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nyc medical license defense lawyers

If you’re a doctor, there is always a possibility that someone will file a medical claim against you. This claim could result in no action being taken against you. On the other hand, it could result in losing your medical license, which would prevent you from working as a doctor for a specified period of time or at all. An attorney can meet with you to look at the claim against you as well as the evidence that you have pertaining to the incident. Your attorney can advise you as to the best way to deal with the claim in order to achieve the best outcome.

When you attended college to get your medical degree so that you could practice, you likely worked very hard in all of the classes and while performing the clinical work. In the event that the medical board receives a claim about any kind of misconduct that you have committed whether it’s in an office, in a hospital, or in another healthcare setting, you will likely at least have a hearing. If a decision can’t be reached during a hearing, then you would likely need to go to court so that the claim can be settled. Your attorney can offer details about the claim that puts you in the best light and that shows the positive things that you have done in your medical career. Most attorneys have worked with various members of the medical community including dentists, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. Each case is typically handled in a way that is suited for your specific career. Once you meet with your attorney, you can discuss any settlement that might need to be made as well as what you might be able to expect regarding sentencing. Keep in mind that sentencing is usually reserved for severe claims and felonies. Some of the sentencing options include jail time, fines, and probation.

As you begin the process of protecting your career and your name, you’ll talk to an attorney about the details surrounding the claim brought against you. If there were any witnesses to the incident, then they could provide a written statement that you could give to your attorney. You can also submit any medical documents or insurance documents that could dispel the claim brought against you. Some of the claims that you could face include drug charges, prescription fraud, and insurance fraud. Malpractice claims are often at the top of the ladder of offenses and could result in the harshest punishments compared to minor claims that include filing a wrong document. Each case is looked at separately so that a fair decision can be reached.

The goal that your attorney has is to present your case so that you can keep your medical license. Your attorney can investigate details that you might not even be aware of and consult with insurance companies as well as those who have filed a claim against you in order to get all of the information needed. Your attorney will understand the medical laws in the state where you practice and be able to use those laws when crafting your defense.

In the event that you’re convicted of a medical offense, your attorney can work to get a fair sentence as well as one that keeps you out of jail or that allows you to keep your medical license. Sometimes, a plea agreement is encouraged by your attorney if it appears as though the prosecution has enough evidence against you. This is when it’s sometimes beneficial for your attorney to negotiate your sentence as it will likely result in one that is the least severe.

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