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When Faced With the Potential Loss of a Physician License, the Right Legal Representation Is Essential:

The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Physician License Defense Attorney

Accusations of professional misconduct can put a physician’s license to practice medicine in jeopardy. This is one of the most serious situations that a physician can find themself in and it is a situation that calls for expert legal representation. We have extensive experience providing defense attorney services to physicians in the New York region that are facing an investigation for professional misconduct.

Many different situations can fall under the category of professional misconduct regarding the physician’s profession. These are some of the common situations that can be subject to investigation from the Office of Professional Medical Conduct.

  • Insufficent record keeping
  • Failure to correctly supervise staff members under one’s charge
  • Accusations of being mentally unfit
  • Accusations of being morally unfit
  • Undertaking procedures beyond one’s scope of practice
  • Multiple cases of incompetence
  • Conviction of a crime
  • Facing disciplinary actions in other U.S. states
  • Violations related to HIPAA
  • Practicing medicine while under the influence

This is a shortlist of the types of situations that can fall under investigation from the OPMC. Our team is highly experienced in the legal procedures involved in this process and we have an outstanding track record for helping our clients to get a good result.

The Complicated Nature of an OPMC Investigation

Many situations can result in an OPMC investigation being launched against a physician. It is one’s medical license that is often at stake when this occurs. The possibility of losing one’s license to practice, combined with the complicated nature of these situations helps to underscore the importance of having strong legal representation in one’s corner.

The OPMC begins the investigative process into a physician’s conduct upon the receipt of a misconduct complaint being filed. These filings go to the relevant office depending on where the filing occurs. These offices are located in New York City and the upstate region. Once the physician involved is notified, they will often be asked to either provide records or participate in an interview. The physician is obligated to provide requested documentation but is not obligated to participate in an interview with an investigator. It is in the best interest of the physician to refuse to speak to an investigator until proper legal defense representation has been acquired. Whether the physician thinks that they have nothing to hide or not, it is best to refuse to speak to investigators without attorney representation.

The License Appeal Process

Our law practice can also provide vital assistance to physicians who are undergoing the review process for their OPMC case. Appeals are filed with the Administrative Review Board and the panel will be composed of three doctors as well as two laypersons. Appeals cases are not easy to gain victory in and so they represent another case where having the legal expertise of our team is essential for physicians who are seeking a good outcome.

Our Team Is Here to Help Today’s Physicians

Diligently representing the physicians of New York State is one of our leading priorities and we have a wealth of experience in the area. We always recommend that a physician should make contact with our team as soon as they have found out that they are under investigation by the OPMC. This is a case where being proactive is of the utmost importance. We want to get involved in the situation as early as possible so that the best outcome can be achieved. It is a difficult task to regain a physician’s license that has been lost due to misconduct and so avoiding this should always be the top priority.

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