminal court in NYC. More serious offenses, post indictment, are prosecuted in Westchester County Court or at the Manhattan Supreme Court.

Criminal offenses can be for any number of things such as assault, theft, unlawful surveillance, drug and marijuana, identity theft, computer crimes, and more. Even if you don’t get jail time, a misdemeanor – or time spent in prison, can result in your life falling apart. It can harm your chances of completing college, and can result in a diminished professional career.

Sexual Assault and Gender Based Harassment

The Title IX investigations at Pace University is different, based on what you’re being investigated for, and what happens. It’s the same law, and process, from one university to the next. You have rights, and one of those rights is an attorney. When you hire Spodek Law Group, PC, you work with former prosecutors – who understand how to protect you. The Title IX process is discussed in school handbooks, which discuss how the investigation will happen, how suspension and disciplinary actions are taken, and how expulsion will happen. The investigation can occur with or simultaneous to a criminal case. You could face a court trial in addition to a Title IX investigation. If you are also facing a simultaneous criminal case – the decision of that can impact your Pace University title IX investigation.

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Spodek Law Group, PC can help you with any type of criminal issue, whether it be gender or sex related, or based on discrimination and retaliation. We can help protect your future. We are available 24/7, and can handle both the title IX investigation and the criminal case against you.


Pace University Title IX Investigations Lawyers

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