I’ve been charged with drunk driving. Should I get a lawyer?

If you have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or any other substance, you should certainly hire a lawyer. While you have the right to defend yourself, an attorney understands the nuance of DUI law and can craft a defense that may get you a favorable outcome in your case. What are some other reasons to hire an attorney?

You May Not Understand the Burden of Proof a Prosecutor Has

According to NYC personal injury lawyer Steve Raiser, You may assume that your case is one that will be easy to prove at trial. However, an attorney may know about a technicality or some other quirk in the law that could render a key piece of evidence inadmissible during trial. He or she may also know about different ways to cross-examine a witness that may cause that witness to offer up conflicting testimony. This may create enough reasonable doubt to have your case thrown out.

An Attorney May Be Effective at Negotiating a Plea Deal

There are many instances in which a prosecutor will work with an attorney to craft a plea deal in a case. While a plea deal results in a conviction on the charge, it may reduce the penalties that an individual may face. For instance, you may pay a smaller fine or keep your license instead of losing it for six months or longer.

Keeping your license may result in additional cost savings because you won’t have to pay to have it reinstated. Having a license may also allow you to keep your job and the reliable paycheck that it brings in. Overall, this may negate the potential cost savings that you may realize by not hiring legal counsel to help with your case.

You Don’t Have to Talk Without an Attorney Present

If you have an attorney, the authorities cannot talk to you without him or her present during questioning. This may prevent you from saying or doing something that can be used as evidence in your case. For instance, a prosecutor may claim that he or she will consider a lighter sentence if you cooperate.

However, by admitting how much you had to drink or that you drove after drinking earlier in the day, you are undermining your ability to defend yourself. An attorney will be able to detect if a shady tactic is being used against you and prevent it from being used against you. Without an admission of guilt from a defendant, it may be difficult or impossible for a prosecutor to prove all elements of the charge against you.

An Attorney May Leverage His or Her Track Record

An attorney who has a track record of winning DUI cases may be able to leverage that success into obtaining a favorable result in your case. If a prosecutor has struggled winning cases against your attorney in the past, it may increase the odds of getting a plea deal without having to go to trial.

In some cases, it may lead to charges being thrown out without any penalties at all. In the event that legal counsel doesn’t have a relationship with the prosecutor, he or she may have one with the judge. This may be used to get a lighter sentence or to obtain key rulings during the legal process.

There are many potential penalties that can come from a DUI conviction. They can have an impact on your professional and personal lives for months or years after the case is over. Therefore, it is important that you have a good lawyer who can act as an advocate in the courtroom and protect your rights throughout the legal process.