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If there is one thing that strikes fear in the hearts of people, it’s having the Internal Revenue Service place them under investigation for tax fraud. When this happens, the IRS will do anything to gain an indictment and conviction. In fact, in 2015 the IRS had an almost 100 percent conviction rate in its criminal investigations. However, despite these numbers, it is not guaranteed a person placed under investigation by the IRS will be convicted of a crime. Because of this, it’s crucial that those who are facing this stressful situation employ the services of a NYC tax fraud lawyer who has years of experience taking on and defeating the IRS on these matters. If you have been informed by the IRS that you are under investigation for tax fraud, do not panic. Instead, contact a NYC tax fraud lawyer immediately for guidance and advice.

Why Hire an Attorney?
For those people who choose to go it alone against the IRS, they quickly find out they are fighting a losing battle. However, for those who have experienced legal representation, the outcome can be much different. While the IRS may be very successful in gaining convictions, the fact is almost 25 percent of tax fraud cases under investigation do not get recommended for prosecution. What this means for victims in these situations is that they must act quickly to hire an attorney who knows how to handle the many complexities of these cases. When a criminal tax fraud lawyer represents a person under investigation, they turn the tables on the IRS rather quickly. For starters, they assess the situation by completely reviewing the facts, then contact the IRS Criminal Investigation Division to speak with the investigator in charge. Once contact is made, the lawyer will then interview the agent to find out what they know, what direction they plan to take the investigation, and discuss how the attorney can steer the situation in a positive direction. By working efficiently and with much diligence, a NYC tax fraud attorney can often keep a case in civil court rather than letting it advance into a full-blown criminal investigation.

Tax Fraud Penalties
For those facing a possible tax fraud conviction, the penalties can be very severe. Prison time is a virtual certainty, often resulting in sentences ranging from several years up to 20 years or more depending upon the severity of the case. In addition, stiff fines may be imposed, sometimes resulting in thousands of dollars. And as it is with most tax cases, defendants will be ordered to pay any back taxes due plus interest and fees, which can also be amounts of thousands or even millions of dollars. Needless to say, anyone under tax fraud investigation wants to do everything possible to avoid these penalties. Therefore, having an attorney who has a great track record in gaining acquittals in these cases is mandatory for those targeted by the IRS. Along with this, it’s vital to have an attorney who will not be intimidated at taking on the federal government and pursuing whatever avenues are needed to gain an acquittal for their client.

Resolving the Situation
While the IRS certainly has no problem watching person after person go to prison for tax fraud, they also realize investigations cost the agency time and money. Because of this, a skilled attorney can use this as an advantage in forcing the agency to resolve a matter before it ever goes to court. What must be remembered in these situations is that not only is the person under investigation inconvenienced, but the IRS is as well. By having a lawyer who realizes this, it’s possible to make the IRS back off on their aggressive pursuit of a conviction and instead convince them a settlement is best for everyone.

Consult a New York Tax Fraud Lawyer
If you find yourself in the midst of an IRS tax fraud investigation, consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Rather than be filled with fear at the thought of going to prison, let a NY tax fraud lawyer turn the tables on the IRS and instead make them eager to settle the matter to the benefit of everyone involved.

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