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NJ Drug Manufacturing Lawyers

November 7, 2020 New Jersey Criminal Lawyers

Being arrested for drug manufacturing charges can be embarrassing, stressful, and frightening since such charges may attract maximum prison sentences, and a successful conviction, the results could be a life sentence in federal prison.
It is also illegal for anyone to intentionally produce controlled substances or manufacture illicit drugs. Anyone convicted on drug manufacturing charges attracts a potentially lengthy prison sentence, a harsh criminal record, and a considerable fine. Since having a criminal record for federal drug manufacturing may jeopardize your future in matters such as child custody, professional licensing, employment opportunities, or immigration status, therefore you must contact an attorney for help.


Drug Manufacturing Defense Attorney


Federal drug crimes are often harsh because mandatory sentences apply almost in all federal criminal cases. This happens because, in court proceedings, the judge overseeing a federal criminal case has little input in sentencing when a mandatory sentence applies to the said case. With this knowledge in mind, it is advisable to consult a federal defense attorney who has experience in federal court any time you face any allegations of drug manufacturing crimes. With an experienced attorney on your side, negotiations with the federal prosecutors can reduce your charges and try to get them dismissed, which is difficult in federal court.


Your attorney’s main objective is to help you have a clear understanding of the charges against you, strongly advocate on your behalf, and help you face head-on the criminal justice system. They should understand the uniqueness of each drug manufacturing case and the circumstances influencing prosecution and sentencing. At our law firm, we give clients personalized attention to the drug manufacturing charges against them, and we understand how devastating a guilt court verdict can be to the client and his family. We try to do everything within our powers to prevent you from being criminally convicted.


Federal Drug Manufacturing


Whenever a group or person attempts to manufacture illicit drugs or controlled substances such as methamphetamine, LSD, heroin, or cocaine, they commit a drug manufacturing crime. Any manufacture or distribution of illicit drugs is illegal in all states, but several factors can elevate the drug manufacture to a federal offense they include:


  • The amount of drug manufactured
  • In case the drug manufacture is part of an ongoing drug operation
  • Cases where the accused previously has a record of a federal crime
  • The place where the manufacturing of the drug took place

Convictions for drug manufacturing crimes at the state level carry more severe penalties than federal drug manufacturing. These federal crimes can apply to anyone who involves him/herself in any production of illicit drugs. Individuals who provide chemicals or unique materials used for the production of drugs, or individuals who control or provide manufacturing facilities, or those who produce drugs on behalf of another person, can all be charged with the crime of manufacturing drugs under the drug law of the US.


Federal Drug Manufacturing Defense


Federal drug cases are of high profile, which gets prosecuted by the United States Attorney. Parole is not available for federal criminal cases, and the defendant will have to serve an 85-90% prison sentence before getting a chance to be released. It is also important to note that the duty to prove for a federal drug case applies the same way as that of a state case, meaning the prosecution will have to prove the following elements beyond a reasonable doubt.


  • Proof that you created, distributed, or possessed with intentions of distributing or dispensing.
  • Must prove that you manufactured the drugs or distributed, or you dispensed. If not, you possed intending to distribute or dispense
  • Prove that you committed one or several of these acts

Defense Strategy


One of the best defense strategies in a drug manufacturing allegation is to get the best-experienced lawyer who will be able to defend you in one or more of these defense strategies.


  • You were not aware that the product was a controlled substance.
  • You manufactured little to qualify a federal offense.
  • The police never followed proper procedure during and after arresting you
  • The drugs or controlled substances in question policed obtained them in an illegal search
  • The accusations are false.
  • The law enforcement induces you to commit the crime.



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