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NYC Felonies Lawyers

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NYC Felonies Lawyers

Nobody wants to be arrested, and being charged with a felony can be terrifying. Dealing with the criminal justice system can be a challenge for some, but a good lawyer can explain how the entire process works. Many don’t know who they are going to turn to, and they aren’t sure what the future is going to hold. A felony is very serious charge than can lead to prison time and have a serious mark on their records forever. A felony on the criminal record can make it hard to get a job, and harder to carry on with life long after the incident.

Those who are charged with a felony should call a professional lawyer right away who specializes in the type of crime with which they are charged. These lawyers know the process, and will break it down to make it easy for people to understand. The lawyers will protect the rights of the accused, and give them the best possible defense against the crime. From looking at all the evidence of the crime itself, to considering various legal avenues, the attorney will get the best possible outcome for anybody charged with a crime.

Many don’t realize that once they’ve been convicted of a felony they lose many rights, including the right to vote or own a firearm. In some cases, those who have a felony on their record may not even be able to do something as basic as open a bank account or get certain types of loans. For those who value these rights, it can be tragic to lose them because they have been convicted. In some cases, a criminal attorney may be able to reduce the charges against this person, and allow them to have a less severe mark on their record like a misdemeanor. In some cases, lawyers may be able to produce evidence that could end in all of the charges being dropped.

In the case that the felony charges go to trial, having a good attorney is critical. They will come up with the best possible defense against these charges, and explain the process throughout to their client. They will make it easy to understand what is happening, and give their legal advice as to how to handle the case going forward. These lawyers will treat their clients like family, which gives them a safe place to turn to during this frightening time in their lives.

Many don’t realize that there are varying types of felony charges. As they get more severe, they are classified differently. A lawyer will be able to explain the differences here, and may be able to help people reduce the charges to a less severe felony in some circumstances. In other instances, they may be able to get the charges taken from a felony all the way down to a misdemeanor. This may make it easier for people to get a job in the future. Getting sent to jail is something that everybody wants to avoid, so choose the service driven lawyer who can provide the most compelling defense.

Getting charged with a crime is scary and dealing with the criminal justice system can be confusing. Call a lawyer who is committed to protecting the rights of their clients, and to treating them like family. Don’t leave this to chance, as even after jail time has been served the mark of a felony can last for a lifetime. Don’t spend time wondering what the future is going to hold, call a lawyer who will work tirelessly to get the best possible results for each and every one of their clients.

In every state, crimes are placed in one of three categories: infraction, misdemeanor and felony. The crimes are separated by the seriousness of the offense. There is one exception discussed later. An infraction, commonly called a violation, is punishable by fines, not jail time. A defendant found guilty of an infraction is typically ordered to pay a fine. They don’t have a right to a trial by jury or judge. A misdemeanor is more serious than an infraction. Misdemeanor crimes are generally punishable by fine, community service, probation, or restitution. A defendant may also be sentenced to jail for up to one year.

What is a Felony?
A felony offense is the most serious crime in every state. A felony often involves some threat or actual serious physical harm to a victim. However, white collar crimes are generally included as felony crimes. A white collar crime is a crime such as embezzlement where no physical harm was done to the victim. Instead money or some kind of asset was taken. Some fraud schemes are felonies too.
Misdemeanors and felonies are similar because they involve incarceration. They aren’t alike because of the amount of time behind bars. A felony conviction means prison time. A defendant may spend months or years in prison. A person convicted of a misdemeanor will just go to jail unless they have priors. Prior convictions can be elevated to felony charges.

The amount of time in prison and other punishment depends on the crime. Potential criminal punishments include:
• Probation
• Parole
• Life in prison with parole
• Life in prison without parole
• Death penalty

Degree and Other Classifications
In many states, a felony crime is broken into separate categories. These categories may be listed in degrees or letters such as Class E assault with a deadly weapon. Both the degree and letter subcategories denote how bad the criminal punish will be, if a person is convicted. For example, first degree burglary may be 30 years in prison where third degree burglary may be five or 10 years in prison. Classes A, B, C, D and F also determine how long a person will spend in prison.

The Wobbler: The One Exception to the Three-Category Crime Rule
In some states, crimes are considered wobblers. A wobbler is any offense that may be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or felony. This also means a felony charge can be downgraded to a misdemeanor charge. Typically, state law gives a judge leeway to punish an individual with a misdemeanor or felony sentence.

Ask an Attorney More about a Felony Crime
A felony crime is the worst crime of the three types of crimes a person can be convicted of committing. A felony may mean that a person’s right to vote is taken away when they’re convicted of this crime. However, just because a person is charged that doesn’t mean they’ll be convicted.


NYC Felonies Lawyers

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